Can the technology companies in the world handle the responsibilities that we delegate to them?

Wow, where should I start …

Over the last 20 years, we've been passing more and more of our personal information to large private companies, notably American ones. In this documentation, Cold Fusion goes into a mini-documentation about a quarter closer to it.

Among other things, how the competition in the technology industry works, what responsibility the technology companies take for the information we share with them, and how everything shines in freedom of expression. There is also talk about cryptocurrencies and in particular the cryptocurrency Libra, behind which are currencies like Facebook and some of the world's largest technology and payment companies.

The big question being discussed is whether these giant corporations are beginning to gain strength for the benefit of society, and whether they should be divided into smaller units. What do you say? The comments are at your disposal.

Have you seen this youtube video already? What do you think?


Can you name three positive, nonviolent things that Muslims have contributed to the world? Je? Any three. Three inventions. Anyway …..?

My God, this Muslim algebra myth never stops. Muhammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī was not a Muslim and is not the father of algebra. If you want to find the father of algebra, you must return to Greece in the 3rd century to find Diophantus.

In addition, the man in question lived in the 9th century, so that the so-called historian who posted after me is an idiot.

SharePoint PnP PowerShell Provision World Clock Web Part on the Modern page

I'm working on providing modern team website sites using PNP Powershell. We try to add the World Clock Web Part on the page, but we do not get the World Time Watch Web Part's internal name to add it to the page. Where do we get the internal name of the World Clock or the entire internal name of the OOTB Web Parts?
Thanks for your help!

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Amazon Web Services – makes cloud-based applications faster and more available all over the world

I've been working on cloud-based applications. These applications include a web-based portal for merchants through which they place new orders and REST APIs that they can integrate into their platforms.

These applications are currently hosted in the AWS Cloud in the Singapore region.

However, some of our clients (based in Thailand and Vietnam) have complaints that they sometimes think that our application is slow.

Recently, one of our Chinese customers reported that he was unable to access our APIs or access our web-based applications.

How can I optimize an existing cloud-based application to make it faster and more accessible to customers around the world?

Our solution is to deploy applications in different regions and provide different endpoints to different customers.

Suggestions are appreciated.

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Why are whites the most racist people in the world who are filled with hate?

Because non-whites are what's wrong with the world. Especially blacks and Jews.

China causes most of the pollution. The United Arab Emirates cause more pollution per capita. Slavery was invented by old brown Africans. The first weapon (not just gunpowder and firecrackers) was invented by the Chinese. The atomic bomb was invented by an ethnic Jew. The Portuguese started the Atlantic slave trade. Spaniards colonized and killed the majority of Native Americans. Mongols killed 1/3 of humanity. Mao Zedong killed 70 million people. Stalin (an ethnic Georgian, not a white man) killed 40 million people. The Central Asians brought the black plague to Europe. Sexism and homophobia are ancient African inventions. Jews invented Christianity. Arabs invented Islam, Sharia law and jihad / terrorism. The original clubs were actually Indians (India).

How exactly are whites the problem again?

@guardian, genetically they are mixed (due to men of skin color, that is African moors, who rape white women).

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