windows – What is the application from the link below?

windows – What is the application from the link below? – Super User

What is the best method to backup Windows 10 system partition with the highest compression level?

So I have made up my mind to backup my current Windows 10 installation, I have made many tweaks to the current system and disabled many unnecessary services and installed all programs that needs to be installed and I have run many checks and tested it again and again, and I have determined it to be stable and fully functional, now I think this is a good time to make a full partition backup lest I somehow break it again, system restore doesn’t cut it anymore.

Which brings the question of how to best backup system partition, with a huge amount of files and all those access control lists, so I want to do it all right all the while make the backup file as small as possible.

Currently on my Samsung 870 QVO SSD, 603 GiB is available out of 931 GiB total, so that’s about 328 GiB used, I have a Seagate Exos 7E8 HDD and I am going to put this backup into a 3 TiB NTFS partition on the HDD, but I don’t want the backup to take up 328 GiB space, I want the backup file to have a compression ratio as high as possible, so as to save the maximum space possible.

Right now I am using another Windows 10 system I installed to another HDD, and I have tried to run this command:

dism /capture-image /imagefile:D:backupsWindows10.wim /capturedir:F: /name:Windows10 /compress:max

But it just keeps giving me this error:

Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
Version: 10.0.19041.572

Error: 32

The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

The DISM log file can be found at C:WindowsLogsDISMdism.log

Do I have to run the above mentioned command inside a Windows Preinstallation Environment? I don’t really have any spare USB drive right now.

Aside from dism, the only other thing I know of that can get the job done is Norton Ghost, but that thing isn’t free and has become history now and I can’t find a copy of it now and I don’t want to.

So what other free options do I have that can backup a whole Windows 10 installation partition with ACLs and has a very high compression ratio?

display – Tried to download windows 10 to my late 2012 mac mini but after restart it only shows me “No bootable device — insert boot disk and press any key”

I’ve been trying to download windows 10 onto my late 2012 mac mini through boot camp. After I went through all the steps to downloading through boot camp, it gave me a series of logins that I had to enter my system password in order to complete the installation and then it restarted. Now every time I restart my computer it leads me to a screen that says “No bootable device — insert boot disk and press any key” and I don’t know how to fix that.
My main monitor also isn’t connecting to the computer for some reason?? I’ve already disconnected it and reconnected it but to no avail, I’m looking at this black screen through my huion display tablet, which is connected through the thunderbolt outlet of this computer.

How do I fix my computer?

windows – System Information shows incorrect System Model and Manufacturer

Three or four years ago I somehow changed my computer manufacturer and model information whilst experimenting with macOS on a PC. Now whenever I run msinfo32 (System Information) it shows the Manufacturer and Model as Apple Computer, Inc and MacPro1,1.

Where does Windows get this information and how can I revert these fields back to something sensible? I built the PC myself so there is technically no Manufacturer or Model name.

I found a related question based on which I tried changing the relevant values in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEHARDWAREDESCRIPTIONSystem but the values reverted after rebooting the PC. I also tried using WMIC (Windows Management Instructions Command-line) with the command wmic computersystem set manufacturer="System manufacturer" but on rebooting that also hasn’t worked.

windows – Openvpn: access remote ip in the same subnet as pushed vpn subnet

I don’t have access to openvpn server-side configuration.

To summarize, the server is pushing to the client this directive:

‘PUSH_REPLY,route-gateway,sndbuf 0,rcvbuf 0,ping 45,ping-restart 180,redirect-gateway def1,topology subnet,route remote_host net_gateway,inactive 900 7680,dhcp-option DNS x.x.x.x,dhcp-option DNS x.x.x.x,dhcp-option DOMAIN XXXXXX,ifconfig

Unfortunately i need to access the remote ip (same subnet as pushed openvpn subnet..)
what can I do?

I already tried to override the ifconfig on the client and adding new routes..

networking – Windows Internet Time Sync Error – from within NATed Virtual Machine

I have DIR 615 router, wired PPPoE Internet connection and Windows 10 20H2 Host PC. I run Windows XP and Windows 7 Virtual Machines in VMWare Player on Windows 10 Host.

I notice that when any Virtual machine (XP or 7) is directly connected to the router (Bridged mode using specific network adapter) Windows’s Internet Time Sync works correctly from within the VM. However, once I change the networking config back to NAT, time sync fails with errors like peer not reachable or time out.

Windows 10 Host time sync works fine as it’s directly connected to router. Sync Guest time with Host setting is purposely disabled in VM Options. No firewall is running on host or any of the guests. Windows Time service is running on all machines.

If I test it out using Internet from my mobile hotspot, it works in VM even when it’s NATed.

Can ISP’s firewall may be blocking NATed requests, if there’s any such concept? Is that a possibility? When any machine is directly on Router connected to ISP, it works just fine. How does NATed communication between Guest and Host & then to ISP work?

Any guidance on troubleshooting and subject understanding would be great.

windows – What hack is this? how do I fix it?

I have several separate windows open on my screen like documents, photos, Windows Explorer (Windows 10) and the windows switch the window in use to one of the other open windows.
This happens even when I’m away from the computer, I don’t touch the keyboard or touchpad at all and it happens.
It only happens once in a while, not very frequently. I was told that it has to do with hackers that control my laptop and do that.
What hack is this and how do I fix?

windows 10 – Excel not selecting font as expected

I am using a non-system font with excel,
the problem is whenever I go to the font box and open it with a non-system font formatted cell or range Excel opens the list with another font selected by default not my current font,
this happens with all non-system fonts and the selected font always happens to be a system font the problem exists with Excel but Word is working fine.

Os: windows 10 x64 19042.985

Office 365 for business 13929.20360

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