sharepoint online – Uploading SPFX REACT WebPart files works in Workbench, but not when deployed in SPO

I've developed a reaction web part and I'm trying to upload a file to a libraby. While I test it in workbensh, it works fine. After you deploy the Web Part in SPO, the operation fails.

the setup of sp:

sp.setup({ spfxContext: this.props.controller.context });

I am using this code for my first try: this results in a 404 error

        this.props.controller.context.pageContext.web.serverRelativeUrl+ "/"+listName)
        .files.add(, file, true)
        .then((data) =>{
          alert("File uploaded sucessfully");
        .catch((error) =>{
          alert("Error is uploading "+error);

After them I tried that:

this.props.controller.GetRootFolderById(Guid.parse(listId)).then(fld => {
             var folderId = fld.UniqueId;
             console.log("FolderId: " + folderId);
             var folder = sp.web.getFolderById(Guid.parse(folderId).toString());

            folder.files.add(, file, true).then(x => {
                console.log("Progress ...");
                UploadDocument.Me.setState({ waitHidden: true });

I also get the error result:

  body: ReadableStream
  bodyUsed: false 
  ​headers: Headers 
  ​ok: false
  ​redirected: false 
  ​status: 404 ​
  statusText: "Not Found"
  ​type: "basic"

And this only happens if it's implemented, both examples work in the Workbench!

Can someone help me find a solution?


postgresql – postgres listen only works if I do something

Consider the following demo in postgres 9.6.

I did the following in this order:

I ran in PSQL: LISTEN foo;

I ran in DataGrip. NOTIFY foo,'thad man';

Back to the PSQL console and did not see my expectations:

 Asynchronous notification "foo" with payload "thad man" received from server process with PID 4117.

Only in PSQL do I get a notification when I execute a statement. How can I see a notification being made without doing anything? Is that possible? If I have to execute a statement like SELECT 1; What benefits can I get from listening in the application layer? Would I have to run? SELECT 1; in a constant loop every second or something to get notified?

License no longer works.

I bought a GSA license a few weeks ago.

I registered the software and it worked.

Today I saw the message "Update Available" in the software.

If you click to update the software, it just stopped working, Destroy and ruin all my work,
I tried to uninstall and reinstall it several times. I tried several times to reinsert my license.
Nothing goes,
I receive the message that I should contact.
"Please request an activation code and give name / serial number as reference."

I contacted the e-mail without an answer,

Lens – Which tripod collar type works best as a general 63mm collar?

Tripod rings are always advertised as intended for a particular lens. When you search for the diameter, you usually get confusing and mismatched results.

There is a common type (as in, there is a generic Amazon part intended for SOME lenses) that can be reused outside of the label to securely and firmly secure a 62mm tube on a vintage lens hold?

xubuntu – on Bugtraq 2 nothing works

I'm a new Ubuntu Bugtraq 2 user or just a new Linux user … and I have a hard time with everything I try

It is always as if the database is damaged (terminal) or missing a file (in the case of apps).

I did the update in the first time, but as I said, all I've tried is a failure and Bugtraq refuses to finish it properly.

Certainly I need someone who is patient and teaches me never to return to Windows

I have a lot to see. So please … give a good hand, make a good hobby friend and I give the next hand …

Is there a power bank that works flawlessly with the MacBook Pro (15 inches, 2019)?

The MacBook charges anything connected to a USB-C cable.

The Apple Charger for the 15-inch MacBook Pro charges with 87 watts. Anything lower will work too, but it will charge slower. I would look for something with a power of 60 watts or at least 45 watts. I think something like that would be painfully slow.