Coins MarketCap – WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugin

Coins MarketCap – Best Cryptocurrency Plugin For WordPress​

Create a fully automatic crypto coins price listing website using this Coins MarketCap WordPress plugin. This crypto plugin uses crypto data api to show live crypto prices, market cap, charts and other data related to a crypto coin.


Element Pack – Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Best Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin with 34 Most Essential Elements that need your everyday website page building.
Element Pack addon has been developed with world’s best practice code standard and meets W3C Validation using the latest CSS3, HTML5 and PHP 7.x to bring you a professional addon for Elementor Plugin that is WordPress 4.9.x ready.
It’s included most commonly used elements that help you to easily manage your website…


LowEndBoxTV: Building a Highly Available WordPress Site, Part 3: Configuring MariaDB Multi-Master Replication

In this series, we take you from bare-metal to a highly-available WordPress site, load-balanced over two nodes and resistant to VPS failures using MariaDB multi-master replication, DRBD, and round-robin DNS.

In this episode, we setup MariaDB’s Multi-Master replication. This video is based on our earlier tutorial.

Earlier videos in this series:


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I’m Andrew, techno polymath and long-time LowEndTalk community Moderator. My technical interests include all things Unix, perl, python, shell scripting, and relational database systems. I enjoy writing technical articles here on LowEndBox to help people get more out of their VPSes.

WooCommerce Checkout wc_minimum_order_amount function – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I am trying to target a certain category and if there isn’t a minimum then display a message on checkout.
This is my code so far:

    add_action( 'woocommerce_checkout_process', 'wc_minimum_order_amount' );
    add_action( 'woocommerce_before_cart' , 'wc_minimum_order_amount' );

    function wc_minimum_order_amount() {
    // Set this variable to specify a minimum order value
    $minimum = 12;
    $minimumAdditional = 30;

    if ( WC()->cart->total < $minimum ) {

        if( is_cart() ) {
            //If item is in the additions category
            if( is_product_category( 'additions' )  ){
                sprintf( 'Custom Box - Your current order total is %s — you must have an order with a minimum of %s to place your order ' , 
                    wc_price( WC()->cart->total ), 
                    wc_price( $minimumAdditional )
                ), 'error' 

        //General Shop
        if( is_cart() ) {
                sprintf( 'Your current order total is %s — you must have an order with a minimum of %s to place your order ' , 
                    wc_price( WC()->cart->total ), 
                    wc_price( $minimum )
                ), 'error' 
        } else {
                sprintf( 'else - Your current order total is %s — you must have an order with a minimum of %s to place your order' , 
                    wc_price( WC()->cart->total ), 
                    wc_price( $minimum )
                ), 'error' 

I can not get the additions minimum spend notice to appear!
Can I use

is_product_category( 'additions' )

on the checkout page in WooCommerce?
Thank you 🙂

update meta_value woocommerce – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I’m doing a content editing test via the database first. However, I got to a point where I don’t have the ability to evolve 🙁 could someone help me with how, for example, I can create an UPDATE action on the content of this meta_value below to edit the term “+ cobertura” in another word?

this is the structure that I need to update

Thank you in advance!

wordpress – Setting up internal search on a website, how do I use the Meta Descriptor if there is no excerpt defined?

Using the popular Divi theme under WordPress, I am trying to use the Yoast meta description as the snippet shown in an internal search result, if an excerpt is not defined. The internal search results in the first so-many characters of the webpage showing instead.

The code in question (as part of search.php in a child theme) is:

if ( 'on' !== et_get_option( 'divi_blog_style', 'false' ) || ( is_search() && ( 'on' === get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), '_et_pb_use_builder', true ) ) ) ) {
        truncate_post( 270 );

I was hoping to replace _et_pb_use_builder (which returns the page/post content) with _yoast_wpseo_metadesc but without success.

Any thoughts?

wordpress – cPanel Remote MySQL keeps adding access hosts after I removed them

My cPanel was hacked – the attacker somehow installed another WordPress app in my public_html folder. He just created a new folder ‘wp’ with its own MySql database. Other databases were not touched or my current WordPress.
I removed all of the content from my public_html folder, all of my and his MySql databases, removed all of the old WordPress users and added new ones after a fresh WordPress install (my passwords are very strong passwords, generated in KeePass).

I did a virus scan and found a couple of Trojan and Malware files in home/mail folder. The antivirus disinfected those files successfully.

I also added security plugins ex. Loginizer and Sucuri Security. activating every protection possible.

Now thanks to those security plugins I can see that someone is still trying to log in with the old usernames from my previous WordPress but the security plugins lock the IPs after 3 failed attempts.

I also removed all of the Remote MySQL Access hosts entries but after a random time 2 ip addresses keep showing up again – one of the IP address is my cPanel Shared IP Address (3.8.X.X) and the second one is my local Server address starting with 192.168.X.X.

Does cPanel/WordPress add these local Ip’s to my Remote Sql or is an attack? I have another cPanel with WordPress and there the Remote Mysql list is empty. Its just weird that randomly it keeps adding those two local ip’s out of nowhere… I am not a security or cPanel expert. Is this normal behavior?

Is it possible to change content in my PHP file from WordPress dashboard

Is it possible to change content in a “p” tag or “img” tag in my custom php template file, without going into code editor of the php file.

For example:
If I give the website over to the client, they may not have the skillset to updated the php file, but it will be easier for them to update the content in WordPress Dashboard.

enter image description here

Forking a WordPress Theme – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I have to create a website using WordPress. I am familiar with common web technologies but am a newbie with WordPress. I want to make a custom theme. I do not want to use a stock theme and I do not want to use the child theme option. My approach is to use a stock theme as a base and to change the code to my liking step by step (effectively creating a fork). To test this approach as a first step I only changed the theme’s name strings in all files (using a python script). Upload and installation worked without errors but activation failed causing a fatal error (without pointing to the actual nature or cause of the error) and having to log into recovery mode. All I could do here was to activate another theme.

Has anyone an idea, what might have gone wrong?