wireless – WiFi Card HardBlocked on HP Pavilion DV6

I am having trouble getting my WLAN card to work on my HP Pavilion dv6.

Product number: A3E82AV

I thought it was the card, originally I had a RALINK RT5390 that did not work. I then ordered an INTEL Centrino Advanced-N 6235 AGN in the hope that this will work, but no luck.

rfkill list all has only 1 entry, showing:
0: phy0: wireless LAN
Soft Blocked: No.
Fixed blocked: yes

I tried a lot of things and could not figure this out. Does anyone have any ideas?

Pressing F12 does not work. The light is red, stays red and I do not get much response from the button.

Thanks a lot!

Windows 10 – Wireless Repeater is connected to Router A, Laptop (Win10) can access the Internet via repeaters, but Router A is not. Why?

I'm a software developer and very familiar with networks / computers, but this one has taken some puzzles.

I can connect with both Router A and Repeater(which is connected by Router A), but I can easily access the Internet when I make a wireless connection Repeater but not Router A – I do not get an answer.

Every device I have can connect Router A Very good and surf the Internet, with the exception of my Win10 laptop.

It used to work well, but suddenly the laptop can not connect to the Internet.

Out of ideas – thanks!

Penetration Test – Alfa Wireless Card Monitor Mode Problem

Enter image description hereI have a wireless card (Alfa AWUS036H) that I use to test pens in my test network. Because of my recent interest in network hacking, I picked up this card and put it into monitor mode. It scanned networks well and received strong signals from neighboring networks, but when I disconnected it the next day or restarted my computer, it could not detect any networks with the command airodump-ng wlan0mon wlan0mon is the interface of the card.

To get the card working again, I would need to reboot the virtual box, unplug the power, or even reboot my computer several times to make it work again. I do not know if it's a software or hardware problem. If this were a real situation, it would not be practicable in any way.

I am running Kali-Linux 2019.1 on Virtual-Box 5.2. My computer is running Windows 10.

Your help would be appreciated.

Dual boot Ubuntu 18 LTS Windows 10 without wireless adapter

The thing is, I have a dual boot with Windows 10 (first installed in) and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS made and everything is going well. The problem is that in Ubuntu my laptop, which is a MSI Prestige 15, does not recognize the wireless adapter so I can not connect to the internet. I tried to use a USB stick to update everything, but it did not work with the wireless adapter. What can I do?

Wireless network – WLAN overload scan (no interference)

I would like to know which device or app I can use to search for WLAN overloads in several networks (ideally an Android / IOS or Windows app).

For example, suppose I see 10 SSIDs in my (UK) household

Channel 1: OneA, OneB, OneC, Me
Channel6TwoA, TwoB, TwoC
Channel11Three A, Three B, Three C

In terms of interference, no channel is better than any other. From my own experience, I happen to know that "OneC" is a real network hog. They stream throughout the day, clogging the canal. Whenever I see that I share a channel with them, I manually move my network to another and all my data goes back to normal.

What I want is a way to scan how much traffic jams each SSID causes on each channel, and to see that information for myself.

wireless – Error installing Ubuntu WLAN adapter rtlwifi_new

When trying to install rtlwifi_new using ~~: ~ / rtlwifi_new $ sudo make install, the following error will be displayed in the last step.

Make -Clib/modules/5.0.0-37-generic/build M = / home / rahul / rtlwifi_new modules
make [1]: directory & # 39; /usr/src/linux-headers-5.0.0-37-generic' enter
arch / x86 / Makefile: 147: CONFIG_X86_X32 enabled, but no support for binutils
./scripts/gcc-version.sh:line 26: gcc: command not found
./scripts/gcc-version.sh:line 27: gcc: command not found
make [1]: gcc: command not found
make [1]: gcc: command not found
make [1]: gcc: command not found
make [1]: gcc: command not found
CC [M] /home/rahul/rtlwifi_new/btcoexists/halbtc8192e2ant.o
/ bin / sh: 1: gcc: not found
scripts / Makefile.build: 284: The recipe for the target & # 39; home / rahul / rtlwifi_new / btcoexists / halbbtc8192e2ant.o & # 39; failed
make [3]: * [/ home / rahul / rtlwifi_new / btcoexists / halbtc8192e2ant.o] Error 127
scripts / Makefile.build: 515: recipe for target -> home / rahul / rtlwifi_new / btcoexists / & # 39; failed
make [2]:
[/ home / rahul / rtlwifi_new / btcoexists /] error 2
Makefile: 1614: Recipe for Destination & # 39; _module_ / home / rahul / rtlwifi_new / & # 39; failed
make [1]: [module/ home / rahul / rtlwifi_new /] error 2
make [1]: directory & # 39; /usr/src/linux-headers-5.0.0-37-generic' leave
Makefile: 85: Recipe for Goal & # 39; All & # 39; failed
[all] errors 2


Bluetooth – How to Map Apple Wireless Keyboard Keys in Android 10

I'm having trouble using the Return / Enter button on the Apple Wireless Keyboard (model A1314), while a Bluetooth connection is on Android 10 (device: Google Pixel 3).

Specifically, I would like to use the key combination Fn + Return as the default enter key, but it does not work – at least not in the news app.

Is there a way to associate the return key with something like the Enter key?

Change the mouse speed when connecting a wireless receiver

I often need to connect the wireless mouse receiver to an Ubuntu16.04 PC to reduce the mouse speed under Ubuntu, I add xset m 1.6 in the ~/.bashrc File, it only works if I have called a terminal. So when I plug in the receiver, I have to open a terminal and close it. That is impractical.
Whether adding xset m 1.6 to some other files will it automatically work without opening a terminal?