A greeting to the health workers

We are all aware of the effects of the Covid-19 corona virus. I don't need to go into that because you all know that information is published on TV, radio, the Internet, in newspapers, etc.
It's all a bit overwhelming and frankly scary. But after I wrote that I have to say how inspired I was when I saw and read how our health workers stepped on the plate. Of course, you put yourself at risk for each of us.
Unfortunately, they even put their …

A greeting to the health workers

In Trump's America, healthcare workers carry garbage bags to protect themselves. Aren't you ashamed?

Hospitals are responsible for their PPE. Governors are responsible for the readiness of their states. The CDC provides guidelines for healthcare workers. Governor Cuomo of New York should take some responsibility for the terrible health conditions in his state, rather than blaming others.

The news that the pandemic was coming was public information. Everyone got the same information. It was never a secret. Stupid people act like Trump is the only responsible person. Every member of the authority should equally share responsibility.

If Joe can't answer a union worker’s question, how would he act as a POTUS against enemy press?

See how successful Trump was against an "enemy press". If it didn't hurt him, it shouldn't hurt Joe, I think.

I think the bigger question is why Americans keep wanting to vote for older cognitively impaired presidents. Because impulsiveness and anger are a hallmark of this type of brain dysfunction

Why don't we first try to elect cognitively healthier presidents? Or at least someone like Bernie Sanders who is "older" but still seems to have his mind about him. That is the real question.

But "average" Americans are known for their stupidity and shoot themselves in the foot. And they have enough weapons to do it over and over again.

We are considered one of the stupidest nations in the world. Easy-to-manipulate sheep who are more interested in shiny objects than truth. It is quite difficult to live here if you are actually an insightful person.

Why do masks protect health workers but not the rest of us?

Ordinary masks do not protect anyone.

Healthcare workers must use special masks that only protect them for a few hours. These masks are not sold to the general public (there are many of these masks, and since they need to be replaced every few hours, there isn't even enough for healthcare workers). So if you can buy a mask, it's one that doesn't protect you, and it doesn't protect health workers either.

Security – How does the segregation of duties work between the workers described below?

I try to understand how segregation of duties between different job functions works as a security measure. For starters, there are computer (hardware) operations, application programs, and system programs.

As far as I know, computer operators should limit themselves to hardware and hard data. You should not have anything to do with system programming or application programming because of potential conflicts of interest. I follow that so far.

Access by application programmers to application programs should also be restricted. They must have nothing to do with the system programs that control their programs, or with the hard data or hardware. This also seems to follow.

The "symmetry" is broken in system programmers. You should work with systems and understandably have no access to application programs. However, I understand that they can have access to the hardware and data if the other two types of personnel are not permitted outside their areas. Why could that be?

I'm also confused about the roles of two other agents, systems and administrators and system analysts. Maybe the problem is that I'm stuck with the job titles.

System administrators are "keepers of the seal", for example by providing access and passwords to the systems. However, they should not have access to the systems, but only to applications. Despite your job title, is your function an "application function"?

The same applies to system analysts who oversee and work with application programmers. In this regard, they are "application" people who have access to applications. But despite their job titles, they shouldn't have access to systems.

Why risk your business if you have SSH for remote workers? Set up an SSH jump server and be PCI compatible

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Is Ezeelogin a hosted solution?
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  • Allow access to WHM or another control panel to your servers without revealing your root password. This can be done not only for cpanel / whm, but for almost all other control panels such as plesk ensim webmin and much more.
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  • Two-factor authentication like Yubikey, DUO-Sicherheit, Google 2fA are supported.
  • Automatic user change (see below) Login that improves security without remembering the passwords.
  • Automatic reset of the root password on all or a group of servers with one click. This can be set for an automated periodic reset as it helps to change your root passwords regularly.
  • Automatic reset of the SSH key at the click of a mouse.
  • Automatic reset of the SSH key at the click of a mouse.
  • Command-line filter Prevents accidental execution of commands such as rm -rf / etc. Filters each command using a regular expression
  • SSH with your browser for quick and easy access to your remote Linux server.
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  • Record RDP sessions

Ezeelogin Automations to manage and manage multiple Linux servers

World's first parallel shell integrated in SSH gateway This allows commands to be easily executed on all or groups of servers. This is a really cool ssh trick and we give it a tip as one of the great features of Ezeelogin.

The world's first clustered SSH gateway for redundancy, so that you always have access to your server.

The world's first SSH gateway In this way, you can monitor both the input and the output of all commands executed by your sysadmins via ssh. All actions are fully logged and you can see in real time what your technicians and sysadmins are doing on servers.

World's first automatic login for switch users (see below) This would improve security without remembering the passwords.

The world's first SSH user access control system Integrated into ssh gateway, with which you can grant / deny ssh access to servers and thus improve security.

World's first command line filter gives you control over which commands a technician / administrator can execute on servers. Prevent accidental rm -rf / or any commands you can think of with full regexp support.

Password-free access to the control panel(almost all control panels you can think of) with just 1 click.

Passwordless data center portal Access with just 1 click.

Just search and ssh in your servers with the least time. Check out the cool searches based on hostnames, IP addresses, descriptions, etc.

Automatic reset of the root password saves you the hassle of having to reset your root password on the server regularly to improve security.

Automated registration in virtual containers With vzctl you enter veid.

Automatic reset of SSH keys from users via server.

Automated generation of root passwords
via server.

and much more … give it a try. and let us know if you still need some important features and we'll add them.

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All Apache workers are reading

I have a strange event. During the last 1 hour, none of my websites are available on our dedicated server. The server is accessible, however, and I can earn money in WHM. When I check Apache status, all workers are in read status:

Apache Status
Status of the Apache server for satya.gaudiya.org
Server version: Apache / 2.4.39 (cPanel) OpenSSL / 1.0.2r mod_bwlimited / 1.4
Server MPM: Prefork
Server built: April 23, 2019 08:30:40
Current time: Wednesday, 01. May 2019 17:58:43 CEST
Restart time: Wednesday, 01. May 2019 17:44:32 CEST
Parent Server Config. Generation: 1
MPM generation of the parent server: 0
Server uptime: 14 minutes 11 seconds
Server load: 0.54 0.22 0.17
Total traffic: 1023 – Total traffic: 30.6 MB – Total duration: 1732718
CPU usage: u2.56 s1.66 cu58.68 cs8.18 – 8.35% CPU usage
1.2 requirements / sec – 36.8 kB / second – 30.6 kB / requirement – 1693.76 ms / requirement
300 requirements are currently being processed, 0 freelancers
Display button:
"_" Waiting for connection, "S" starting, "R" reading request,
Send "W" response, "K" keepalive (read), "D" DNS lookup,
"C" closing connection, "L" logging, "G"
"I" Empty Cleansing of the Worker "." Open slot without current process

Does anyone have any idea where to look for the cause of the problem? Restarting the server does not help. The requests slowly build up and get stuck reading until all the workers are full.

System information:

Status of system element details
Server load 0.093262 (12 CPUs)
Used storage 2.37% (1,556,140 of 65,726,916)
Swap Used 0% (0 of 33,521,660)

Disk Information:

Status of the device mount point
/ / 50% (216,048,332 from 457,533,984)
/ boot / boot 40% (187,555 from 498,980)