What's the difference between the two examples Google gives for cloaking: changes based on the user program and text instead of Flash for bots?

I do not see the point in the question, since camouflage is pretty easy. What your users see should be seen by search engines. When you analyze what a Google employee has written, nothing changes and you waste your time.

But I will point out the differences in the two examples:

The bottom line is that these examples are written by people, they're not perfect, but if you have to ask, it's likely that you are doing something that deviates from what you know, that you should not do.

dnd 5e – When an adult Gold Dragon transforms into an Archmage, what's his savings and ability bonuses?

An adult Gold Dragon has the shape change as one of his actions (focus on mine):

Change shape. The dragon magically transforms into a humanoid or animal whose challenge rating is no higher than its own […]

In a new form of the dragon keeps his […] Skills. […] and intelligence, wisdom and charisma scores as well as this action. Its statistics and functions are otherwise replaced by those of the new form, except for class features or legendary actions of this form.

With this action, the dragon can magically turn into an archmage. While the dragon is an archmage, what are his savings and skill bonuses? (To be clear, I'm not talking about his magic here except DC.1) Does the fact that the competence bonus differs in Archmage form affect these bonuses? Do changes in the strength, skill, and physique of the dragon affect it as an Archmage affair?

1 There would probably be no magic except DC, as non-innate spellcasting is a class feature.

What's on page against off-page SEO?

What's on page against off-page SEO?

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  1. What's on page against off-page SEO?

    What's on page against off-page SEO?

  2. on page and off page SEO

    Off-page optimization. Off-page SEO refers to the general "authority" of your Internet site on the Internet, as determined by the information about each site's website. … Off-page optimization is to get backlinks for your website from the government websites in your niche. Backlinks are the forex of any off-web page approach.

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