time machine – lost space after removing the bootcamp partition through the Bootcamp Wizard

please help
I lost 150 GB of space after deleting the partition through the Boot Camp Assistant. Disk Utility can not restore or partition it as a disk
I tried rebuilding through Timemachine, but the hard drive looked the same size and I'm afraid the restore will not get the disk space back

Here is a Diskliste

Disk Utility does not partition

Information Architecture – Are tabs and / or steps in a wizard displayed as separate fields in a Sitemap chart?

I'm creating a sitemap for a business application.

For a section in the application, there is a function to edit the calendar. Once you have clicked on it, you can set up three sections / or different types of calendars.

  1. Start / end date for the entire project
  2. Excluded dates (holidays and days off, etc.)
  3. Start / end dates for specific tasks within the project

We are currently using a step wizard to edit the calendar so that the user has to set up the data in that order.

Will I mark each step as a separate box in my sitemap, or would that be done on a separate user flowchart?

Sitemap Sketch

dnd 5e – Does this Wild Magic result affect the wizard or just other creatures?

Strictly speaking, she is affected, but you may want to decide that she is not affected.

75-76 They glow in the next minute in a radius of 30 feet with bright light.
Any creature that completes its turn within 5 feet of you will be blinded until
the end of his next round.

She is a creature within 5 feet of herself (0 even, she is the starting point) and she is blinded. It is not exempt from the effects, unless otherwise stated in the description. If someone throws a fireball at them, they are affected.

For all purposes it is formulated as a Bullet (PHB 204):

You select the point of origin of a sphere and the sphere extends outward
from this point. The size of the sphere is expressed as a radius in feet
that extends from the point. The origin point of a sphere is included in
Effective area of ​​the sphere.

The point of origin of a sphere is within the sphere's sphere of influence, but if you compare it to other reels on the Wild Magic Surge table (PHB 104):

95-96. You and all creatures within 30 feet gain in vulnerability
for the next minute to piercing damage.

You will find that the wording is chaotic. It makes it terribly clear that this may not be the intended formulation. I would therefore recommend that you rule this rule as if it were freed, and extend that rule to rid it of the 69-70 invisibility effect. Alternatively and strictly RAW follow the effects. For both throws, the latter would mean that she would be affected – she becomes blind on a 75-76 and invisible on a 69-70.

Continue to compare how the invisibility effects are formulated (and be dismayed by their wording):

69-70 Any creature within 30 feet of you will be invisible to you
next minute. Invisibility ends when a creature attacks or
Acts a spell.

89-90 You become invisible for the next minute. Meanwhile
Time, other creatures can not hear you. The invisibility ends when you
attack or cast a spell.

How do I best use the Focus Wizard on FujiFilm X-series cameras?

The FujiFilm X Series cameras offer two focus assist modes. The manual of the X-H1 describes it:

  • Focus Peak Highlight: Highlights high-contrast contours. Turn the focus ring until the subject is highlighted.

  • Digital shared image: Displays a split image in the center of the image. Align the subject in the split area of ​​the image and rotate the focus ring until the four parts of the split image are aligned correctly.

Both descriptions are insufficient take focused pictures. How can I use the focusing aid to get sharp images with focus?

  • This question is Not about changing settings. This is sufficiently described in the manual and self-explanatory in the menus.

  • I expect the use of focus assist modes to be similar for all X Series cameras. If not, I am mainly interested in the X-T20 and the X-H1. By the way, interested in X-E2 / S. Not interested in X-T3 / T30.

  • What's the difference between Low andHigh Peak Highlighting?

  • Aligning the four parts of the split image is fine for coarse focusing but totally unsuitable for fine focusing. How can finer settings be made in this mode? How does it make sense if only rough adjustments are possible?

dnd 5e – Why does the Starter Kit Wizard have six spells in his spellbook?

While this may not be the case in the starter set you are looking at, first-level sorcerers (PHB 114) will receive a spellbook with 6 spells in the official rules (the complete guide for players). You can then prepare Level + int spells for casting (in this case 4) using their 2 first-level spell slots.

Charms / Spellbook

In the first level you have a magic book with you six 1st level assistants
your choice.

Prepare and cast spells

You prepare the list of spells that are available to you
Occupation. Choose a number of wizards from your spellbook
equal Your intelligence modifier + your assistant level (Minimum
a spell).

Without seeing the source you refer to, the 6 spells listed above appear to come from known spells, from which the player must prepare 4 spells each day to be actually available to work. Recognizing magic as a ritual spell can still be prepared and executed as a standard action using one of the two spell slots, or as a ritual, in which case it does not need to be prepared, and it takes 10 minutes for the spell to complete.

In short, as far as I can tell, the character sheet is correct.

google – The wizard icon does not appear in the search box

I have two phones. Both are Moto X4 with Android 9, the same variant and security updates.

One shows the classic Google microphone icon in the search box. The other shows the assistant icon.

All apps are up to date through the Play Store. Google Assist is enabled in both accounts. It is displayed when the start button is pressed long. The only difference is the Google account that each device is registered with.

How can I display the wizard icon on the top device?

Note: I have also tried unsuccessfully to delete data for the Google and Google Play Services apps.


dnd 5e – Is the current Int or Int during casting important to the Necromancy Wizard Command Undead feature?

So, this question referred to the impact of a bogus on an undead before the Necromancy grade command undead function was used, and it would seem that this would be an effective tactic to help control an undead.

I have a follow-up question: What happens if you lose the Feeblemind effect while still being affected by Command Undead? specifically:

Int 12 or higher Undead, failing to save against Feverlind and then being attacked by Command Undead as Int 1 undead.

You have the success of the 30-day Rescue against the FeverLind or the wizard has decided to break the enchantment of the weak mind with one of the methods given.

Once your Int has returned to 12 or higher, can you run a Save vs Command Undead every hour? Or are they still affected indefinitely because they were under Int 12 at the first rescue?

What if you used Command Undead at a naturally low Int value and artificially increased the Int value to over 12? (Eg Headband of Intellect or similar item)

dnd 5e – Can a multi-class wizard copy every spell he finds into his spellbook?

The 5e Multilevel Rules (PHB p. 164) state that your known and prepared spells at your grade level are based on each class, but your spell slots are based on your combined levels, which may result in you having higher-level spell slots than any of them Spells you know. They provide an example of Ranger 4 / Wizard 3. Concerning the known spells of the Wizard it says:

As a third-level wizard, you know three Wizard Cantrips, and your spellbook contains ten spells, of which two (the two you received when you reached the third level as a sorcerer) may be second-level spells. If your Intellect is 16, you can prepare six spells from your spellbook.

This combination counts as a wizard of the fifth level to determine the magic slots:

You have four first level slots, three second level slots, and two third level slots. However, you do not know 3rd level spells … You can use the spell bracelets [higher levels than you have spells] Slots to cast the known spells – and potentially improve their effects.

The rules for copying a spell into your spellbook (PHB p. 114 sidebar) require that you have a spell key from this level.

If you find a first level spell or higher, you can add it to your spellbook if it has a level for which you have magic places and if you can save the time to decipher and copy it.

RAW, then it seems that the character who has magic slots for each level, can copy any spell he finds into his spellbook. It depends on "for which you have magic places" above must be interpreted as "for which you would have spells if you were a single-level sorcerer of your sorcerer level" There is evidence [see below] that it must be interpreted as such to learn and prepare spells, but the rules for several classes are silent when copying spells, so the answer of writing as "could be",

The rules for spelling preparation in the section "Assistant" (PHB p. 114) state that you:

Select a number of spells from your spellbook that match your Intellect modifier and your Magic Level (at least one spell). The spells must be at a level for which you have magic places.

The section on learning magic is:

Each time you reach a magic level, you can add two spells of your choice to your spellbook. Each of these spells must have one level for which you have magic places.

Based on the example in the first quote, whose spells the wizard has learned with several classes at wizard level 3, this is clear "for which you have magic places" in the final quote above must be read as "for which you would have spells if you were a single-level sorcerer of your sorcerer level",

So we have to close this rule statement that "You decide which spells you know and can prepare individually for each class as if you were a one-class member of that class." means that we need to reinterpret the phrase "for which you have spelling errors" in (at least) these two contexts. The rules for several classes are silent as to whether we need to reinterpret this expression in other contexts, such as spellcast copying.

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