The Import Wizard component can not be installed in SQL Server Management Studio

I can not install this component in SSMS version 17.9.1: There are two versions for the 64-bit and 32-bit Version of MS Office. I have 64. When trying to install this version, I get an error message – see first picture. If I then try the second version, I get an opposite error message – see the second picture. I need to install this component to import Access files. Could you please advise? Many thank you image description hereEnter the image description here

dnd 5e – What good is Arcane Recovery for an Elven Wizard?


This is an example from version 1.08 of Sage Advice Compendium:

Does the trance feature allow an elf to finish a long break in 4 hours?
The intention is no. The Trance feature lets an Elf meditate for 4 hours and then feels like a human being after sleeping for 8 hours, but this is not meant to shorten an Elf's long rest period. A long break is at least eight hours of relaxation. It can include sleep, reading, speaking, eating and other relaxing activities. Standing clock is possible even during this time, but not longer than 2 hours. Maintaining increased alertness no longer than in short, long break and sleep are not the same thing. You can sleep if you do not rest long, and you can rest for a long time and not sleep. What does all this mean for an elf? An Elf can spend 4 hours in a trance during a long rest and then has 4 additional hours of light activity. While the elves' companions are asleep, the elf can be awake and perform various activities, including carving a beautiful piece of jewelry, composing a sonnet, reading an old book from ancient stories, trying to remember something centuries ago was experienced, and to have an eye for the danger. The trance feature should ultimately highlight the otherworldly character of the elves and give them no advantage in the game. All in all, if you are the DM and decide to make trance the long rest period of an elf, you will not break the game. You make a world-building decision when you do this. You decide that elves on a global scale are ready to resume one fight above all others, that they heal faster than most humanoids and that they regain their magical energy faster. Such a choice would make sense in a world where elves are the dominant breed, not only living longer than others, but also recovering faster.

As with everything a DM can govern differently, but this was addressed.

Wizard Fund –

I am not an admin

IPB Image


Welcome to Wizard Fund

Invest plans:
160% after 10 minutes, 195% after 15 minutes, 250% after 30 minutes, 335% after 1 hour

Investment amount:
– Minimum $ 10
– Maximum $ 8,000

Payment accepted:
– Perfect money
– Payee
– Bitcoin
– Ether

Agency commission: 5%, 2%, 1%

The amount of $ 0.25 has been deposited in your account. Accounts: U17435690-> U3789391. Note: API payment. From the Wizard Fund, withdraw HYIPIndo. Date: 08:41 10.03.19. Batch: 250090228.

Correction Wizard – How to Remove a Universal Quantifier in a Lean Theorem Examiner

I'm working with two binary relations: g_o and pw_o, and I've defined pw_o below:

Constants {A: Type} (g_o: A → A → Prop)

def pw_o (x y: A): Prop: = ∀ w: A, (g_o w x → g_o w y) ∧ (g_o y w → g_o x w)

I have to prove this:

Theorem prelim: ∀ x y z: A, g_o x y ∧ pw_o y z → g_o x z: =

I start with these tactics:



Cases a with h1 h2,

The End

And I have the following:

x y z: A,
h1: g_o xy,
h2: pw_o y z
_ G_o x z

Since pw_o is defined with a universal quantifier, I want to replace w with x, then I would have (g_o x y → g_o x z) ∧ (g_o z x → g_o y x). After isolating the first conjunction with the "cases" tactic, I can use modus ponens for this first conjunction and h1.
How can I instruct lean to replace w in the definition of pw_o with x and replace x and y in the definition of pw_o with y and z, respectively?

dnd 5e – What options are available for upgrading the low wizard armor class?

I'll soon be creating a character for a new D & D 5e campaign. We start with level 3 to lower PC mortality and I do not expect the campaign to run long enough to go more than a few steps. I intend to play a sorcerer with a draconian bloodline and Bronze descent, using mostly electric / lightning-based magic where appropriate. This allows for an increase in maximum hit points (+1 per level) and an improvement in the unarmored armor class from 10 to 13.

However, the group will be smaller than the "standard" number (two or three PCs – my sorcerer, probably a ranger and possibly a minotaur with fighter flair), so the combat rolls can not be split as usual. For this reason, I am concerned about the relative fragility of a wizard in the battle for limited healing and limited protection from other PCs.

As I understand it, Mage Armor will not help this build because it can not be stacked with the Draconian bloodline armor class. How can I give a low-level sorcerer the ability to wear armor and / or use a shield while still casting spells?