microsoft excel – how to extract multiple words from sentence that have same ending to a new column separated by commas

I have an issue whereby for example i have a sentence in column A that says for “hello ID users tbzoo, rjkth, mnkz, plzoo, rtzoo and fghzt” and i would like to create a new column B that extracts all the words in column A that end with zoo and are separated by a comma eg column B would have tbzoo,plzoo,trzoo.
So far the formula i have come up with using MID and search only returns the first word that ends in zoo and not all of them.
Please help!
Thank you

Find matching words (two strings)

I’ve got a file $datafile(‘spamwords’) that has spam words / phrases in it:
adult movies
cbd shops

I want to compare the spamwords file with another file: $text.

I found this code, but it doesn’t really do the job. I don’t get why it has this part

$a1=explode(‘ ‘,$str1);
$a2=explode(‘ ‘,$str2);

The code does find some spam words in the $text string ($str2), but not all of them, which is strange.

$spamwords = file_get_contents($datafile('spamwords'));   
$text = "Some text that has spam words in it. Can be whatever text.";
$a1=explode(' ',$str1);
$a2=explode(' ',$str2);
function longenough($word){
    return strlen( $word ) > 3;
$common=array_intersect( $a1, $a2 );
foreach( $common as $word ){
    $str2=preg_replace( "/($word)/i",'<span style="color:red;font-weight:bold;">$1</span>', $str2 );
echo $str2;

Code (markup):

Thank you.


Why are there not mnemonic-seed words in Turkish especially considering the increasing rate of bitcoin adoption in the country?

Because no one has stepped up to do the work or hire someone to do it for them. That’s how open source works : )

This repository contains the mnemonic list in different languages (Currently just 8). There are also wordlists in other languages that are stuck in limbo. However if you find it to be worth it, you might want to prepare a list and submit it to the repository as a pull request, and one day it might get merged.

Why are certain sensitive words in rap songs on YouTube censored?

YouTube does not have such a powerful filter which would be able to cross-check every spoken (sung) word in every possible dialect/accent/language and then censor out the audio track of such particular video. YouTube has only one filter which is able to manipulate audio track of uploaded video and this filter is directly related to the violation of ToS. It is triggered by approved DMCA submission or manually set based on reports/flags. Then, in either case, and based on the level of violation of copyright, the video will be deleted (worst scenario) or entire audio track will be muted out.

In other words: if the video you found has muted out parts (words) it’s not due to YouTube nor any YouTube filter. It’s as it is, because of publisher and publisher’s decision to upload it that way (in respect of small kids). Most of the time, uploaded video clips of tracks are just a copy of what it’s running on TV stations and in most cases, TV stations are forcing artists to mind at least PG-13 ratings when providing explicit video clips.

If the video is uploaded by a verified well-known artist it won’t get taken down by YouTube (YouTube can’t afford it and lose the traffic) even if there is a heavy verbal load. Artis has always the choice to upload 18+ or 18- version.

Binary search tree for a given set of words

Construct a binary search tree for the strings computer, back up disk D, local disk C, programs, windows, adobe, MS office, word, excel ,system32, back up file.

This question was given to us as homework. All I need to do is to draw a binary tree. Drawing a binary tree is not an issue for me, the problem here is that there are words (related to computers) instead of numbers, and to be honest, I don’t have enough info about computers.

After I searched on internet I found a possible answer (it’s in the following picture), but unfortunately my teacher says it’s not true. Ca you explain why?

Image is attached here

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