I have withdrawn the visa application for the United Kingdom for false documents. Now I want to apply again

About 8 years ago, I applied for a UK visa (during my stay in the UK) through a consultancy firm. But while UKVI is processing the visa, they have found out that there are some false documents. At about the same time, I also learned about it. So I withdrew my application (before making a decision) and left the UK.

I am considering applying for a new visa for Great Britain. Can someone tell me if my case above causes problems with a new application?

Many thanks.

Schengen visa: Is the record of a withdrawn application entered in VIS?

For the first time, I have received a cancellation from the Swiss Consulate for a tourist visa for short stays. I was traveling in several countries to save my travel and money. One day later, I submitted a new application to the Slovenian Embassy. I did not want to exploit a loophole, had intentionally changed my plans so as not to have to cancel my trip, and made the stay in Slovenia the longest on the program. Then I went online and found that visa shopping is a problem and is frowned upon. That's why I immediately withdrew my application by letter. Two days later, I received my passport and the entire original of the application material without a letter or written instruction from the embassy.

My question is: whether my cancellation request is registered in VIS. Do I have to consider this scenario the next time I submit an application? In New York, where I apply, you do not directly contact an interviewer to explain the circumstances. Rather, everything is handled via VFS (the actual definition of bad society). So, at best, I can write a cover letter and wonder if the visa officer is aware of this withdrawn request and, as a result, needs addressing.

php – differentiation of new objects from withdrawn objects

I wrote this class in PHP.

Class category {
private $ index;
private $ name;

public function __construct (
int $ index = null,
String $ name
) {
$ this-> index = $ index;
$ this-> name = $ name;

public function getIndex (): int {
if ($ this-> isNew ())
Raise new exception (& # 39; The index of a category can not be retrieved if the category is newly added and no index has been assigned. & # 39;
return $ this-> index;

public function getName (): string {
return $ this-> name;

public function isNew (): bool {
return is_null ($ this-> index);


If a new category is added, I would create it as follows:

$ category = new category (null, "new");

When an old category is retrieved CategoryMapper would do it like:

$ category = new category (10, "old");

I need to know if a category is new so I can correctly process it into the database ( TO UPDATE vs INSERT).

I'm not really sure if I should use the index as a flag.

I thought maybe I could inherit New category and RetreivedCategory of a category Class. But that would mean that a class can not implement that getIndex () Method and the other can. And it can even complicate my code. Which is probably worse.

I was wondering how other people handle this scenario.

Thanks for any feedback;).

magento2 – M2: Payment withdrawn – Order not in Magento (Paypal, Cybersource)

I have made a few payments, but can not find the corresponding orders in Magento.

This happens with both Paypal and Cybersource payments.

I can personally reproduce it by making a payment and interrupting the transfer to Magento by closing the browser.

Obviously, this situation is unbearable – neither from the perspective of the customer nor from the point of view of the company. What can I do to solve the problem?