postgresql – How can I use SQL window functions to determine the lead of the last row in a partition?

Considering the following simple example:

select lead(c) over (partition by a order by a)
from (values 
) t(a,b,c)

The first two lines are records with the same ID (column a) and "date1" (column c). ID duplication is due to an improper operation in an array column that may have a different size or number of elements. The most unnecessary operation leads to column b.

Now I want to get the lead date of the next ID "date2". The query I wrote prints "date 1" for the first record, but I really want to get "date 2". I'm not interested in the static solution to this problem, which is a guide (c, 2) (order through a), but how to get the guidance of a window of dynamic size.

Expected issue:


Software – Edit the registration of Window 10 to display wider flyout boxes

I use Archicad and in Windows versions some of the flyouts cut off the text in the middle with (…..). I want the entire lines of text to be displayed and the flyout only wider. I talked to the developers of the program and they say it's a Windows problem. The Mac version works the way I want it. I explain my problem a lot better HERE with pictures and a more detailed description. I thought I could change the windows registry to get more and more flyouts, but it's up to me where to start looking. I assume that Windows has a maximum width or maximum characters for the flyouts. I tried to get the developers to tell me what kind of switch the flyout was, but obviously they would not tell me.

substrings – Sliding Window Dictionary string matching

Consider the following problem. We get a bunch of patterns (strings) $ Pi = { pi_i } $, a text $ s $and a window length $ k $, We want a list of all layers $ 0 le i le | s | -k $ so that every pattern in $ Pi $ is contained in the substring $ s (i: i + k) $,

Can this be solved in linear or nearly linear time? It can of course be solved in quadratic time $ O (| s | | Pi | + sum | pi_i |) $ with KMP or Aho-Corasick plus post-processing.

The motivation for this problem is to find matches for a topic (represented by the group of patterns) in a text. In this context, it actually makes sense not to overlap the matches, so I'm also interested in this case, but it could be easier to start with the relaxed version.

I would also be interested in generalizations of the problem that allow approximate matches, e.g. For example, if you require only a threshold size of the subset of match patterns, allow matches within a particular edit distance, or something that uses hidden Markov models or general probabilistic graphical models. I would be surprised if such a generalization can be solved in subquadratic time.

c ++ – Attempting to draw sf :: text into the window crashes

When I was reviewing my older SFML projects (2-3 months old) to see if I could recompile them to get an updated executable file, I noticed that any program that used sf :: text was triggered a specific error. After I closed the window, an exception was thrown and Visual Studio opened an additional "xmemory" tab, with the exception appearing on line 1311. Apparently, something in my code caused the function "inline void _Container_base12 :: _ orphan_all ()". With this simple example I will illustrate the problem I have.

int main() {

 RenderWindow window(VideoMode(600, 600), "halp pls", Style::Close | Style::Titlebar);
 Font font;

 font.loadFromFile("C:\Users\Darien Miller\Desktop\fonts\ARCADE_I.ttf");
 Text t("Darien", font);

 while (window.isOpen()) {
     Event e;
     while (window.pollEvent(e)){
         if (e.type == Event::Closed)

     window.draw(t);//This is where the error occurred! 

If I leave out window.draw(t)The program runs fine, but of course I have to be able to draw texts on the screen to continue my SFML projects. I am not sure if this is a problem with the code, SFML (I have the most recent, 2.5.1), Visual Studio or any other unknown. At this point, I ran out of ideas: /

Is there a way to select an open Finder window from the Save dialog box?

In an old version of Mac OS, I seem to have recalled that in a Save dialog box, there was a way (or an extension that offered a way) to click an open folder in the Finder to specify directory as a storage destination , Does this functionality still exist?

Context: I wanted to save a new AppleScript (using the script editor) in the ~ Library / Scripts directory and could not find a way to do it without manually navigating to the directory by multiple clicks. The drop-down menu in the Save dialog did not list the directory because I had not saved it recently. The directory was opened directly next to the editor. I know the accelerators to navigate to the top-level directories, but they do not help in this case.

angular – Open the calculator in an HTML window

I would like to do that when a user presses a o un button The Windows machine opens:


What I get is that the calculator will be downloaded when the spit is run, but I want it to run directly.

The idea is to know what it would be like in HTML to launch it later in Angular6. I comment if Angular6 can manage it better, even though I looked at information and I do not know how to start it in Angular.

google chrome – Customize the window title when logging in to Chrome browser

I open the chrome browser from the command line (I start linux). The title of the chrome window is always "Chrome Browser". When I open several chrome windows, it gets very confusing. Is there a way to open Chrome with a custom window title so I can distinguish between them? There is no such option on the man page, but this page states that there are hundreds of undocumented flags. If my proposed solution fails and I could change the color scheme from the command line, that would be better than nothing

parallels desktop – No window can be drawn in Catalina Beta

I'm using macOS Catalina 10.15 beta in a virtual machine running Parallels Desktop for Mac version 15.0.0.

I installed the beta on Mojave, which worked well within the VM. Unfortunately, after installing Catalina Beta, I can not pull windows anymore.

When I click and drag the title bar of a window, the window moves a few pixels and stops. If I repeat it, I can barely make any progress by gradually shifting the window a few pixels at a time. Obviously, it's not practical to move some pixels at once, which makes Catalina Beta unusable.

This issue affects windows in all apps: the Finder, the About This Mac window, the Feedback Wizard, and so on.

Any workarounds or fixes?