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700 Words Premium Native Article Writing In Any Topic

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Right-to-left columns in LibreOffice Writer

I’m writing a document in Arabic, a language that is written right to left. I have found the right-to-left direction button and enabled it throughout the document.

Now, I would like to use two columns. The text should flow in the right column first, and then the left column. However, currently, it is doing the opposite: the text is flowing in the left column first, and then the right column.

How do I enable right-to-left columns in LibreOffice Writer?

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Philosophy Writer – Joining the Community

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I would like to introduce myself to get the ball rolling and meet some of you. I work for an intellectual property firm, but I’m a philosophy blogger in my spare time. I’m interested in all branches of science and philosophy, but mainly Physics and metaphysics.

I have a little background in Physics, where I’ve studied for a couple of years at university, and I hope to finish my degree and pursue a research position later in life.

Most of my articles at the moment are general philosophical ideas, like;
– “What are space and time?” or
– “Why we are probably not living in a simulation.
But I write on niche topics and do book reviews as well.

It would be great if any of you could check out my website and offer advice, as I have only been posting for a few months. It would also be cool if any of you were to feature on my blog for a guest post, since it’s just me posting at the moment.

The link to my WordPress site is here: Unique Philosophy

Let me know what you think! I’m eager to meet other bloggers, so pop up if this is the kind of thing that you’re interested in.



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Link image:

text formatting – Create space AFTER each section in Libreoffice Writer

I want to leave some blank space at the end of each subsection of a document.

 +-----------------------1/2-+     +-----------------------2/2-+
 | 1. SECTION                |     | text text text            |
 | 1.1. SUBSECTION           |     |                           |
 | text text text text text  |     |                           |
 | text text text text text  |     |                           |
 |                           |     |                           |
 | text text text text text  |     | 1.3. SUBSECTION           |
 | text text text text text  |     | text text text text text  |
 |                           |     | text text text            |
 |                           |     |                           |
 |                           |     | text                      |
 |                           |     |                           |
 | 1.2. SUBSECTION           |     |                           |
 | text text text text text  |     |                           |
 | text text text text text  |     |                           |
 +---------------------------+     +---------------------------+

What I tried

Alignment > Intends & Spacing > Spacing Above Paragraph. Using this setting creates the wanted space between subsections. However, it will also add the same space right after 1. SECTION or at the top of a page. Both are unwanted.

Manually adding a “spacing” paragraph after each section. Define a layout type “spacing”, that is inserted after each section. Better than adding newlines manually, but still awkward. Also, it can still go wrong if it ends up as the first paragraph on a page.