Text to speech – How do I add Narrator in Windows 10 third-party voices?

I'm looking for the best way to change the existing text-to-speech voice in Narrator to a third-party SAPI 5 voice I installed for text-to-speech programs.

Information about what I could find was very scarce. I tried to edit the registry with option 6 of the found manual. However, the value described in the manual could not be found. My only options seemed to be Braille and RunningState.

If it's not possible to change the voices in Windows Narrator directly, is there a workaround that I could use to achieve a similar effect? I need to use a third-party text-to-speech language pack for programs that use the system language pack.

Use the Lightroom catalog on Windows and Mac

I saved my photos on an external hard drive formatted in exFat (so I can read and write from Mac and Windows). I also saved my catalog on this drive. Every time I open the catalog through Windows, the files are missing. I understand that Mac and Windows have different file systems, but is there any way to work around this? I want to use my catalog on both systems without having to move my pictures every time.

Windows – Can I start a native boot camp after importing the boot camp parition into Parallels?

I've seen some articles where I can "import" a boot camp installation into Parallels. For performance reasons, I may have to start the boot camp partition natively with a Mac restart.

Will this be possible after importing this Windows installation into Parallels? Will it be possible to seamlessly switch between modes (of course with a restart)?

windows – resolve explorer address in file path

In Explorer If you click on many of the quick access folders, you will get something like "This PC> Downloads" or "OneDrive". I know how to find these locations manually, but I wonder if there is a quick way to just convert them to a file / UNC path. I'm assuming that I can right-click on the address bar or "Quick Access" in the left bar in Explorer and select "Open Folder" as I can do when I look at a link's properties, but that it does not work .

Virtual machines – My scheduled Windows tasks are not running

I look into the task planner in VM, where I set the daily backup with the Oracle database RMAN and closed the instance before the nightly automatic shutdown mode.
Enter the image description here
But I don't know if these planned tasks work every day or not. I don't think it will be triggered automatically by the Windows scheduler. I have been monitoring these scheduled tasks for the past 2 weeks, but no backup and shutdown logs generated from these tasks have been displayed. I set it up under NT / SYSTEM and administrator credentials. As a result, databases continue to be destroyed as the Azure VM shuts down outside of business hours.

Error – OpenSSL library could not be loaded in 12.1 (Windows)

recently when I evaluate


On Windows 10 1909 with Mathematica 12.1 it warns me:

"12.1.0 for Microsoft Windows (64-bit) (March 14, 2020)"
During evaluation of In(1):= Encrypt::libopenssl: Couldn't load OpenSSL library.

I tried this on a Linux computer with Mathematica 12.1, everything is fine. On Windows with Mathematica 12.0, however, it works flawlessly and without errors. Does anyone have the same problem with me?