Command line – Default size of the terminal window in Ubuntu 18.04

I want to know how to set the default terminal size in Ubuntu 18.04. Previously, there was an Edit option in the menu bar, but none in this new version. If I click on the options next to "New Tab", I go to "Advanced" and set the menu size to the one you want.

Ubuntu 18.04 menu options

Window sizes under "Advanced"

When I close the terminal and reopen it, the settings are not saved. Any help?

How to switch reliably to a window (with link)

I often have problems switching between open windows with just the keyboard shortcut (CMD + TAB). It depends on whether windows are minimized or displayed in full screen. Sometimes the programs appear in the list of icons to switch to (which is displayed when pressing CMD + TAB), but selecting these programs does not bring the window to the front. It only works if I select the application via the dock. What is the science behind it and how can I reliably bring a window to the foreground, which is normally possible under Windows?

Controls in a new window are frozen

So I'm dealing with issues in my WPF app. I need to call pop-up windows with a few controls (text boxes, buttons).

So I created a new window:


And I call my window like this:

AppPasswordWindow apppasswordwindow = new AppPasswordWindow();

The problem is that every control in this window is frozen. I can not write in text boxes or click buttons. I can resize the window and close it.

PS: The main window in the background is still working properly.

Any suggestions on what this could cause?

Command line – Start the Hangouts Chrome extension window as a separate instance

The Hangouts Chrome extension adds a button in the browser to launch as a separate window. But I can not find a way to start this window without opening a Chrome window.

I want a way to start the Hangouts window while Chrome is active NOT already running – in the background or otherwise (with no other Chrome window visible):chrome-browser would of course start, but The Hangouts window should be the only Chrome window,

I know this would happen with Hangouts app Instead of the extension, which will soon become obsolete, a banner will appear at startup pointing to the extension page:

Enter image description here

I realize that this is similar to asking for one Command to start this Chrome extension,

Animation – text and video on a glass / window

I am a Unity beginner and am interested in high-tech topics.
So I am looking for a futuristic high-tech gaming room in HDRP. So I'm trying to do something about my window in the room. The plan was to make it so that I can turn it on and off, show a movie and display text that is constantly changing. No interaction with the windows is required, but rather an animation on a transparent surface. Is that something that a n00b can possibly do, or is it really complex?

Front End – How do I update values ​​in a summary window?

For a summary field that contains a calculated value, such as the length of a list.

myObject /: 
 MakeBoxes(obj : myObject(assco_), 
  form : (StandardForm | OutputForm)) :=
  above = {
    {BoxForm`SummaryItem({"One: ", assco("One")})},
    {BoxForm`SummaryItem({"List Count: ", Length@assco("List")})}
  BoxForm`ArrangeSummaryBox(myObject, obj, None, above, {}, form, 
   "Interpretable" -> Automatic)

When I create an instance, it has the correct length of the list.

m = myObject(<|"One" -> 1, "List" -> Range@4|>)

Mathematica Graphics

However, after updating the list, the length in the summary field is not updated.

m("List") = Range@10;

Mathematica Graphics

How can I recalculate the length? I tried to wrap Length@assco("List") in the Dynamic but that has no influence.

How is the start of the Franz Messaging App minimized and displayed with a window on the right edge of the screen?

1) A simple wrapper bash script that can be used as a startup app instead of Franz – eg. ~ / .bin / Login-Franz

# Start Franz
"/opt/Franz/franz" &
sleep 3
# Get the WIDTH of screen
SWIDTH="$(xrandr | grep " connected" | grep "(0-9)x(0-9)"| cut -d ' ' -f 4 | cut -d '+' -f 1 | cut -d 'x' -f 1)"
# Get the HEIGHT of screen
SHEIGHT="$(xrandr | grep " connected" | grep "(0-9)x(0-9)"| cut -d ' ' -f 4 | cut -d '+' -f 1 | cut -d 'x' -f 2)"
# Get the WINDOW ID of Franz
FWINDOW="$(wmctrl -l | grep " Franz$" | cut -d ' ' -f 1)"
# Calculate the window LEFT position for 750px width
FLEFT="$(echo $(( $SWIDTH-750 )))"
# Calculate the window HEIGHT below a 22px top panel
FHEIGHT="$(echo $(( $SHEIGHT-22 )))"
# Move and resize Franz window as above
wmctrl -i -r $FWINDOW -e 0,$FLEFT,22,750,$FHEIGHT
# Close Franz window to system tray
wmctrl -ic $FWINDOW
exit 0

Note: Other desktop configurations than those with a 22-pixel panel and nothing else on the right edge may require customization.

2) A custom .desktop file: ~ / .config / autostart / franz-startup.desktop

(Desktop Entry)
Comment=Franz Startup Script

Note: You may need to change "~ /"to"/ home / YourUserName /"in the executable path.

Zenity progress: no window – ask Ubuntu

A little question, I know …

I want to batch convert my videos to h265, which I can do with the help of Zernity and ffmpeg, but I have a little problem with the progress bar, as there are none.

The actual "meaty piece" works wonderfully, with or without the last part, namely:

zenity --pulsate --title "Processing " --text "${filename} " --pulsate --auto-close --auto-kill

The entire code is:

d1="$(zenity  --file-selection --title="Bulk Move    Choose starting directory"  --directory)"
d2="$(zenity  --file-selection --title="Bulk Move    Choose destination directory"  --directory)"
if ( "$?" != 0 ); then
for i in "$d1"/*
## filter out the actual file name
  filename=$(basename -- "$i")
## the meaty bit
ffmpeg -i "$i" -c:v libx265 -preset medium -x265-params crf=28 -c:a aac -strict experimental -b:a 128k "$d2"/"${filename%.*}.mkv" ; done | zenity --pulsate --title "Processing " --text "${filename} " --pulsate --auto-close --auto-kill

All I know is that it works by calling the script from a command line and watching the (very verbose) output of ffmpeg or monitoring CPU usage.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you very much