privacy – What’s the best way to protect my rooted Android 7 from malware and hacking?

Considering I have to use cellular data and being not connected to the internet is not an option, what measures can I take or tools I can use to keep myself protected from prying eyes?

My first step will be to do a clean rom flash in case I’m infected already, but as soon as I do that, I’d like to ensure that I remain clean and protected because I would be using my phone for very private data. What can I do? Besides the obvious and common sense stuff of course.

Android 7 | Rooted | Moto C Plus

analytic number theory – What’s the average order of the reduction of a section of an elliptic curve

Suppose $E$ is an elliptic curve over $mathbb Q$ and $x in E(mathbb Q)$ is not torsion. We can reduce $x pmod p$ for a prime $p$ of good reduction and it will have some order $n_p$ in the group $E(mathbb F_p)$. Has there been any work on the asympotitcs of the average of $n_p$ for $p < X$ as $X to infty$?

More generally, suppose $x,y in E(mathbb Q)$ are two linearly independent sections and let them generate subgroups $G_x(p),G_y(p) subset E(mathbb F_p)$ for a prime of good reduction. Have the asymptotics of the average of $G_x(p)cap G_y(p)$ been studied?

This question seems tangentially related.

data structures – Reverse An Array whats wrong with this type of code?

data structures – Reverse An Array whats wrong with this type of code? – Computer Science Stack Exchange

debian – What’s the easiest way to automate a mongodb backup?

So, I’m almost finished building my first major production web app, and am wondering how to manage backups.

Weekly cold snapshot backups via my vps online admin seem ideal – but daily downtime sounds awful for UX. Hot backups seem pointless as they cannot be trusted to not be corrupt

Perhaps I don’t need weekly snapshots – just a single one, when the server is fully set up? Of course the code will be versioned in the repo.

My server runs Debian.

Is there a way to SSH in and clone the filesystem on my local machine, before encrypting with Veracrypt, before mailing it off-site?

I suppose I don’t need to backup the entire fs on a daily basis, but definitely Mongodb.

What’s the easiest way to automate a mongodb backup?

Thanks for reading :]

malware – What’s the point of Empire if all payloads get flagged?

I’ve been reading about how powerful frameworks such as Empire and Metasploit are but I’m confused about something.

Say I gain access through a custom reverse-shell which I self-coded (so it bypasses AVs). Now, for privilege escalation, I want to have a meterpreter/Empire session.

How can I do that if the payload generated gets instantly removed by the AV?

What’s the reference screen resolutions to start preparing mockups for desktop?

Design for the most common screen resolution in your userbase. If it’s an internal company application then you can hopefully find out the various devices being used boy contacting the internal IT department. If it’s an external application then you’ll have to go by statistics available in that location.

Sites like can give you stats by country, which is a place to start.

HOWEVER – just because screens have a certain resolution, that doesn’t mean the application window will always be set to maximum for all users to make the most of. People use applications in all sorts of ways, have different sized monitors connected, have them set to different zoom levels… So you need to make sure the application can scale to a variety of different sizes.

Whats the point in setting up an open proxy?

Decided to have a look at a list of “open” proxies. I’ve noticed that a good deal of these proxies are on residential IPs.

One of the IPs,, is owned by Charter Communications and looks to be the IP of someone’s house. It looks to have a few other random ports open, such as a VPN, telnet, and an additional HTTP port.

So, whats the point of setting one of these up on a home network? These proxies tend to be used by attackers to mask their true identities, and likley attract a lot of malicious traffic. Do they serve as honeypots for criminals? It seems to me that the only result of setting one of these up would be a knock from the police or an ISP.

usability – What’s the best way to present a feature as free, but only if requested

There’s this feature we have that some customers really want. And we’re going to be including it for free. However, from an economics perspective, there are a ton of savings to not having users use this feature.

What’s the best way to present a feature as included, but only if you request it. Here are some examples that I could come up with:

  • XYZ included when requested.
  • Free XYZ included upon request.

Are there other ways to make this sound better?

theme – What’s the best way to customize the css in Magento 2?

I created my theme as Luma child but I cannot really understand what’s the best way to customize the css. Until now I just wrote all of my styles in _extend.less file but it’s a lot of stuff for just 1 file I think! So…

What’s the best way and upgrade-proof to extend the Magento Luma theme?

  • Should I use Magento UI Library?
  • Should I write all my styles in _extend.less file?
  • Should I overwrite _theme.less file and customize it?
  • Should I mix all this up?

Where can I find a specific tutorial or course which clearly explain this? I tried to read the official doc but it’s not clear to me.

python – What’s the future for abbreviations names in libraries?

When writing a library, we encounter a dilemma in naming functions, the function names need to follow naming conventions. Recently, I encountered python panda library (released 2008), and I needed to use iloc() and loc() functions. However, those two functions made me look up for their documentations unnecessarily. In fact, I wouldn’t have looked it up if they were named properly, location() and indexLocation() for examples. Panda library is not as old as c standard library, I can’t find excuse for it to be honest. Are name abbreviations going to continue?

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