CGI file does not work after copying to Word Doc and back

Word is a bit like HTML

There is what you see and then there is the "source code"

When you copy back from Word, you get all of the Microsoft-specific source code that comes with it, and your CGI program "can't handle".

Paste into the editor, select all, copy and then save as a CGI file

But no code should ever go anywhere near a Word page. There are much better editors like Netbeans, Sublime Text, Notepad ++ and even Microsoft's own Notepad program

Chance of a word repeating THREE times in a BIP39 mnemonic passphrase? And what about 2 words that repeat twice?

According to the other thread about BIP39 repeating words, the frequency of a word REPEATING TWICE is 11.7%.

Now I was wondering because my passphrase may or may not contain THREE repeats: O.
And to end the randomization wizards, what is the probability that two words will be repeated twice?

We're talking about 24 word passphrases here.

Thank you for teaching us how to do it, or at least understanding math :].

How good is President Trump's word?

My political policy is: "Never trust what a politician says, only trust his actions and results".

Project coordination The topic positions of Smart Donald Trump

https: // …

Now we cannot deny that the Trump economy is roaring.

But national debt is also getting out of control.

I think national security is strong.

Foreign trade agreements work

Consumer confidence is strong.

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Firebird: What to do if a framework uses a reserved word?

I have a problem creating the database when using Adianti with Firebird 2.1 because the words PASSWORD AND ACTIVE are reserved in Firebird and I cannot set them as an attribute. What can I do to solve this situation? Remember that when you change the ACTIVE AND PASSWORD fields, the table is generated, but the system does not work! The SQL for creating the table follows!

CREATE TABLE system_user (
    name varchar(100),
    login varchar(100),
    password varchar(100), <--------------------------- **OS ERROS OCORREM AQUI**
    email varchar(100),
    frontpage_id INTEGER REFERENCES system_program(id),
    system_unit_id INTEGER references system_unit(id),
    active char(1) <----------------------------------- **OS ERROS OCORREM AQUI**

How exactly for loop works in every language. How is "for" word is coded in the programming. How math is involved in incrementing the indexes

You write a program as text. The compiler reads the text, checks it, recognizes keywords like "for" and translates them into machine code according to the rules, which are slightly different for each language.

For math, google “C Standard Draft”, download the document, and find where the for statement is described and where the Postfix increment operator (++) is described.

automata – Is a language regular if a word is in a regular language but not the other way around?

$ A_1 $ is regular because regular languages ​​are closed with overlap and addition, and $ A_1 = A setminus B ^ {R} = A cap (B ^ {R}) ^ {c} $, To show the other way around $ B ^ {R} = {x ^ {R}: x in B } $ a regular language $ B $ is regular, take a deterministic finite state machine $ M $ with the language $ B $, Construct a new nondeterministic finite state machine $ M & # 39; $ as follows:

  1. Add a new start node, connect it to $ varepsilon $– transitions to each accepting node $ M $
  2. Make only the original start node of $ M $ accept in $ M & # 39; $
  3. Invert all transitions: When there is a transition from status $ s_1 $ to $ s_2 $ with character $ c $ in the $ M $, add a transition from $ s_2 $ to $ s_1 $ with character $ c $ to $ M & # 39; $, If there are multiple transitions from one state, the machine cannot choose between them deterministically.

Now $ M & # 39; $ accepts a string $ x ^ {R} $ iff $ M $ accepted $ x $, This is easy to show: any accepting calculation of $ M & # 39; $ of $ x ^ {R} $ corresponds to an accepting calculation of $ M $ of $ x $ and vice versa.

How do I find the use of Office apps (Excel, Word, OneNote, Planner) in O365?

As far as I know, usage reports are available in the "O365 reports" section. These reports are only used for SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive.
Is there a way to track the use of apps like Word, Excel, OneNote, Planner, etc.?
We try to determine the acceptance rate of these apps across the company. I checked PnP PowerShell, Graph API but found nothing.