Root-me won’t load through Burp proxy

I am trying to access the root-me security website through Burp in order to solve some challenges, as I did many times without any problem in the past on this specific website. In order to do so, I am proxyfying my browser traffic t Burp using FoxyProxy.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that the pages from root-me exclusively did not seem to load when running through Burp, whereas all the rest loaded correctly:
Capture from burpsuite

I tried to access root-me through Burp again today and realized it had not changed.

When turning the proxy off in my browser, I can access the website without any problem.

What really bugs me is that the behaviour is the same on both Chrome and Firefox, and persisted after a reinstallation of Burp. I am using the Community version which, as of my knowledge, does not persist user settings once exited.

Thank you very much for any help !

canon – Auto focus won’t work in viewfinder on Aperture priority mode

My camera (Canon Rebel t7i) won’t auto focus in manual or aperture priority mode in viewfinder. (It works perfectly in liveview)

Maybe it’s important to say that I’ve never shot in manual mode so I wanted to learn how to shoot in Aperture Priority mode. Auto focus isn’t working in viewfinder though. I used 2 different lenses (canon 50 mm 1.8 and the kit lens) It doesn’t work on both. I tried resetting the camera. Still nothing.

It does work in auto mode in the viewfinder.

Am I doing something wrong or is something broken?

My timer wont work in unity

My timer wont work in unity – Game Development Stack Exchange

Google Groups “Spam message handling” Setting Won’t Stay Set

I have a free Google Groups group setup and messages (which are being forwarded from a Gmail account) keep going into the Pending moderation queue. I’ve repeatedly attempted to change the “Spam message handling” setting (only visible when you click “Advanced settings”) to “Post suspicious messages to the group”, but every time I refresh the settings page it’s reverted back to “Moderate and notify content moderators”.

Is there a way to actually change this setting and allow these messages through?

chrome – Why won’t network links open in pdf documents from SharePoint 2016?

We have multiple pdf documents in a SharePoint 2016 document library and we use Office Online Server. Within the pdf documents are links to network files. The pdf files open in a web browser (Edge Chromium and Chrome). Clicking a link (points to a network file, word/excel document) in the pdf from the web browser does nothing. The document never opens. No errors. No information in browser developer tools. Opening the pdf in Adobe Acrobat Reader and then clicking a link to network files, opens the file. Is SharePoint preventing the network link from opening the file? Is Office Online Server preventing the network link from opening the file? Is this a browser issue?

Why won’t Ubuntu 20.10 Boot on VirtualBox with a Windows 10 Host flashing cursor?

I have a Windows 10 Host that I have ensured HyperV is turned off along with Device Guard. I have also ensured virtualization is turned on (I have an Asus Z590).

When I boot I get a black screen with a blinking cursor. If I boot then hit e and replace quiet splash with text I get…

enter image description here

I also tried adding nomodeset still the same issue

office online server – Why won’t pdf files in SharePoint 2016 open in Client Application (Adobe Acrobat Reader)?

I created a document library with “open in the client application” selected in SharePoint 2016. Browser File handling is set to “Strict” for the Web Application and Site Collection Feature for “Open Documents in Client Application by Default” is activated. PDF files still open in the browser when using EDGE Chromium and Chrome but open in Adobe Acrobat Reader when using IE11. Excel spreadsheets in the same folder open directly in Excel and word documents in the same folder open directly in Word. I do have an Office Online server in the farm.

How can I make PDF files open in Adobe Acrobat Reader from SharePoint 2016 when using Edge Chromium or Chrome?

Android won’t query DNS server for IPv6 addresses, why?

I have a weird issue; for a single connect request to a server that has a single AAAA record my device runs two A queries instead and fails to connect.

My setup is as follows:

  • LAN (a regular router) without IPv6 connectivity
  • Android 10 with only WiFi connectivity, having one fe80: and two fd14: addresses
  • Debian box, wired, running dnsmasq, acting as the DNS server for all devices
  • dnsmasq will reply that website has an IPv6 of the Debian box, and no IPv4

I can:

  • Connect from my phone to the Debian box using literal IPv6 address
  • Connect from other devices to
  • Connect to from JuiceSSH
  • Do ping6 successfully in Termux on the phone

What I can’t do, I can’t connect from my phone to the Debian box via using regular apps such as Chrome, or my own app. JuiceSSH is the weird exception. I tried making a new app, adding INTERNET permission and this bit of code only:

thread {
    Socket("", 9000)

This works consistently with the apps such as Chrome in that it doesn’t connect and—from what I see in dsmasq logs—performs two A queries (both with NODATA-IPv4 response). It never performs an AAAA query. Inet*Address.getAllByName() behaves in a similar way. I tested with another device running Android 6, same outcome.

What’s going on here?

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