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Do you have got a commercial enterprise without online presence? properly, you are lacking out on capacity customers, earnings and sales. In trendy world, many companies include on line marketing.Social media and web sites are important tools for your online advertising and marketing method. they are effective for constructing the emblem of a company. even though each web sites and social media like fb are mighty for accomplishing audience, your character goals are key to determining the high-quality option.There are numerous reasons why you must pick a internet site over fb to market your enterprise.general emblem manageA well-managed internet site helps in enhancing a firm’s photograph. through a website, you may create a logo’s story, imaginative and prescient and values. The valid information in websites allows customers to higher recognize products. consequently, you control the customer’s belief of your company’s services and products.A internet site gives you full manage. but, facebook consists of a third party and you have to comply with its phrases of services to use it. The antilogarithms of fb additionally exchange every now and then, thereby, affecting it.less competitionGiving unequalled attention to clients facilitates firms to thrive. the usage of a internet site helps you to get a patron’s complete interest. It also facilitates the clients to get information without distractions.facebook, alternatively, has distinct content material and a confined time for one to absorb it all. greater so, via fb, the opposition can access the name of the game sport plans of your company.Optimizing search engine optimization (search engine optimization)A website improves commercial enterprise seo and Google rating. an awesome search engine optimization interprets to precise on-line presence and lets in customers to easily find your merchandise.organic rating saves you capital because of much less adverts. developing greater content material lets you enhance the website rating.because of high competition on facebook, companies depending entirely on it have a negative on-line presence that consequences in low ranking.Google Analyticsvia Google analytics, website owners can know their target audience. they can understand who the customers are and in which they may be from, They can also understand how they connected to the website, how lengthy they stayed, and what they looked for.This minimizes attempt made in market studies. it is an excellent device that improves consumer revel in. although fb allows you to see who likes your web page, it does now not assist you to access their data neither does it use Google analytics.interactionaccurate family members can be built via web sites. Emails help in dropping light on topics that the customer does not recognize. web sites help in giving greater unique information, thereby, handing over an in-intensity advertising message.even though fb is powerful in attracting new clients, it isn’t always green for complete income cycle.bottom LineYour company’s on line presence need to be awesome. This helps the emblem to stand out. clients tend to agree with firms with websites. facebook works for consumer based totally businesses. but, it denies you logo manipulate and area of expertise. therefore, while brooding about why you should pick out a internet site over facebook to market your enterprise, remember the fact that websites help you to organize and replace records to create self assurance and consider in clients.


Explaining NFA in words

I have an NFA, and the question I am asked is :

Let 𝑎 < 𝑏 < 𝑐. Now in simple English, express the language of the NFA to explain what type of strings are accepted by it.

In simple English, my answer is

The NFA accepts strings over alphabet {a, b, c} such that the last symbol appears twice.

Which I know is correct, however my problem lies in the question where "a < b < c". How does this affect my NFA and is my answer still correct? My answer seems really short for 6 marks.enter image description here

Finite automaton for all words whose length $n$ satisfies $operatorname{gcd}(n,504) geq 6$

I have been working on the following homework question, and I just can’t seem to make any progress:

Construct a finite automaton having fewer than 36 states that recognizes the language ${s in a^* : operatorname{gcd}(|s|, 504) geq 6}$, where $|s|$ is the length of $s$.

So far I have been trying to figure out a regular pattern in $504$ and have broken it down to the prime factorization $504 = 2^3 cdot 3^2 cdot 7$, which means that all divisors must be multiples of 2, 3, or 7. However I don’t know how to create the finite automaton (NFA or DFA). Any help is appreciated!

Words of the same length in a language

Let $LsubseteqSigma^*$ be a language, where $Sigma$ is a set, and let $ninmathbb N$.

I am wondering if there is some good terminology for


Of course I could say “the set of words in $L$ of length $n$” but maybe there is some special terminology like “level set of length”, “grade”, “homogeneous section” or I don’t know what…. ?

discrete mathematics – Probability: portion of wrong and correct words edited by proofreader

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google sheets – How to combine words from multiple cells with the REGEXMATCH command?

I am a beginner with google sheets.

I want for exemple use the REGEXMATCH command to recognize when certain combinations of words is found in a specific cell,for exemple: =REGEXMATCH(C25;C29&D15)

Let’s say that in C25 there is the text “I like blue apples.”
In C29 I have the text “blue” and in D15 “apples”. Ok, it is TRUE.

But let’s say that I also have a C30 with the word “green” and D16 with the word “bananas”.

And I want the =REGEXMATCH(C25;C29&D15) to also include combinations of “blue bananas” or “green apples” and so on if I write these combinations in C25. How do I write the code to accomplish this?

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