Manually Edited Word Files Created From HTML Documents Stored in Doc Libs Have Black Image Placeholders

I have an app in SharePoint that builds HTML markup containing an image (logo) inserted in the markup using base64-encoded and then creates a Word (doc, not docx) file in a SP document library

You can open up the file from the standard view of the doc lib and the Word file text and image are there.

Now open the Word file from the doc lib, do some manual editing of the file, save and close.

Re-open the Word file from the doc lib, and the image of the logo has an image placeholder area and the background is solid black.

Something happened between Word editor and SharePoint during the manual editing that it saved everything else in the Word file but not the image. Playing around with Word doesn’t recover the image. File=>Inspect Document does not report anything. Continued editing actually causes the image part to disappear, with Word reporting that “header.htm” is missing

Why would Word lose data like that?

UX writing – different word instead of "default"

I’m seeking help πŸ™‚.
I look for a different wording for the "default" view…The user is able to customize its view and choose which one he would like to preview by "default" (or maybe the default one will be set as default πŸ™‚. The problem is that during usability testing we’ve discovered that our target audience might have a problem with the wording "default". Does someone have some suggestions on what would be a good ux writing for this πŸ˜… ?

microsoft word – Which Regex command to use in Notepad++ to find the desired emails?

I have a lot of txt files in drive D, and drive E. Each file has a lot of different formats. Which Regex ( Notepad++ ) do I need to use, to get the result of email lines with a domain that contains the word ” school “? The result example is : … ……

The dots behind are any character. If the characters behind the email that contain the word ” school ” are still excluded.

microsoft office – MS Word: Custom Text Fields that Update Each other

I know that the Custom Document Properties method exists, but it’s a bit too clunky for me and the people I work with to use.

I want to create custom fields that work just like the built-in Document Properties fields like here. For example, I want to create a text entry field asking for the name of a municipality. I should be able to scatter the blank field around the document, and it should update automatically every time I change the municipality name.

MS WORD – Fields – Cross reference from a word table throughout the text in rhe rest of document with returning only the values of the cell


I am trying to automate a word doc – i have a table in a word doc that when i update it i want to update the values from the table throughout the word doc in text paragraphs – i have set the entire value of a cell within a table as a bookmark – when I cross reference throughout the file it inserts the entire cell and not the values of the cell within the reference field – I know if I make the values within the cell the bookmark it works however the whole point of this is that you can delete the entire values within the cell and update them – when you do this the bookmark itself gets deleted so it doesn’t allow the user to update.

I.e. is there any way to modify the Field formulas i.e = my current field code is { REF Bookmark_1} is there some kind of way to pull JUST the values of of bookmark_1 so a little cell doesn’t get inputted??? Again i need this field in the table to be editable so i cant just bookmark the template placeholder data…


Word VBA: Hyperlink .Range.Font.TextColor.RGB and compatibility mode

Could someone please let me know why the first line of code below throws error 445 (Object doesn’t support this action) when run on a Word document saved in compatibility mode? The second line works just fine.

ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks(1).Range.Font.TextColor.RGB = RGB(1, 2, 3)

ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks(1).Range.Font.Color = RGB(1, 2, 3)

As a follow-on to this question, how does the second line even work? Per the VBA reference, the Font object doesn’t even have a ‘Color’ property, just the ‘ColorIndex’, ‘ColorIndexBi’ and ‘TextColor’ ones.

ms office – Word for Mac – Missing Documents in file locations settings – cannot set default folder for saving documents

Q: How to set the default folder for saving a Word document when the option is missing in File Locations?

I want to set the default path or folder for saving Word documents. However when opening Settings and clicking on File Locations there is no option to set a folder for Documents. It is missing and I cannot add it. Logging in as an admin doesn’t change it.

missing Documents option in File Location settings

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