C ++ – what's the best way to make Cox email settings for windows?

If you want to make Cox email settings for Windows Mail, you need to focus on instructions and expand the instructions for the rest of the process. Basically, Cox email settings are very simple and anyone can do them. So first let me use the IMAP server for Cox email settings. So you can enter that the incoming server is IMAP.COX.NET and the port is 993. Make sure that SSL continues with Yes and you can enter the e-mail address registered with cox. You can then enter the password for your Cox email settings. You can then control the outgoing server's email settings. Then you have to enter SMTP.COX.NET. The port is 465 and the port is 587. The required authenticity is yes. You can then enter the username for your Cox email settings and the password. So the first step is to open the window mail, add the account and select the advanced setup. You can then select the Internet email and then enter your full email address and password for the rest of the process. You can also fill in all fields. Then your account is the setup of the Cox email settings and ready to use.

Database – what's the cleanest way to transfer WordPress to a new server?

I have a website with more than 6,000 posts and I have some server problems. So I'm planning to move them to a new server, but I want to do my best not to bring the problems with me.

  1. What is the cleanest way to transfer a WordPress site?
  2. When I create a database backup, there is a possibility that MySQL (e.g. queries) or data problems may occur.

cPanel Reseller Hosting – What's New? The before and after! – Low end box

This article was written by Dustin B. Cisneros RackNerd, an experienced and knowledgeable employee in the hosting industry for more than 12 years.

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting where the account holder has the option of creating sub-accounts with their allocated resources (storage, bandwidth, number of sub-accounts). The reseller can then sell hosting accounts to customers and friends. In general, the reseller's end users have their own private control panel credentials provided by the reseller.

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How does reseller hosting work?

Traditionally and before 2020, 99% of the reseller hosting offerings on the market were operated by a control panel that you may have heard of: cPanel / WHM. cPanel / WHM is a well-known control panel with decades of development experience. For this reason, many hosting providers and consumers prefer to run cPanel / WHM software on their servers.

2020 is a year in which many hosting providers offer their cPanel / WHM-based reseller hosting services due to cPanel price increases (which was very controversial on the internet). The price increases enforced by cPanel at the corporate level resulted in software licensing price increases of 25% to 500% for hosting providers.

Previously, hosting providers could get a cPanel license that allowed unlimited account creation on the server for a flat monthly fee. The new structure is billed monthly for each account. You can quickly see how bad this situation can be for hosting providers who have provided unsustainable deals with unlimited accounts.

The result? Many providers were forced to completely switch off the cPanel platform and switched to an alternative platform such as DirectAdmin. On the other hand, some providers have increased their prices to compensate for the increased license costs and continue to offer cPanel / WHM-based services.

Despite the noise, you may still be considering a cPanel / WHM reseller account because end users prefer the control panel interface they already know and love. This can result in easier conversations with your customers and, overall, a simplified experience that can lead to more sales.

NOTE: If you see a web hosting provider offering reseller accounts operated by cPanel / WHM with unlimited account creation, it is likely a red flag that the hosting provider has not updated their offers to sustainable packages or that you are reviewing an expired offer.

Buying from a hosting provider that sells sustainable packages ensures the long-term longevity of your business and thus your availability.

Get started with reseller hosting

Would you like to start a company? If you start a business that helps friends, businesses, and the like with their online presence, it can lead to recurring money! A reseller hosting account is the best place to start. With a reseller hosting account, you can either create hosting accounts for your own websites / domains or resell the storage space to your customers. In short, it offers you the benefits of low maintenance, better control and higher income generation without having to worry about maintaining and managing your own server.

The first step is to decide whether you want to choose a web hosting provider that offers reseller accounts based on cPanel / WHM or DirectAdmin.

You will of course find that the DirectAdmin offers are much cheaper, as they initially offer flat rate server licensing to web hosts. In this way, DirectAdmin web hosting providers can save you, the customer, additional costs. It is now a purely business decision for you to decide whether you want to risk losing potential opportunities or potential customers because you are not using a control panel with which you are already familiar.

There is no doubt that cPanel / WHM is the king of the control panels and a control panel that even beginners have used. This can be a great advantage as your offers will be better received by your audience / customers. While a cPanel / WHM based reseller may be slightly more expensive and the number of accounts you can create for one package is limited, the few extra dollars you can spend can make a huge contribution to revenue generation and long-term customers for your business. & # 39;

Another point to watch out for is checking and asking your reseller hosting provider if the servers are white labels. This way, you can sell hosting services to your customers without knowing who the hosting provider is. You only see the upstream data center.

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cPanel Billing & Automation for web hosts

After you set up your reseller hosting account, you can either manually create sub-accounts in the WHM interface for your customers and manage your billing manually via PayPal / Stripe, or you can install an automated billing system on your website, all for you, such as:

The billing software mentioned above is integrated into cPanel / WHM using the API and enables you to offer your customers immediate activation. The tools above also include a support ticketing system that you can use to interact with customers. Additional features include full automation, i.e. H. suspension, termination and more.

Design Patterns – What's Wrong About Using a Singleton?

In any case, I need a single configuration for the entire application.

You can use an external configuration file. You can instantiate multiple configuration objects, all of which can be easily read from and written to this file. Therefore, you can of course have multiple instances, but only one set of configuration-related settings.

Creating multiple instances would result in potential racing conditions.
So that seems like a smart way to deal with it.

Singleton makes no difference in terms of racing conditions. You can also access the same member of a singleton object using two threads. The object is the same, so you also have a racing condition. Perhaps you are confusing regarding thread security initialization against Usage. You can make one Singleton thread-safe w.r.t. Initialization in several colorful ways, but this does not mean that this also applies to this single instance thread-safe to use.

It also seems to be extensible for features like logging, right?

It is, but you will find it very difficult to provide more than one logging implementation each, e.g. for individual parts of your application, since you can no longer abstract a singleton. You have to expose everything through your singleton and things get complicated pretty quickly.

So what's wrong with both:

  1. Use the Singleton class
  2. Treat the module as a singleton

You cannot fully deduce the use of your classes by just looking at them public programming "interface" (API)You have hidden dependencies. A properly implemented singleton enables your classes Lie about their dependencies. Accessing the singleton from almost anywhere means you have to do this Scan the source code carefully if you want to find out what you keep where. This makes your code much more vulnerable.

If you suddenly decide that you need a different configuration, the implementation of a singleton changes Overpriced. You need to change all of your classes in which you used the singleton to use a different implementation.

My personal suggestion regarding architecture would be to avoid that Singleton or at least if you use app.config, hide it behind it several classeseach of which exposes the very specific subset of configuration settings that are expected consume Classes will use. You probably don't need access to the all Configuration in every consuming class, do you…?

What's up with Apple Numbers data?

So this is not a problem that needs to be solved – like if I have to do something – but I would like to understand what is going on.

I have an Apple Numbers spreadsheet that I've been updating for years. At the beginning I entered data as wrong 1-1-2009 how 1-1-9. (This is not a problem for later dates like 1-1-10 because then numbers will assume 1-1-2010.) A few years later I corrected this to the correct format.

Now when I go back to versions with the wrong dates via Time Machine, a date like 1-1-9 has changed to 3-1-9. So every wrong date added 2 days! Can anyone explain why?

facebook – What's the fastest way to get to a friend's wall?

The quickest way to get to a friend's wall is to search for their name in the Facebook main search bar. However, this shows me a search results page with people, posts, etc., and I have to click on the profile to go to their wall.

It seems like there should be a shorter way. If I type in her name, I should be able to jump straight to a wall without any intermediate steps. In the end, I keep looking for the same person who cuts my search history.

I can go to my friends list too, but it seems to take more steps, not less.