Provide a Detailed Review Report on the Website Optimize Google Rank for $ 5

Offer a detailed audit report of the website. Optimize Google Rank

What you get from our services:

Complete overview of your website, including titles and keywords
SEO meta tags, meta-descriptions that damage the internal system network of your website
Usability How well can your users interact with your website?
Mobile view – what does your website look like in a user's phone?
Speed ​​- How fast does your website work?
Social Networks – Are There Social Networks That Talk About Your Business?
Visitors – How many visitors did you have or do you have daily?
World Rank – What is your world ranking?

We'll send you a detailed report with tips on how to improve your website placements with a full site fix in simple lay idioms so you can understand them. See our attached sample report. You will be pleased about the quality report you receive!

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Responsive Multi Pages Website for $ 100

Responsive Multi Pages Website

Need an Affordable Multi Pages Website?
Whether portfolio / products / services / agency / corporate website, I'll help you build your website.

Benefits of hiring me:

  1. Clean / minimal / simple & nice website.
  2. Responsive website.
  3. Faster web development. Minimum in 3 days!
  4. I can work with Photoshop, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
  5. Unlimited revision.

View my portfolios at or on my personal website at

Let's talk about the requirements of your website now!


Create a professional website for your business for $ 100

Create a professional website for your business

Are you looking for a modern and professional website for your company? Then you are right with us. Order now with confidence.

A strong online presence is a powerful medium and a website that catches the eye. We're here to provide you with a professional, rich WordPress site that's eye-catching and responsive, and can be viewed on all screen sizes.

What is included in this service?

  • A professional website with 5 pages.
  • Home page with rotating / sliding banners
  • Portfolio / Services
  • Picture or video gallery
  • Newsletter registration form
  • Contact us page with contact form
  • Google map with your address
  • Complete social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Fully secured and on the latest version of WordPress

Let's start with your dream website without paying a big fee.

If you have any questions, write us a message and we will gladly help you.


I will set up an AdSense approved website for $ 15

I will set up an AdSense approved website

Did you want to receive a demo before placing an order? Contact me.

Hello friends, if you want to create an AdSense approved website for your business. I am here for it. Would you like to create a website with WordPress and Blogger to make money online with Adsense and other advertising materials?

I will set up AdSense Approved niche site that complies with the rules of the AdSense program. After you've created some content, you can apply for an AdSense account and other ad publishers.

Why me?

  • Responsive and SEO friendly design
  • Contact form
  • Data protection
  • Disclaimer
  • About us page
  • Terms and conditions page
  • Extra fast delivery
  • Unlimited revision
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Refund warranty
  • I will support you for over a month.

What do I need

  • Your theme
  • About you for the page About us

Note: I do not accept the ordering of adult websites, movies, alcoholic beverages, smoking, gambling and other bad behaviors.

** Before ordering Give me a message for the demo according to your requirements **

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The most cost-effective Wordpres plugin for signing documents for 100 websites?

I run many service-based websites and my clients want their customers to sign a document before they can provide services. I do not need anything special just to 1. display their document on their site 2. allow their clients to sign the document and 3. give them a copy of the signed document or a paper trail for them to stand trial. It would be nice if people could sign on a deskotp or with a finger on a touch screen phone / tablet.

I found Apporveme WP Esignature, but they have some bad reviews. I'm looking for someone who offers a developer license for X amount per year for unlimited sites / users. I do not want to pay for each site or worry about paying for updates to each and every site, as this would be very expensive.

Create a professional travel website for $ 100

Create a professional travel website

Be your own boss, own an income generating travel website

Hi Guys,

Looking for a successful way to earn a high residual income and be your own proud boss, Own your own branded tour / travel partner website online similar to momondo or skyscanner? Every day, millions of people travel around the world, spending billions on flights and resorts. Opportunity is practically great.

We will create a very branded travel affiliate site with features such as accommodations, flights, car rentals, coverage, visas, cruise, sports and travel guides.

Total Abilities and Blessings (Top Rate Plan)

1. Find flights, accommodations, vehicle rentals, activities, cruises.

2. Follow the instructions for a travel insurance and check the visa requirements.

3. legal pages along with private protection, toc etc

4. Stay in Chat-Bot to answer your buyer's questions.

5. absolutely SEO pleasant pages and content material.

6. Post sales assist and technical assistance.

Hurry up. You can start your new adventure with passive winnings for only $ 100.


Install and set up the WordPress theme just like a demo for $ 5

Install and set up the WordPress theme exactly as a demo

Please discuss this with me before placing an order to avoid confusion.I will install and set up your WordPress theme as well as the demo in 3 hours or less. Or if you want to create a complete professional website with your content, I can help you too.

If yes, congratulations! You are on the right profile.

I have a lot of experience in installing topics
Overall, this gig includes:

  1. Database means
  2. WordPress installation
  3. Database Connection
  4. topics installation
  5. Setup like demo
  6. The required installation of the plugins for the theme
  7. Customize font, size and colors
  8. Each additional plugin installation

Why choose me?

  • I give you more than 1 month support (if you have problems with your website)
  • 100% customer satisfaction (which is my top priority) 100% quality and time guaranteed
  • 100% refundable service
  • This affordable and highly efficient appearance offers great value for money and saves you endless time, effort and stress.

What I need to begin?

  1. Wp-admin credentials (if WordPress already installed)
  2. Login credentials for Cpanel
  3. Your topic files

For more information just write me a message and I will answer immediately.