Do white males suffer the most structural racism and structural sexism … ?

Not hardly.

Even if you accept the argument that most affirmative action programs are inherently racist against white men, we still structurally discriminate against aboriginal cultures by law, and worse, by treaty.

Do you really think the reservation system (with all its limitations) benefits the people ultimately forced to live there or descended from the people who live there while it limits white men?  Really?

But even with such a glaringly obvious exception, you’d be hard pressed to demonstrate that the actual effect of trying to help other demographics has been to degrade the lives of white men below the lives of others.

Being white is still where the money is.  For every Oprah, how many thousands of Trumps?

I recognize that the gender issue is vastly more complex than race, but again, for every Blakely, how many Buffets?

What do you think about the white trash trumptard female who was just arrested for pointing a gun at a 15 year old that she bumped into?

Two things: (1) there’s way more to this story than the MSM is showing and (2) the only reason the media report it is because there is a white person being bad to a black person. 

– The media have ONE goal: Divide this country. 

-In your entire lifetime, have you ever met anyone or known of anyone who walked out of a restaurant in a quiet part of town, pulled a gun and pointed it at innocent people in a car? 

– Of course not.

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File preview – transparent overlay or white bg

I wonder how the preview of the file will be better. I take into account the version where the preview is opened in the form of a “modal” with a semi-transparent background (e.g. as in gmail) or with a non-transparent background as e.g. in Jira, Slack or Messenger. In my opinion, the version with a non-transparent background is better, it allows you to focus more on the file and things from the overlay do not create a mess, but we lose some context of the page we are on. This is not a typical modal, which always has a transparent background so as not to lose the context and the file preview (images, videos, pdfs etc.

What do you think? What are the arguments for the first or second option?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why did a white liberal get upset when I as Black man asked them when will they give me a personal check as reparation payment?

I’m am a black man. Your belief is not required. Because I see in the mirror every morning. This is why I considered liberals more racist than conservatives. just because I questioned the system they automatically assume I’m white.

Trump who defends the confederate flag and  tweeted a video of a guy yelling “white power” thinks “Black Lives Matter” is a symbol of hate?

When Trump has a chance to attack Democrats he acts with speed and focus. But when he learned that Russia was offering bounties on US soldiers he ignored it, and even lobbied for Russia to rejoin the G8 (currently the G7).


This is a far bigger scandal than Benghazi but conservatives will ignore it because they are partisan traitors with hatred in their hearts. 

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What do you think about Cons claiming that before Trump posted the video Twitter altered the link to a White Power video making him look bad?

What do you think about conservatives claiming ‘Left-wing Democrats have been ******* on low-income Black folks for generations’?

What do you think about conservatives claiming Black Lives Matter act like Hitler Youth in the 1930’s ?

What do you think about conservatives saying that putting an end to corruption in police, judicial, wealth and politics well stopping bigotry, hatred, prejudice and Ignorance is waging war on White folks in America?