architecture – How do no-code platforms such as Wix, Squarespace and Webflow work?

From an architectural point of view, how to platforms such as Wix, Squarespace and Webflow work when it comes to translating “drag and drop” templates into a fully functioning HTML website.

  • Are designs stored in raw HTML or in a native JSON format in the backend?
  • How do they get transpiled in real-time so quickly when presented to the user?

My initial thoughts are as follows:

  1. The user builds a web page that is transformed into a descriptive JSON file.
  2. The JSON file is uploaded to the NodeJS server, which builds the HTML, CSS and JS.
  3. HTML, CSS and built (minified/concatenated) JS is stored in the database.
  4. When the user visits the URL of the site in question, retrieve the site from the database and transform it to something vieweable by the browser.

Leaving WIX: Narrowing Down My Options

Hi, Everyone.

I have an ecommerce store. I’ve been with WIX for five years now, and overall I’ve been very happy with them. I’m somewhat of a computer novice, and I like the ease of navigating the site. However, they are lacking in a few features that I find I really need.

One thing I find annoying about WIX is the company’s #1 priority seems to promoting their brand endlessly and driving up the price of their stock, at the expense of adding essential features and additional features.

My #1 Need: I need an web-builder that can create the best possible DROP-DOWN menus, as the products I market often have two, or even three, different options. I’ve spoken to WIX several times about this, and you have to write code to do this. That’s a deal-breaker for me right there. Done. It’s over.

Other desired features:
a) Accepts both Paypal and Credit Cards
b) 24/7 phone support (USA-based), plus chat support. WIX doesn’t offer weekends.
c) Fast, easy interface.
d) NO WRITING OF CODE! (no can do)

Right now my first choice is Shopify, but I’m open to other companies. This is not urgent, and I tend to look around a lot before making a decision.

Thank You,


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I am 14 years old and new to coding. Please have a little patience. I learn as fast as I can.

* *

The website is a Wix website.

I need a search that uses a text entry element and then filters multiple columns of a Wix dataset.

It should be able to filter by rows.

Example: When searching for "clinical studies", each line of data should be searched for the words "clinical" AND "study".

For a positive result, the words "clinical" AND "study" must be on the same line – they can be in different columns, but should be on the same line.

* *
I've already set up a search, but it doesn't work as I wanted it to.

* *

I am a volunteer helping with data management at a COVID-19 research library. It's put together by doctors who don't know anything about coding, so I'll help. You can see what I've done so far here:

I had help from forums, but if anyone has any better ideas on how to answer questions or point in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

Are there any better forums or sites? Or a reference book? I just need some coaching to sort these things out.

Thanks a lot.

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