Xfce, Evolution, requires the same font for everyone, workspace and email head, body


In Xfce, Evolution Mail, I need the same font for everyone.


As you can see at the bottom of the pictures, the font may be the same but the word spacing is different. In subject is OK, but in content of the message is different, for example, quite ugly To Text.

example 1


In the e-mail settings, I have this font, which matches that of my system, with good word spacing.

the settings

What is wrong? Or should I set the font of the message somewhere else?

google chrome – Added a large folder to the workspace in DevTools, now it crashes

By mistake, I've added a large folder ("Desktop") as part of a workspace in Chrome 74.0.3729.157.

When I open DevTools now, it freezes and it will "Ow snap!" After a while

I've enabled Settings in the Workspace pane, but it's blank. Is it possible that Chrome has added the path to its storage, but it will not show it if it's not being parsed?

How do I create a workspace in Ubuntu 18.10 Minimal Installation?

I'm trying to create another workspace in my Ubuntu 18.10 installer, and I can not figure out how to create a new workspace. Most websites claim to position the mouse pointer on the right side of the activity screen. However, this does not work.

Do I have to install a workspace package or enable workspaces in the settings? How do I use a workspace from the base installation of 18.10?

Workspace Applications [duplicate]

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  • How can I configure the Ubuntu Dock to display windows only from the current workspace?

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I'm trying to use workspaces in Ubuntu 18.04. I was used to the Windows 10 equivalent (do not blame me) and try to replicate a feature that is very useful to me.

In the application bar (Ubuntu Dock) I can see all open applications for all workspaces. Is there a way to see the open applications just for the current workspace? I can do this for the applications I go through Super+tab with an option in dconf editorbut it does not affect the applications I see in the bar

Frontend – How to create an independent join workspace when using NETLink?

I have two package files as created


the functions
InstallNET[] and Reinstall NET[],
Both are used in the upper packages. When ReinstallNET is called in the current package, the objects previously created in the other packages crash. and ReinstallNET is necessary because sometimes dead links appear unexpectedly. How can I avoid conflicts or work in independent work areas? Many Thanks!