photoshop – Getting whites to match the example photo

I’d like to know how I could make the whites in my photos more like in the example photo. Here the first one with a cup of coffee is my photo and the second one with handbags is an example found from the internet.

I don’t know how to exactly describe the problem, but in my photo the whites are “dirtier” and I’d like to know how to edit the whites in photos closer to the example photo’s whites. I have Photoshop.

Also, if there is anything I can do already when taking the picture, I’d be happy to hear it. My photo was taken inside, next to a window, using only natural light. White balance in my camera was set to “shadow”.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Does claiming that white people (as a group) benefit from “white privilege” and that all whites are racist help race relations in the US?

One cannot have been born and raised in America without being affected by racism:  either as a victim or as a perpetrator.  Since the country was founded on racism, and since that racism was perpetrated by white people who were in power, it stands to reason that all whites are racist to some degree.  This does not mean that blacks are not racist – many are.  But when you are racist (like whites) and you also have the power (like whites), the fruitage of that combo obviously is heavy against the blacks.  And it is unrelenting.  Implicit bias is undeniable.  So there is no point in trying to do that.

As for whether the claim that white people benefit from white privilege helps race relations, we have to know our enemy before we can defeat it.  White privilege is the undeniable result of white racism perpetrated and perpetuated against blacks.  If we cannot identify and understand the enemy, how can anyone possibly defeat it?

When will the racists of Y!A admit that poverty, not genetics, is what creates the differences between minorities and whites?

Not only is what you say correct, but from a biological/scientific point of view race does not exist.

In fact there is as much genetic variety within a “race” as there is between races.

There are obvious differences (skin color being most readily apparent, but there are others – eye shape & other facial features, for example)  but these are very superficial (like eye or hair color within a race), leading to race as a social construct with no significant scientific basis.

Do your own search to find many articles such as:…

Long established scientific fact is that all human beings originated from one area of the world (Africa as it is now known) which means we ALL have the same ancestry. Only those moving to latitudes further from direct sun lost melanin to become “white”.

There is really only one race – the Human Race…

[ Politics ] Open Question : I’m black and I’m going to rob and kill all you whites because you killed my homeboy. Know what I’m saying?

I can speed it up for you, too. Ko htImsyn? nwwa ‘ aig Or I can slow it down. Kknnooww  wwhhaatt  II’’mm  ssaayyiinngg??  Kkknnnooowww.  wwwhhhaaattt  
 III’’’mmm sssaaayyyiiinnnggg???   Kkkknnnnoooowwww    wwwwhhhhaaaatttt    IIII’’’’mmmm    ssssaaaayyyyiiiinnnngggg???? @Anonymous I eat mo fo @Anonymous Bring that honkey *** over here. I knock ya damn teeth out.

Why does the corona virus kill blacks but not whites?

A good question. Of course, it kills people of all ethnic groups, but it seems to disproportionately kill many colored people. The guess is that it has to do with health, wealth, and living conditions – and another thing, before ethnicity emerged as a statistical risk factor, was found that most of those who died or were hospitalized were obese.

Yang has just got out. the last person of any color has just left the building, with full swing in front of all pure-blooded whites, your thoughts?

After all, there can only be one candidate. This person should be selected based on their message, understanding of questions, political philosophy and so on, NOT only because they are black, white, Asian, or other American.

In addition, the idea that only one white man can be elected president was destroyed with the last president for the reasons mentioned above.