directory – WordPress Bedrock breaking plugin links

I recently switched to using WP-Bedrock and I currently like the workflow but there’s a huge drawback for me.

There are 2 URLs which previously were identical, due to Bedrock’s file structure, are different.
Site_URL: /wp

A huge bunch of plugins are written taking in mind only regular WP installations.

A very critical plugin for my site is currently unusable because the links to internal images look like this:


I’ve tried to dig in the plugin files but It’s not that easy for customization.

Another friend suggested that I do a 301 redirect in my Apache config, but I couldn’t figure out how to correctly set it up without breaking my site.

Current plugin in mind: Here

I haven’t found any alternatives to this so It’s crucial that I get this working.

migration – Move just the posts from Joomla to an existing WordPress

I am re-building a website that is currently hosted in Joomla. I don’t want to copy the entire joomla site over because the current layound / information architecture is poor and I have to redo it, so I want to start from scratch.

That being said, there are ~200 news posts that I don’t want to have to migrate manually. I now have a half-built wordpress site, and would like to copy just the posts and images from the Joomla site. I imagine I could copy the joomla site in its entirety to a new WP site and then migrate the posts from there, but I would prefer to do it in one step.

Is a plugin necessary for this? Or am I missing a shortcut to get the posts only?

como poner mi propio tema de wordpress por defecto

Estoy trabajando en un proyecto que consiste en una tienda online con wordpress y woocommerce. En un primer momento, comencé a desarrollar el tema totalmente personalizado desde cero. Después, instalé woocommerce y estudié todo lo relacionado con los childthemes.
El caso es que en un principio todo va bien sin haber tenido que instalar ningún tema hijo, simplemente estoy haciendo lo que dice la documentación de wordpress: crear un archivo functions y ahí sobreescribir los templates de woocommerce que necesite. Además de tener mi propia hoja de estilos.
Hasta aquí ninguna duda. Pero hoy veo esto:

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

¿Tengo que poner mi tema por defecto? Si es así, ¿cómo se hace?
¿Realmente es un problema serio o es algo que detecta wordpress y lanza el aviso por defecto?

Add link as tag in wordpress posts/pages

I’m trying to add a link as a tag in wordpress but i’m having some troubles in doing so, searching online i found only informations about what are tags wordpress taxonimy but nothing seemed to answer my question.

I want to ad an external link to a tag, so basically instead creating a tag with only nameslugdescription i want to add an url so when the peoples click the tag instead to send them to the posts with that tag it redirects to an url. I want to do this becouse i would use this link many times and maybe i could change it easily for all the posts if I would need to.

I know that basically tags helps by grouping posts and pages under keywords basically so the things that i’m trying to do is a bit against it but there is a way for accomplish this thing or i have to do some workaround for and make my own versione of this?

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Universal Video Player – WordPress Plugin

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Universal Video Player – WordPress Plugin – Universal Video Player – WordPress Plugin

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