Email link to item created in another list by a workflow

We have an access request list and when someone submits a new item, they create an item on a calendar. If the date of the required access matches the entered date, the link to the calendar element should be sent by email. I know how to link objects to it DispForm.aspx? ID = id for items in the same list, but not with a different list. I tried with Variable: create after this DispForm.aspx? ID = However, an element is opened that lacks all information. What am I doing wrong?

Workflow – Computed column that checks whether a value in this row is in another list

I'm trying to find out the sharepoint that corresponds to the following SQL statement:

UPDATE List1, List2 SET List1.Field2 = List2.Field2
WHERE List1.Field1 = List2.Field2;

Or the Excel version:


I use SharePoint lists as a data store with a Microsoft Access file as the user interface. I saved the above SQL statement as a query in Access, but executing Access update queries is very slow due to poor network conditions and lists with a large number of records. I'm not sure how to do it so that the end user doesn't edit the SharePoint lists directly. Thank you very much.

Workflow 2010 cannot be edited in our migrated SharePoint Online site collection

I have migrated a SharePoint 2010 website to SharePoint Online and we have a workflow that is correctly displayed in the list settings >> workflow as follows:

Enter image description here

However, when I tried to edit the workflow with SP Designer 2013, the following error occurred:
Enter image description here

Now I tried to clear the cache from these 3 places: –

  • C: Users \ AppData Local Microsoft WebsiteCache
  • C: Users \ AppData Roaming Microsoft SharePoint Designer ProxyAssemblyCache
  • C: Users \ AppData Roaming Microsoft Web Server Extensions Cache

I also tried to edit the workflow from "SP Designer" >> "All files" >> "Workflow" >> Open the ".xmol".

But none of the problems above fixes the problem for me. can someone please give me some advice

How do I restore a globally reusable approval workflow?

Open the site collection root site in SharePoint Designer.

Click AllFiles> _catalogs> wfpub.

All global workflows are saved here. You can open the Approval_SharePoint 2010 workflow and restore the files it contains in the site definition.

The following files are created for all workflows:

Each file has a version history … by searching for each file individually, clicking on the version history and then restoring your desired version for the files mentioned above.

Note :

When restoring the version of the individual files, make sure that you use the same date and time for all files, otherwise the workflow will get mixed up.

Details steps are here:

SharePoint Designer – Restore previous workflow version

Assign the workflow to a node type

Workflows are configuration elements so you can load them with their ID:

$workflow = $this->entityTypeManager->getStorage('workflow')->load('workflow_machine_name');

Or "query" like all other content elements:

$query = $this->entityTypeManager->getStorage('workflow')->getQuery();
$query->condition('type_settings.entity_types.node', 'article', 'IN');
$workflows = $query->execute();

The condition is a proof-of-concept that was taken from another configuration entity query. However, you must provide the correct path to test it against the workflow entity schema.

Tasks – Sharepoint 2013 workflow list item not updated

I have a list and a task list.

I have created a "Rejection reason" column in my list.

In my task list, I created a custom "Reason for rejection" column

If the approver rejects a request in my workflow, complete the Reason for Rejection column in the task list. This should update the column in the reason for rejection in my list in the submitted form. But it doesn't work. Can someone help me?

SharePoint 2013 workflow url incorrect

I'm looking for help. We recently moved a SharePoint 2013 environment from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2012. During the test, I set up some new alternate access mappings that you can use to test, for example:

However, today we're going to go live, so I've reset the alternate access mappings to the default settings. When testing the workflow, the old URL is still retrieved, which ultimately leads to the workflow being stopped:

Workflow errors

The bindings to the old URL were removed on all servers and I registered the workflow service with the new, correct URL.

Any advice and help would be appreciated.

Version control – What is the best GIT workflow with CI / CD with submodules in a master to a test environment and a stable branch to a production environment?

To be honest, I've always tried to find good workflows for dealing with submodules, especially for the reason you pointed out:

For this to work, we have to change the submodules every time we merge masters into stable.

I'm not a fan of the need to coordinate a lot of mergers across a number of repos to implement the daily changes. Do the main repo and submodules often change in tandem? Are the submodules also used in other projects or are they only used by the project in the main review? Would you be ready to get rid of the submodules and buy only one repo? I think your workflow would be as clear as you described if you omitted the submodules.

There are situations where submodules are required. However, if you decide that they mean more work and complexity than value, you can roll the submodules into your main review while preserving the history. In the main repo, remove the submodules completely and confirm this. Then, in the repos of the submodule, move the content of the repos to a folder with the name of the submodule and confirm it. Finally, return to the main repo, add the repos of the sub-module remotely, and add what you referred to as remote / master to your main repo branch with the option --allow-unrelated-histories,

Workflow – How do I collect signatures in a PDF in SharePoint workflow?

Use SharePoint 2013
Requirements: The Adobe PDF form must be digitally signed / approved by several signatories. An attempt is made to delete multiple copies / multiple emails to people who do not respond to the task to be signed. I have neither the ability for InfoPath nor the control over the document itself. It must remain PDF.
The only program used is Nintex for SharePoint.

Workflow with: approval

1st phase – user downloads, fills out, digitally signs, saves and adds it to the document name _surname (to distinguish multiple requests), uploads it to the document library (starts the workflow)

2nd phase – workflow sends document (with signature) for approval / rejection to approvers of the first level (no signature required)

3rd phase – The workflow sends a document (with signature) for approval / rejection to approvers of the second level and has to open the document (attached in the notification) and digitally sign it. The approver opens the document and tries to sign immediately (the SAVE AS field is displayed). The document is read-only and the approver cannot be saved on the desktop under the same name.
The same document name is required when the automatic document overwrite is uploaded again

End of game: PDF must be automatically sent to 3 approvers in succession, with the latest version of the form attached to the task notification for signature and approval.