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PHP upgrade WordPress error

Run a compatibility script / addon to get information about potential bugs that need to be considered when updating an older WordPress installation, and come across one that I could not figure out and fix. I was hoping for a hint.
That's the mistake:

FOUND 1 ERROR IMPAIRING 1-LINE —————————————- ————————————————– —————
4303 | ERROR | "$ this" can no longer be used in a simple function or method since PHP 7.1.

I have marked this line 4303 below and inserted the code block around it.

For any tip / help, I'd be grateful to have reviewed the whole web and and it just is not clear how this will be fixed.

PHP Code:

$message sprintf__'New user registration on your site %s:' ), $blogname ) . "rnrn";                
$message .= sprintf__'Username: %s' ), $user->user_login ) . "rnrn";
$message .= sprintf__'Email: %s' ), $user->user_email ) . "rn";


$result = @wp_mailget_option'admin_email' ), sprintf__'(%s) New User Registration' ), $blogname ), $message );
gf_user_registration()->log_wp_mail$result'admin' );

                if ( 

'admin' === $notify || ( empty( $plaintext_pass ) && empty( $notify ) ) ) {


$message sprintf__'Username: %s' ), $user->user_login ) . "rnrn";

                if ( empty( 

$plaintext_pass ) ) {
$message .= __'To set your password, visit the following address:' ) . "rnrn";
// this line
$message .= '<' $this->get_set_password_url$user ) . ">rnrn";
// end
} else {
$message .= sprintf__'Password: %s' ), $plaintext_pass ) . "rnrn";


$message .= wp_login_url() . "rn";


$result wp_mail$user->user_emailsprintf__'(%s) Your username and password info' ), $blogname ), $message );
gf_user_registration()->log_wp_mail$result'user' ); 

Move, coffee, this is a job for alcohol!

Shortcode called twice – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I'm working on my product information with a shortcode that can automatically generate a spreadsheet with information. But it looks like the shortcode is called twice. I'm not a great backend developer, but I'm trying to learn some basics so I can build some basic PHP functions. I would be very happy about help. Thank you in advance.

My code looks like this:

function displayTable()
    echo '';
    echo '';
    $fields = get_field_objects();
    foreach($fields as $field)
      echo '';
      echo '';
      echo '';
    echo '';
    echo '
'; echo ''. $field('label') .''. $field('value') .'
'; } add_shortcode('popnagel-tabel', 'displayTable')

PHP – How do I view a WordPress post that has been published in the last 5/10/20/30/60 minutes and 1/5/12/24 hours?

I want the page to display a list of messages published in a specific time period.

Please have a look at an example: –

Enter image description here

Here is my code I use:

                            'post_status' => 'publish',
                            'posts_per_page' => -1,
                            'date_query' => array(
                                   'after'  => '5 minutes ago',
                                    'inclusive' => true,
                        if ( $the_query->have_posts() ) :?>
News in the last 5 minutes

But this code can not reach my sample output.

can someone help me for this example output result?

Thank you in advance.

Need help with the WordPress topic search


Could someone help me find a WordPress theme for Freelance Video Editing Services or something similar so I can add my showreel to the top of the page (with mute autoplay) and the sections Portfolio + Contact + Testimonials like this http: /? /

I created this website with DIVI, but many people say that DIVI is not a good option and I can find a simple topic for my little needs. The problem, however, is that I've been searching for it for 2 years now and find nothing that suits my needs! Maybe you know better where to look or you have a better eye and experience.

Thanks for your time


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[FREE] CB Goliath Clickbank WordPress Plugin

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[GET][NULLED] – SNIP: Structured data plugin for WordPress v2.14.2


(GET) (NULLED) – SNIP: Structured data plugin for WordPress v2.14.2

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