I am 14 years old and new to coding. Please have a little patience. I learn as fast as I can.

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The website is a Wix website.

I need a search that uses a text entry element and then filters multiple columns of a Wix dataset.

It should be able to filter by rows.

Example: When searching for "clinical studies", each line of data should be searched for the words "clinical" AND "study".

For a positive result, the words "clinical" AND "study" must be on the same line – they can be in different columns, but should be on the same line.

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I've already set up a search, but it doesn't work as I wanted it to.

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I am a volunteer helping with data management at a COVID-19 research library. It's put together by doctors who don't know anything about coding, so I'll help. You can see what I've done so far here: https://www.pandemicity.org/clinical-research

I had help from forums, but if anyone has any better ideas on how to answer questions or point in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

Are there any better forums or sites? Or a reference book? I just need some coaching to sort these things out.

Thanks a lot.

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Connecting the Wix domain to the Vulpress managed WordPress website

It's hard to find a Wix domain for working with a WordPress website managed by Vultr. Currently I have both IPv4 and IPv6 from Vultr. I have made sure that the domain is not assigned to a Wix website. I went too Domains > Advanced, Under DNS records, I made sure that the hostname points to the IPv4 address.

I went to WordPress, Settings > General, I entered the same IPv4 in WordPress Address and Site Address

If I now point my browser to this IPv4 address, I get the error page Wix.com. "Looks Like This Domain Isn't Connected to a Website Yet!"

From my previous experience, entering IPv6 into the domain website (eg, Google Domains) seemed to solve this problem. However, Wix does not support IPv6 for their domains.

I think I may need to move the domain out of Wix and move it to another place, like Google Domains.

Does anyone know, before I do that, if I can get it to work without transferring it?

Especially now that the IP address redirects to the domain, /wp-admin is not accessible …

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