Database design – reserved word as table or column name

Meant as a general question, but adding an example to make it easier.

A single-section user interface allows you to view and order data from multiple tables from a MySQL database in an HTML table.

... + 67 more

The position, visibility, alias etc. are set via a simple drag-and-drop user interface and saved in a settings structure, not in a property pocket, but for the sake of simplicity, we say:

| id  |  table  |  field  |  show  |  position | ...
|  1  |  data1  |  field1 |     0  |         3 | ...
|  2  |  data1  |  field2 |     1  |         2 | ...
|  3  |  data1  |  field3 |     1  |         1 | ...

Both here table and show are reserved words.

As a database noob, the question quickly arises: should I ignore the warnings and continue with the specified column names or use other names?

For example, use something like data_table and display instead?

This is a clear disadvantage to have Using backticks, but from what I've read, you should still use them anyway … are there any other major drawbacks, etc., or major benefits for this matter? Are there any DB agnostics to consider?

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The table row jumps to the next page in Microsoft Word for Mac (version 16.34 / 2020).

I inserted a data collection table in Word. I started with an empty table in a new document, typing information. I pasted information from another document that I created (also from scratch). The table now has more than 17 pages.

My table starts well, but over the pages Each new line jumps to a new page.
I cannot activate / deactivate the "Row may be split across pages" option (table properties). I also tried formatting paragraphs: "keep rows together" and "go to the next". No page or other breaks are set.

When I select "Show / Hide Formatting Markers" on the Home tab: The merged cells (some of the starting cells and three more below in the table) show a small black box on the left. All cells have a circle with four lines at the end of each cell (I'm not sure what this symbol is called?).

This problem also occurred with some previous documents: super frustrating! How can I format the table / document to continue the table rows one row at a time on the same page? (Break only across pages when there is no more space on the previous page)?

I am using Microsoft Word (Version 16.34 / Release 2020) on a MAC computer.

I am striving to solve this problem and look forward to your findings.

(PS request: if I follow your advice, can you add how I can insert a break later if necessary? … just in case I need to know …)

dnd 5e – Does Power Word Kill kill druids in the wild?

In my opinion, the druid would not die. This is supported by the actual text. In contrast to the current top answer to this question, the text contains nothing that could support the idea that Power Word: Kill Wild Shape "bypasses". There is no separation or distinction between druid and wild form. You cannot aim at one without influencing the other.

  1. The wild-form druid gains the effects of what is written in the ability text (the same applies to the polymorph spell). This includes the effect that the druid (or the person under the effects of the Polymorph spell) would return to its natural shape with the same number of hit points it had before being under the effects of Wild Shape or Polymorph . The trigger for this effect is when they are reduced to 0 horsepower or would die.

  2. Since Power Word Kill states that someone is going to die, this would trigger the effect of Wild Shape or Polymorph and cause the druid (or the person affected by Polymorph) to return to its original shape with the number of horsepower it had previously Wildly shaped or polymorphic.

I understand Jeremy Crawford tweeted about it, but the actual text of the book does not support this statement. Maybe those were the rules as intended, but they're not the rules as written.

To match what Jeremy wrote, the Wild Shape and Polymorph clause that contains death as the trigger should be removed. This is the only way I can see that this interpretation is supported.

I will republish Jeremy Crawford's reply on Twitter below:

* Bobby the Barbarian: If a druid turns into a wolf and is then killed with a word of power, does the druid return dead or alive?

Jeremy Crawford: If you have 100 horsepower or less, Power Word Kill will cause you to die. Note that it doesn't mean you drop to 0 horsepower.

Airatome118: So what is PHB pg. 66 "You automatically return when ….. drops to 0 HP, or die "tells us? Form dies, druid returns, yes?

Jeremy Crawford: The beast form ends when the druid dies. Things like Power Word Kill can kill you without reducing hit points. "*

The problem with this exchange is that Jeremy doesn't seem to give any indication that wild shape and polymorph are triggered when the druid dies and when they reach 0 horsepower. He only mentions the 0 PS trigger.

Although I appreciate Jeremy's answer, I have to strongly contradict that this is a correct decision, since the text in the book does not support this statement and I have reason to believe that he simply forgot the fact that Wild or not form and polymorph have a second trigger, not only when reaching 0 horsepower.

The only way to support the idea that the druid would die as a result of the death of power words would be to remove the clause in which you automatically return when you die. Because that's literally the only kind of thing that can affect the clause of power. Not many things out there just kill you. Wild Shape and Polymorph specifically address this.

Can I attach a Word document to a Google form so that respondents can DOWNLOAD it (not upload it to a Google form)?

I'm creating a Google form that respondents can use to register for a course. I have a verbal document that I want to attach to the Google form with the intention that respondents download this form, have it signed by their administrator and upload it after filling it out and attach it to the form. I understand the process by which respondents attach a form. However, I don't know how to attach a document that users can download. Is that possible? Is there an easier way that I didn't think of? (Maybe embed a link to a shared Google folder where you can download the form?) Thank you!

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