Mining Hardware – Is Bitcoin the World's Most Powerful Computer Network?

Bitcoin had more power than the Top 500 supercomputers

This is a nonsensical comparison.

Sure, nothing compares to the sum of all Bitcoin miners when it comes to quickly calculating the last 32 bits of the Double SHA256 hash with specially structured 80-byte inputs.

At the same time, bitcoin mining hardware can literally do nothing else. It can not even multiply two numbers.

You simply can not compare specialized Bitcoin hashing hardware with general-purpose supercomputers. Each is designed for a specific purpose and can achieve this goal very well.

Is Bitcoin the most powerful computer network in the world?

If you define the network so abstractly, I'm sure the Internet has a lot more computing power.

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The anchor is a stable currency to maintain and increase the value of your holdings. The anchor is tied to the value of the global economy and protected by a six-pillar safety net. The main difference that the anchor brings to the table is that it is essentially a platform and instrument for long-term financial stability and incremental but steady accumulation and appreciation.

The Anchor has developed a stable ecosystem and non-inflationary financial index that other stable coins and currencies can use as a default. We designed Anchor as a two-token economy consisting of the system's anchor token, the system's primary currency and payment token, and the dock token, a utility token that stabilizes the system.

The vision:

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How do the world's largest economies affect the Forex market? – News and analysis

When you make a forecast, you need to consider the percentage of bank statements in the central bank's monetary policy.

These statements define the tone of the long-term currencies with the fluctuations of the given prices per day and the adjustment of the volatility according to the main trend creates a new risk.

Apart from that, I will now review the monetary policy statement of the largest economy and tell you how it will affect the foreign exchange market.

U.S. dollar

The US Federal Reserve has continued to influence the US dollar interest rate since 2018. The interest rate has been raised four times recently. It is helpful to push the dollar to new highs against a basket of currencies this year.

The dollar showed some volatility. The interest rate was not as stable as expected. The performance over the past ten years has reached a multi-year high of 3.25%. It contributed to the dollar's rise, but this yield fell to 2.75%.

Last year, the Fed raised interest rates in a healthy economy. The central bank has indicated in its recent monetary policy statement that a further rate hike will be suspended in 2019. This will only happen when economic data confirms this.

Current price trends do not raise Federal Reserve rates. If this assessment is correct, trading will continue with a benchmark of 2.75%. The US dollar-dominated forex currency pairs. But it is important that you learn the basics of forex before you try your luck.

New Zealand dollars

In the monetary policy statement issued last November, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand maintained its official cadastral rate at a constant rate of 1.75%. The governor of the RBNZ, Orr, said the central bank intends to maintain it this year.

The OCR will reach an expansionary level over a longer period of time, helping to maximize sustainable employment and maintain low and stable inflation.

There are risks associated with growth and inflation protection. The timing and direction of the movement depend on the data. Large-scale consumers will stay below 2% in the medium term. The need to continue a supportive monetary policy.

The political meeting, the price of oil, lowered US Treasury yields. They fell with the stock prices. New Zealand's GDP was below expectations. Nevertheless, it is a portable market for forex traders.

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Australian dollar

The Reserve Bank of Australia kept its key interest rate at 1.5%. It is a historic low point.

The low level of interest continues to support the Australian economy. The continuation of the process reduces unemployment and the goal of return of inflation is expected.

The process is slow, but they take all available information. The jury judging this decision did not change their position.

The meeting aimed for sustainable growth and reached the corresponding inflation target. Inflation has remained stable and weak.

Initiation to the CPI was 1.9, but in essence it rose to 1.75%. We do not know how that will change in the future, but it will remain positive in 2019 as well.

The RBA is somewhat optimistic about rising inflation. Consumer spending and the weak real estate sector will limit the interest rate. If the RBA does not move, this is a rate cut.

Japanese YEN

Japanese politicians disagree on the possibility of allowing bond yields. It will go to the goal of zero percent. This will reflect the disagreement within the Board on how to deal with the growing difficulties of continued easing.

Policy makers have predicted a collapse and we see the results now. Efforts are being made to make the Japanese yen attractive, but USD / JPY is not the right pair as before.

So this was some information about how the world's largest economies will affect the Forex market. Do you find it helpful?


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Java – Keep the world's changes in the client / server architecture in sync

Imagine having a large room (4000 x 4000 h) containing players and items (objects of the world). The room is spatially divided into a 10×10 grid to detect collisions and make changes to the player's viewport.

Enter the image description here

  • Green rectangle: Article
  • Red rectangle: viewport of the player

At the momentOn the server, each player contains a list of all world objects in his current viewport. As the player changes position, new items are found in the viewport, compared to their current list of visible items, and the changes sent to the client. Its currently visible list is updated with the newly found objects

HashSet changes = new HashSet <> (foundObjects);
changes.removeAll (player.getVisibleObjects ());

The client keeps a list of all the entities he has seen, renders them in the world, and waits for new inputs.

Now my problem arises if another player retrieves an object, notifies the surrounding players, updates the local list of objects accordingly, and stops rendering the element. That works fine. However, players outside the viewport will not be notified of these changes. So if they are in the grid, the item is still displayed.

How are these problems usually resolved? Is my approach good?

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