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COMPETITION – Suggest me a domain name or name for my Bitcoin tap – The winner will receive 100 BMF

my brothers and sisters,

I was amazed at the great opportunity the Bitcoin faucet owner deserves here
So this time around, I'm going to launch my fifth bitcoin tap, but this time it will be
a domain name – only .COM.

I ran Bitcoin taps on the faucet and faucet, but they did
Only subdomains are hosted for free after being tested for some time
For the fifth time, I am ready to launch my very first paid hosting bitcoin tap
a domain name .COM.

An online business is said to start with a name, a big name that does not change
for the people, members and users you always remember for so long
This is how the business with Bitcoin fittings continues.

Be sure to enter your first and last name, email address, and domain name suggestion in the form
below and confirm the e-mail address. Why do I need an e-mail address because you are automatically subscribed to when entering?
That's why you get a lot from the elite mailing list from me, who first receives the Bitcoin tap
from Bitcoins and reference to it because you are the first.

** If there is no winner, the next player will win 100 BMF.
** I can end the suggestion thread at any time, if I think it's right.
** Yes this is a contest,
** Best name or domain name wins
** To view your entry as valid, use the official form below

After suggesting a domain name using the official form below, you can post here that you're done for me to verify this.
I set this contest to 7 days.
then I'll think about it and if I take that name, the person who suggested it wins.

So leave that alone Proposed name competition Begin:

Make a name for my faucet

$ 150 Winner of Business Card Design

Hi guysLooking for standard 2×3.5 "size ready to send to the printer.I am pleased to design this card, the winner will be selected within 24 hours.The compensation is $ 150. We need fully editable files, fonts, .ai .psd, etc.

The following changes after a winner is selected …


membership number
group number

Feel free in which direction you want, I have NO preference and search Your Creativity to show through. Everything can be too wildly professional.

I would like Gray / Orange to be the colors that are used please.

The following is just an example. Please DO NOT use the same graphics. Only the name.

I need both front and back, ready to print in business card size.

Files: .ai .psd .jpg
Pay: $ 200
[IMG] "data-url ="[IMG] "data-url ="[IMG] "data-url ="

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