france – Safest way to send an international check or wire transfer?

A wire transfer is inherently unreliable, so much so that Western Union money transfers have become the preferred scam method in London for people taking ‘deposits’ on apartments that don’t exist! (the joys of using Gumtree).

A cheque at least is traceable, but then you have to put up a fight to get the money back if need be, and it’s hard to argue, because after all, you sent him the cheque!

It’s pretty rare that people require payment upfront, although to be fair I did that for a place I rented last year in Australia, which was fine (AirBnb). At least that was a lot easier to check their references.

Consider reading something like this -a guide to spotting a scam when renting. Have you read reviews of the place? Know anyone local who can confirm that it exists?

It’s understandable that he’s not accepting credit cards, he may get charged extra for accepting them.

Finally, ask if he’d accept a deposit for now, and the full amount later – that at least minimises your loss if it is a scam.

usa – Wire transfer from America

Where would the money come from, if you do not have an account with that bank? Are you trying to bring cash to a bank to turn in to a wire?

In any case, the answer is probably no. Banks are required to verify identity for international transfers as an anti-terrorism and anti-laundering practice. Nothing, as far as I know, stops you from opening an account in a bank, depositing the money, and sending a wire with it, provided you have suitable identification.

We might be of more help if we knew why you needed to do this, in case alternative methods of transfer are available. For small amounts, for example, you could use an International Postal Money Order.

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Plotting – How to draw a cube wire mesh in 2D?

I have to draw a rectangular wire mesh in Graphics (not Graphics3D). My attempt creates ugly corners. Is there a solution to this problem?

a = {0, 0}; 
b = {2, 0};
c = {2, 1.5};
d = {0, 1.5};
g = Graphics(
  {{Black, FaceForm(None), 
    EdgeForm({AbsoluteThickness(8), CapForm("Round")}), 
    Polygon({a, b, c, d}) , Polygon(.5 + {a, b, c, d})}, {Black, 
    EdgeForm({AbsoluteThickness(6), CapForm("Round")}), 
    Polygon({a, a + .5, d + .5, d}), 
    Polygon({c, c + .5, b + .5, b}) }}, 
  PlotRange -> {{-1, 3}, {-.5, 2.6}})

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