Software development – Why shouldn't game mods speak to the outside world?

I'm sorry if the title is a little unclear, I didn't know what to call it. I recently got into mod creation and came up with a mod that can control Spotify using in-game commands using the Spotify API. Most of the games I found support mods (WoW by Addons and Skyrim and Fallout 4 by Creation Kit), but do not allow them to make requests or communicate with external applications. I wanted to ask why game developers are doing this practice, especially what problems can arise when the user is allowed to make requests over the Internet or to communicate with external applications?

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Maybe the US should not wage a war against second and third world countries that want to control their own resources?

This is exactly how the US has built and maintained its position as world power No. 1 over an incredibly long period of time. They will continue to do so because that's where their wealth is based. The US is a land controlled by the rich, for the rich, and the rich will not magically give up their wealth to be "human."

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I'm curious if America is the most corrupt place in the world.

Let your curiosity about key figures satisfy you.

The entire continents of Africa and Asia minus Japan; Southern North America and Central America are all much more corrupt. South America does not do that too well. That's about 160 nations and billions of people.

Western European nations, the US, Canada and Japan are the least corrupt places on the planet.