USA – ESTA rejected. Is it worth applying for a visa?

I recently submitted an ESTA application that was rejected because I was stupid years ago. I am careful about growing cannabis and I am also convinced that I will handle stolen goods. Is it worth applying for a visa at all?

It was a long life dream to travel to New York for my 40th birthday and I just don't want to spend much and get no visa.

Javascript – Get kids and props worth in React

In reaction, children it is always one support, Please refer:

function App(props) {
  console.log(Object.keys(props)); // Veja que `children` é uma prop.

; } ReactDOM.render(

Olá, mundo!

, document.querySelector('#app') );

So if you want to access the entire object prop, you should stop restructuring:

function ElementPai(props){
  console.log(props); // <-- Agora você tem as _props_. Sempre teve, aliás. :)

You can still use unstructuring to access some props like you did with that support children, Please refer:

function ElementPai({ children, someOtherProp, andAnotherProp }){

Remember that children It is a support, 🙂

Read this documentation to learn more about the restructuring.

Ajax – is it worth staying on stackOverflow?

I can't believe that all of my efforts to ask a well-commented question are over! I do not believe it! I've read how to properly format a question. I explained that it is a choice of state and city and that after using Ajax I can no longer estancia the class. No, no, I can't believe you closed a valid question.

After you've done that, I don't think you have anything to do here on this site.
Numerous "unqualified" questions in my profile show that I did not meet the various help requests made here.

I think stackOverflow's mission to help those in need has failed.

They followed the rules, periods and commas and forgot what was important. The person who paints for days to get it right, and lack of experience or even stupidity, cannot. And look that I only put this page in because I tried it for 4 days. Because sometimes it's an incorrectly written variable, a forgotten comma, etc.
I don't want to spend your landlord's precious time.

But since you won't change, it's me who should go. However, I don't think anyone will miss me. I thank those who have already helped me out of kindness. But if you can't ask a question! Ah
I'm going to another site that accepts people with little experience like me and is more flexible. I'm going here with a problem (easy for experienced programmers) but difficult for those who aren't.

And once you've read it through, thank you.

Macro – optically reduce chromatic aberration – is it worth trying?

I used this Tamron SP 180mm 1: 1 Macro – F / 32 lens to digitize 35mm slides. Unfortunately, the chromatic aberration of the lens is pretty clear when using 1: 1.

I have a lot of flash light available and I shot with a 16: 2 aperture from a fully closed aperture (32: 1) to get the best combination of sharpness and depth of field.

I thought I could optically reduce some of this aberration by blocking the part of the light that enters the lens section that is most likely to produce the chromatic aberration.

This picture shows what I find tempting to put in front of the lens. (And maybe without the middle part, based on the comments …)

Blocking out light that is likely to cause chromatic aberration

If I have that in front of the lens now, I will probably have to open to F / 8 or more to get an image with no visual effect from the new lens cap / obstruction.

Note I also have a 12mm; a 20mm; and a 36 mm extension tube (from Kenko) available – to see if this in combination can solve the problem of chromatic aberration.

I know there are other lenses that may be more suitable on the market. But I'm very dependent on the auto focus aspect of the setup.

Another thing to consider is to use two lenses, both of which are set to infinity; However, this causes a problem with the working distance.

Suggestions and other thoughts are greatly appreciated.

example image

place "a" in the middle:

The "a" shows less chromatic aberration when positioned in the center of the image.

a in the middle of the picture

Sample setting:

I printed the pattern with a laser printer and glued the print to a clear plastic that is the size and shape of a slide. For the light source: I used the same thing as for the slides – backlit soft flash. Based on the 1: 3.5 picture, it looks as if the camera sensor is not completely parallel to the paper.


F 16


Block the light test

Reduction from 60 mm diameter to 40 mm diameter. It looks a little sharper, but there is no improvement in the CA department.

block out

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Which user actions are worth logging to get a better picture of their behavior?

If you ask yourself this question, I honestly recommend not making this decision in advance, but using an adaptive logging solution that allows you to control what (and when) is logged on the server side.

Since you don't know what you want to log, you need to log everything so you can find out what you want Continue Logging and more importantly figuring out what it is that you Not wants to keep logging.

Otherwise, you run the risk of not logging something you don't know might be of interest. It is all very easy to have an idea of ​​what might be of interest and to log it, but that will really only tell you something that you thought you already knew where the crux of the matter was You don't know what you don't know!

I don't want to be embarrassed, but if you can't answer the question based on your own domain knowledge, I notice that you certainly can't expect someone who doesn't know about your system to answer it for you.

Nevertheless, it is also worth noting that whitespace is an important part of the content and gaps are an important part of the language. You may find it useful to get an overview of periods of inactivity between the actions. Of course, you cannot assign the inactivity of a single user to a particular problem. I'm talking about when you have enough data to form a trend or pattern.