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The adidas continental 80 off white has recently received a simple, yet charming white and light-blue outfit in-line with the style of its namesake decade. Almost entirely constructed with smooth white leather, this iteration of low-top model is embellished with minimal, but notable details deviating from most releases of the court-inspired sneaker. For starters, the usual two-tone stripe found at the midfoot camouflages with the rest of the clean upper. The only non-white color that appears on this version of the 80s silhouette is “Bluebird” – a hue closely resembling any adidas Originals shoe box – which takes over the branding at the heel, logo window near the laces, and tongue.
Despite its inspiration being infamous for their bad aim, the adidas nite jogger mens surprisingly hits its mark. A change of pace from the good guy colorways unveiled on the NMD R1 — i.e. Rey’s and Yoda’s — the pair essentially nods to its muse’s armor of choice. Black and white color swathes do well to draw these connections with little in the way of quotes — save for the short “Set to stun” at the heel — or sabers to help out as the troopers themselves are, more often than not, identity-less, dispensable pawns to the Empire once and now the First Order.
Despite renewing his Three Stripes contract around half a year ago, Pusha T has yet to fully make use of his time with only a few of his first adidas ozweego women releasing at Coachella, his next being unfortunately canceled, and his “Kingslayer” edition only going out to the most hardcore of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players. Hopefully making it to home base this time around, his latest involves palettes heavily divergent from the aforementioned, hitting the markets in a striking colorway of greens and blues as well as a yet-to-be-seen “Mystery Brown” option.
adidas Originals is added smiles to the classic adidas stan smith shoes which comes in the form of their branding.This adidas Stan Smith utilizes White leather throughout the upper along with perforated Three Stripes branding on the panels. In addition we have Scarlet Red detailing on the tongue and heel. Completing the look is the Stan Smith and Trefoil branding on the heel which forms a smiley face.
Yohji Yamamoto seems to have fully embraced the latest from adidas, fusing the tech-wear aesthetic with the new 4D technology to debut a new colourway of the adidas y-3 runner 4d. We’ve already seen a red iteration, and now we have received a closer look at a white pair. Dressed in a sharp white, black branding accents hit the upper for contrast.[Image: withft0374.jpg]

I don’t find Black women attractive at all. Am I a racist that should vote for Donald Trump?

It is true many Black Women are mean I dated a mean Black Woman.

You date whoever you want you shouldn’t put Trump into this conversation because he doesn’t like PC nonsense and you must be crazy for thinking you are Racist just because you don’t find Black Women attractive many Black Men don’t find Black Women Attractive.

That’s why many Black Men are dating Asians.


I don’t wear a mask, I play football, and I go out with some women and I didn’t get the coronavirus. Does this mean that it is a invention?

Yes, it is an invention, made by the Chinese to weaken the foreign economy and make China the greatest country in the world. All those people from WHO are paid by the Chinese government, and that’s why the US is leaving WHO.

The Apollo moon landing is an invention as well. There’s no way that they could get to the moon. Mainly because the Earth is flat, and the sky is just a giant screen projecting images of the “sun” and the “moon”, and all the other planets. Come to think of it, nothing is real. You’re not as healthy as an ox, you ARE an ox. Your life is a lie. My life is a lie. Pants are an illusion, and so is death. 

Thank you for listening to my TED Talk.

jeans for women

They tend to expand in size after some wear jeans for women and tear. Best would be to buy a size or two shorter so that, eventually, it fits you perfectly. Remember this also when you online clothes shopping.Do not buy denim jeans which are extremely fitting. Slim fitting or skinny jeans for men are fine But extremely fitting jeans do not suit every body type.Avoid buying jeans with embellishments or gaudy prints and patterns because they are a major turn-off.

Men’s ripped jeans also come in various brand so you can choose the one that is inexpensive depending on your style and budget as well.Ways to wear ripped jeans for men Consider the body frame and type Even if skinny jeans in split design are available amiri jeans in the market both for men and women, those who have more masculine body shouldn’t wear them because they can only make you look fatter. Men with big tummy should refrain from wearing skinny ripped jeans if they want to look good bell bottom jeans on it. Men’s ripped jeans styles In choosing ripped jeans, you have to make sure that the level of ripped is according to your requirement.

It may cause embarrassment on your part and it is just right to check the places of the rips and it’s not just for women but for men as well. Even if men are more detailed when it comes to jeans and they can experiment on the places of the rips and how bolder they can be, wrangler jeans you should also try to avoid getting jeans with rips at the knee part especially if you are the active type because it will get bigger in time.

Shopping around for men’s ripped jeans First you have to check the fit It is essential to fit the pants first before you buy them so that you will know if it looks good on you. You also need to check if there are damages on the jeans aside from the rips and you also need to feel the texture of the jeans if it will go well for you even if you have to wear them for the entire day. Consider the color of the jeans The color of the jeans is so important though a lot of men today prefer black or blue faded jeans, black is still in fashion because it is safer to team up with various black jeans types of shirts and polo.

The fabric Aside from the denim, you also need to know the fabrics of the jeans that you will buy. There are ripped jeans in stretchable fabrics while there are that are not. Stretchable jeans are more comfortable than those that are not so if you have a choice, its best to consider stretchable ripped jeans. Waist rise men’s ripped jeans The rise of the jeans is also important in buying jeans because there are men who want their jeans to be low rise while there [Image: black%20jeans-352qnn.jpg] are some who want it to be waist high.

Why do Republican women tend to be pretty?

It's a bit complicated … Religious and conservative people are more physically attractive than liberals or people who reject the concept of a moral god. I suspect it is due to people who would have been selected from the gene pool around 1700, for example, but now almost everyone survives in this society … Child mortality in 1800 was 50 percent.

It even makes sense to look at it theoretically by what liberals promote. They promote very degenerate acts, feminism, wait to have children or have no children, let other groups move in and populate your ethnic territory, etc., which are considered to be biologically harmful to society.