dungeon world – Defy Danger or Golden Opportunity

In Dungeon World, if the GM describes a hazard and a player disregards it should that trigger the Defy Danger move or be considered a Golden Opportunity that triggers a GM move?

For example:

GM: The swamp beast lurches out of the mist, a massive twisted hulk with a tangle of grasping, strangling tentacles reaching out to towards anything within reach. What do you do?

Fighter: I run up and hit it with my sword.

Surely that isn’t a simple Hack & Slash. But should it trigger a GM move or a Defy Danger move?

Would it change the answer if the Swamp Beast had the Reach tag but the Fighter’s sword only had the Close tag?


There are a number of things the Fighter could have said that would help clarify this. “I dodge past the tentacles to hit it with my sword” or “I force my way through the tentacles to attack with my sword” or “I hack at the tentacles with my sword” or something like that would help a great deal. But just ignoring the threat the GM described altogether – I’m not sure how to deal with that.

The GM could prompt the Fighter to clarify what they’re doing. But the GM !!just described the tentacles!! and was clear about the threat they posed.

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mathematics – Isometric tiles on wrong positions if the mouse points at a negative world coordinate

I am using this approach:


Basically, you can calculate the iso coordinates based on the screen coordinates.
What I am doing is, getting the actual world position the mouse is pointing at using get_mouse_global_position() and convert this position to isometric values.

Then I translate those coordinates back to world space coordinates to actually display the sprite.

Problem is, that when the world coordinates come from a negative position, the tiles get offset by almost an entire tile amount.
Here is the relevant code.

The get_coord() function returns the actual world position of the tile used to display the Sprite

func get_coord(pos : Vector2):
    var t = Vector2()
    var e = screen_to_iso(pos)
    t = iso_to_screen(e)
    return t
var buildings

func screen_to_iso(pos :Vector2):
    var flipx = 0
    var flipy = 0
    var t = Vector2()
    var x_size = size/2
    var y_size = size/4
    t.x = int((pos.x/x_size) + (pos.y/y_size))/2
    t.y = int((pos.y/y_size) - (pos.x/x_size))/2
    return t

func iso_to_screen(pos : Vector2):
    var t = Vector2()
    var x_size = size/2
    var y_size = size/4
    t = Vector2((pos.x-pos.y)*x_size, (pos.x+pos.y)*y_size)
    return t

I can’t seem to figure out a way

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Hello Proxies-free World! | Proxies-free

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    I’m a newcomer to this forum and a noob at the blackhat arena! Looking forward to learn some ways of the trade here. Nice to meet you all.


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dungeon world – How do I handle bonds that don’t resolve?

The example bonds are just that, examples

Alignments, Bonds, Moves, Monsters, Races, even whole classes: Everything in Dungeon World can be made up and decided by you as a group.

Make things fit your preferred playstyle

In my groups, I run bonds as goals that you have for specific characters. So they should always be phrased like the Baker bond. Or they start out as ‘I don’t know this Baker guy, but he seems the friendliest so far – I want to know if he will have my back against X’
Ultimately of course, you might have an amazing, trusting friendship with a character and that’s great! You can still have bonds there though if you think of them as things you want to do between the two characters, things you want to happen, scenes that you want to play out which ultimately all affects the dynamik and the story. f.e.

“Baker is my friend, I trust him! But he really doesn’t get along with Able, maybe I can help them find common ground?”


“Baker is my friend, I trust him! The last few battles seemed to be really hard on him though and he think’s he is no good. I will try and help him feel good about himself again.” (this could be a big party, three successful, pivotal rolls by Baker’s player or other things, as decided by the group when the bond is written / presented)


“Baker is my friend, I trust him! He recently lost all his magic powers, oh no! We need to fix that and chase down the evil Malakai who has them!”

Or all kinds of other things 🙂

Back to basics is fine too, though

Or, if you just want to run with the basic stuff for now, refer to Adam Koebel (Co-Creator) – Dale M already kind of referred to this, but here is a link and a quote.

So if you’ve got a Bond like “Sage and I have a con going.” but you’re
not all that into the Bond, you just say “Hey, Sage, I’m not feeling
this Bond.” at the end of session and Sage says “cool, ditch it” and
you get XP. If Sage says “Actually, I was thinking we could explore
that some more.” you keep the Bond and you and Sage work on making it
more fun together.

As you can see, games in DW are very mod-friendly and do tend to play drastically different depending on the GM (not that that’s not the case with more crunchy systems but they do tend to feel more strict, generally).

Personally, I obviously prefer the bonds as group-person goals approach though as I feel it makes them more meaningful and shows a development of the relationships in the group… especially if you keep old bonds with that character in your notes, it can be a nice feeling to look back at how a relationship grew into what it currently is.

dungeon world – Playing to find out “Why X” and not “Will X”?

I’ve been brushing up on DW rules in anticipation of a game I might be running soon.

One thing that’s got me scratching my head is the Stakes in your Fronts/Dangers. So I can cut to the chase, I’m going to assume you already know how they work.

There are some stakes I feel like you could come up with which seem impossible (or at least highly unlikely) to answer “while playing” in a narratively satisfactory manner—stakes that seem like they need to be answered in prep in order to not feel hackneyed or contrived. These would be any stake which begins with Why or How, or in other words, which can’t be answered with Yes or No.

I’ll give you some examples. Here are stakes that I think would be easy to answer in play:

  • Will Cadney the Bard find his long-lost sister?
  • Will the dead break free from their underground prison?
  • Will Knight Peregrine succumb to his wounds?
  • Did the last of the dragons really die out?

And here are stakes I think would be really difficult to answer:

  • Why is King Taggard so afraid of his Queen?
  • How did a dozen goblins ransack an entire village?
  • Why don’t the storms ever clear from Ariadne Island?
  • What’s inside the Cavern of the Deeprock that’s chased all the Dwarves above ground?

The way I see it, the Easy stakes need only player intervention/investigation for an answer to come about. Cadney probably will find his sister if the party goes looking for her; the dead probably won’t break free if the party performs the ancient ritual to release their souls first. Campaigns spring naturally from these kinds of questions, I think.

But the Difficult stakes, to me, seem to demand some kind of predetermined explanation from the DM in order to be answered satisfactorily. How else are the answers going to come about? What could the PCs do that explains why King Taggard won’t look his Queen in the eye? And wouldn’t any answer to that question need to be made up by the DM on the fly (probably inadequately)? The DM could ask the party these questions at the beginning of the story and use those answers, I guess, but where’s the mystery in that scenario?

Moreover, I think many more of these sorts of questions are going to come up organically a lot over the course of a campaign, and it seems distinctly un-Dungeon World for the DM to come up with answers to them on their own. The core rulebook and most guides I’ve found online seem to all point to the same answer: Play to Find Out. So… how?

networking – Efficient server-client state sync for large MMO worlds with Minecraft-like 2D world generation

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