sharepoint designer – Workflow help – Update a filed value in List Y, if Filed A in list X = Filed B in List Y

I am pretty novice on workflow. Can anyone help me with following ..?

I have 1st List “SIM information” with fields “[Number]”, [[Assigned to]–> Look up to 2nd List “User List” [Username]]

And 2nd List “User List” with fields [Username], [Mobile]

Now I can look up the user name to ‘”SIM Information” in [Assigned to] filed. But I also want the SIM number to be appeared in List “User List” [Mobile] filed.

Hope my question is clear to you. I have feeling that it can be done by Workflow Condition “If any value equals value” but unable to make it work.

Looking for help
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enter image description here

sharepoint online – When adding an item programmatically the workflow 2013 will raise access denied

I have defined a workflow which gets fired when adding items on listA. and if i directly add an item inside listA using the UI the workflow will work well. but on listB i have a remote event receiver which programmatically create a list item inside listA.

but when the remote event receiver create an item inside listA, the workflow will raise this error:-

Retrying last request. Next attempt scheduled in less than one minute. Details of last request: HTTP Forbidden to https://****/_api/web/lists(guid'd20db253-4447-4133-99b0-757eee9eb37e')/Items(212)?%24select=ID%2CProjectCurrentUpdate Correlation Id: 4590651d-d586-53c6-9ebc-5db114ddcfbe Instance Id: 1cf54ed9-97ee-4de3-b361-edbef338b249 

Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource. 

sharepoint server – Workflow condition Major and Minor version document

Do you mean that you want to judge whether a document is a major version or minor version using workflow condition?

Per my test, it is impossible to judge whether a document is a major version or minor version using workflow condition, because after you start a workflow, the document is become a minor version automatically.

Interactive workflow tool – User Experience Stack Exchange

I'm interested in creating an interactive workflow tool like this New York Times (NYT) website.

My team members clicked the "Yes" or "No" buttons in the workflow tool and displayed interactive messages similar to the buttons on the NYT website. I've heard of online tools like Survey Monkey, but they can't achieve this kind of interactivity. I'm not a web designer and I don't know the coding for it. Therefore I want to use an online platform / tool to do this. Can anyone recommend an online platform or tool that is easy to use and can create such a workflow?

workflow – Should I add my exported photos to my Lightroom catalog?

After processing my RAW files in Lightroom, I often export JPGs to give to people or to post online. I create these files in a directory structure under an Export top level directory. I’m trying to decide whether it is good practice to add these files to my Lightroom catalog (or perhaps create a separate catalog just for exported files).

I’m kinda hesitant to add them to my main catalog, as I don’t know that I need to ever make changes to them, and I can always recreate them from the original (plus non-destructive mods stored in the Catalog for the RAW files).

On the other hand, it might be handy to have all your output files in a Catalog so they can be searched/sorted quickly and easily.

(A related question might be: should I even keep exported files once they’ve been delivered/sent/posted?)

I realize there are arguments to be made, and there probably isn’t a “correct” answer, so this may be too subjective, but I think the arguments themselves are valid and useful to others. The “correct” answer may be different for each person.

Optimize Drupal Composer Workflow via Gitlab

I have the following workflow for one of my product based on Drupal 8:

I use three custom private dependencies via composer ( two modules , one theme) , a lot of contrib modules and obviously drupal core. We git-ignore core drupal, contrib and custom modules/theme delivered via composer.

When I commit to one of my custom modules/theme, I have a lot of operations to do to update all projects :

  • I commit and push my modification to the custom module/theme
  • I have to composer update project, one by one, to the new release, via composer update
  • I commit, one by one, a composer.lock
  • I have to composer install project in live stage ( not really great ).

Others issues :

  • My colleague must composer install when they are back to the project to get the update.

We use for all projects that use our product. We have access to Gitlab CI/CD but it’s not used at this time.

How optimize this workflow ? Any tools ? Gitlab CI/CD examples ? We can reconsider the full workflow too.

workflow – Hidden screens and hidden states in your app, how do you surface them all when redesigning?

We’re making a change to our pricing model that will mean we need to update a number of system messages and upgrade prompts throughout the interface. These messages are largely based on user context, as in they can be different for different types of users at different stages of their journey. The message content can depend on variables such as:

  • user role / permissions
  • account type
  • level of progression in a flow
  • previous actions
  • market segment
  • version of product

Some of these states I’m aware of from previous mockups and flow diagrams. But often it involves going to a developer and asking them to write a script to generate all of the possible states so I know what needs to be updated and don’t miss anything.

I’m wondering what other designers do. Is there a product out there that makes this easier? Are you organised enough to just consult your UX documentation and that covers all the scenarios? Or do you rely on developers to help reveal the different states?


Workflow 2013 will not continue after triggering workflow 2010

situation: I have a simple 2013 workflow that runs in List A. The last step in this workflow triggers a simple 2010 workflow in List B. The 2010 workflow runs normally in List B and ends successfully (completed). The 2013 workflow that triggered the 2010 workflow never ends. It remains in the "Started" status.

According to the information log, the error appears to be related to the association name. The message says:

Interrupt this workflow

Activity in progress

Repeat last request.
Next attempt planned after … Details of the last request: HTTPBadReuest
to URL correlation ID: 2e39fa46-3b1e-f5cd-9270-62564cd3b063 instance
Id: 85d11605-c9a7-4905-98ae-17e3e5fece04

Association name

Please try again now

Note: I saw at least two different correlation IDs.


  1. List A – The user creates or edits an item.
  2. The workflow for list A – 2013 starts and triggers the workflow for 2010 for list B.
  3. The workflow for List B – 2010 is triggered, executed and completed by List A.
  4. The workflow in List A – 2013 does not go beyond the trigger (Start 2010 workflow without parameters for the current element (output to the data source).

I have tried several times to fix the problem, including: testing with workflows that contain only one level / step and one or two actions, manually stopping and restarting the workflows, wrapping the 2010 workflow trigger in an app- Step and set the "Wait for" No in the "Start workflow" action. None of this solved the problem.

I think i could I need to set the AssociationName property somewhere in the 2010 workflow, but I don't know where (and I was looking).

I also tried the following: Calling the SP 2013 workflow does not continue after completing the called SP 2010 workflow.
I've found several other online articles that describe similar issues, but none of them fit this scenario.

Nothing worked, all suggestions are very much appreciated!