Specific folder won’t cut and paste to new location in Windows 10

I wanted to move the OneDrive folder from the Windows C drive to a second SSD (E) on the same PC.
So I “unlinked” my OneDrive and tried to cut/paste from the C-drive to the E-drive.
Some folders were moved but there are three that remains.
I have admin priviliges for each folder, and there are no error-messages.
I try to move the reamining folders using CTRL+X and CTRL+V or via the explorer menu from right-clicking the folders, but they won’t react to my command. The problem persist only with these specific folders.

How can I solve this problem ? What is going on ?

lightroom – Opening NEF files on windows initially open fine but then change contrast

Anytime you open a raw file and look at it on your screen, you are not viewing “THE raw file.”¹ You are viewing one among a near-countless number of possible interpretations of the data in the raw file. The raw data itself contains a single (monochrome) brightness value measure by each pixel well. With Bayer masked camera sensors (the vast majority of color digital cameras use Bayer filters) each pixel well has a color filter in front of it that is either ‘red’, ‘green’, or ‘blue’ (the actual ‘colors’ of the filters in most Bayer Masks are anywhere from a slightly yellowish-green to an orange-yellow for ‘red”, a slightly bluish-green for ‘green’ and a slightly bluish-violet for ‘blue’ – these colors more or less correspond to the center of sensitivity for the three types of cones in our retinas). For a more complete discussion of how we get color information out of the single brightness values measured at each pixel well, please see RAW files store 3 colors per pixel, or only one?

¹ Please see: Why are my RAW images already in colour if debayering is not done yet?

Anytime you view a “raw” image on any device with any particular viewing/editing application, one of two things is happening:

  • The raw data in the file is being processed and interpreted by the application you are using to view the image. That application may be a simple photo viewer built into the device’s firmware, or it may be a sophisticated photo editor such as Lightroom or Photoshop. There is no single “correct” interpretation of the data in a raw image file. Each application can interpret the raw data in the file differently. There is no “one” way to render the linear 12-14 bit monochromatic luminance values contained in a raw file in color on a 8-bit three color device. The raw data must be processed to be viewed.
  • You are seeing a preview jpeg generated by the camera that took the shot. This preview image is appended to the file containing the raw image data, along with the metadata generated by the camera. Many devices will use this preview image when you open a “raw” photo.

Some applications display the preview image until they can render an image created by interpreting the raw data itself. Many applications have user selectable options that allow the user to select what is displayed when a raw image file is opened: the jpeg preview or one of many possible interpretations of the raw data using an automated routine or one of many selectable default processing profiles.

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It is vital to understand that in the example images included in the question, the second and third images are not derived from the first image. All three of the images are different interpretations of exactly the same raw data. Neither is more original than the others. Neither is more “correct” than the others in terms of being a valid representation of the data contained in the raw file. They are all perfectly legitimate ways of using the data in the raw file to produce an 8-bit image.

  • The first is the way the in-camera settings that produced the JPEG preview image interpreted the raw data.
  • The second is the way your Windows 10 Photo viewer application interpreted the same raw data.
  • The third is the was Picasa Photo Viewer interpreted the same raw data.

Lightroom does not have this issue

That probably means that you have the library module of Lr set to display the camera generated JPEG preview image, rather than a fresh interpretation of the raw image data applying Lr’s own default parameters.

If you could only get one possible image from a raw file, it would defeat the entire purpose of being able to save raw files. There is only one correct way to display a properly written JPEG. JPEG images are intended to be the ‘final’ form for distribution and sharing. This normally includes some “punching up” of color, contrast, and sharpening by in-camera processing routines as well as by many raw processing applications’ default settings.

Raw files, on the other hand, are a starting point. There are almost countless possible interpretations that can validly be derived from a single raw file. None of those interpretations is more legitimately “THE raw image” than any of the others.

For more please see:
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c++ – Accuracy of Windows high resolution timing class

I’m attempting to implement a high resolution class used to time the execution time of functions in Windows. After using this documentation, I have come up with the following:

#include <iostream>
#include <windows.h>

class Timer {


    LARGE_INTEGER start_count;
    LARGE_INTEGER stop_count;

    LARGE_INTEGER tick_freq;

    // Query the tick frequency upon instantiation of the class
    Timer() {
    // Query performance counter at the start of a block of code
    void start() {
    // Query the performance counter at the end of a block of code, then calculate time elapsed in seconds
    double stop() {
        return (double)(stop_count.QuadPart - start_count.QuadPart) / tick_freq.QuadPart;

int main() {
    Timer t;
    // code to be timed
    std::cout << t.stop();

I understand that there would be an error of plus or minus the period of each tick. However, various functions I have timed seem to give unexpected results. For example, timing a function that finds the greatest common denominator using Euclid’s algorithm consistently uses 100 or 200ns, but appending one int to a vector takes 1600ns. This therefore leads me to the question: how accurate is this timing class, and what can I do to improve it?

windows 10 – Headphone microphone turns off on loud noises in the headset

I have a HyperX Cloud Resolver Headset, and I have noticed a very annoying behavior that I am trying to get rid off, but I can’t pin down the cause. Whenever I’m playing and talking over skype at the same time (for games without built-in voice communication) my microphone becomes muted whenever loud noises plays in MY headset. I have tested this thoroughly, and the noise level on my contacts does not seem to matter, but whenever a lot of noise comes through my own headset, the microphone cuts out and the other people on the call can no longer head me. The moment the sounds stop, everyone can hear me again. I suspect it might be some noise-cancelling gimmick, or maybe the computer (running Windows 10) assumes that its a speaker/mic-stand setup, and helpfully mutes the mic when too much sound comes out of the “speakers”. But I have no idea how to diagnose or fix the problem. Has anyone has similar experiences, or even better, know what’s going on?

windows 10 – System.FormatException: ‘Input string was not in a correct format’ C#

I’ve built a calculator with 2 numbers a user can input (num1 and num2) and 5 operators (op) they can use (+ – * / ^). I’m trying to make it so that if a user enters anything beside a natural number (such as letters or special symbols) into num1 or num2, it will give an error and return back to the top (I’ve implemented backTop in the code). Basically to see if num1 and num2 are doubles and not strings and if they are anything besides a double (such as a string or character), output an error with Console.WriteLine and return to the top of the code. I’ve tried adding the if statment from line 15 to line 22 but it doesn’t remove the error (System.FormatException: ‘Input string was not in a correct format’). I’m using Visual Studio 2019.

enter image description here

gnome shell – How can I change application information shown in “Windows is ready” notifications?

Is your goal to change what an application reports? Or do you want to send notifications with your own text and icons? If it’s latter here’s an example of how to send a notification using notify-send:

  1. Open Terminal (if it’s not already open)
  2. Send a notification with the help-faq icon:
    notify-send "Hello World!" "This is an example of a message." -i help-faq

    Note: To see a full list of default icons, check out the standard icon names list.

This will give you a notification like this:

Notification Message

And it will also appear in the notifications list:

Notifications List

snap – Windows 10 – Cannot Move Window Partially Off-Screen

I am not sure how this might have happened, but I suddenly find that when I try to drag windows in Windows 10 so that they partially are off-screen, they refuse to stay there and snap back to be fully on-screen. Please note that this is not the default “snap” windows behavior (under multitasking) I have disabled that, and it still happens. It is also not behaving that way – even when the mouse cursor is not near the edge, it still happens.

Any help appreciated – everything I find online is about recovering from a window off-screen which is kind of the opposite of the behavior.


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windows 10 – Networked folder ‘type to jump to folder’ working sequentially on letters typed rather than searching for all letters typed

I’m using Windows 10 pro 20H2.

If I search a folder on our file server, I usually type a few letters to bring up the folder I want, for example “LOR” to bring up “LOREM”.

However I am seeing an issue on one PC where instead of this behavior, the search is working sequentially on the letters typed, jumping from all folders beginning “L”, then “O”, then “R”. This occurs no matter what speed I type the letters at.

Does anyone know of a resolution for this issue?