ux writing – Is there anything I could do to make an user to give its phone number as a way of recognizing him/her for an app that uses very personal data?

I’ve the following problem with an app I’m developing who is going to be offered worldwide in Google Play.

The app asks for very very personal data, so I think that in order to decrease user’s suspicion it’s better to use an email instead of a phone number as a way of recognizing the user, indeed in configuration process I even tell the user that he can use the app through a proxy with Tor or similar to feel more secure.

Problem comes that I’d like the user not to do some operations in the app if he has done beforehand some of them, even if he uninstalls app.

But with email identification, if the user is slightly clever he’s going to realize that all he needs to bypass the protection is using another email account and I’ve no way to know it’s the same user, (this could also happen with the phone number, although to a very lesser degree).

So it looks like I have to choose into allowing the operations I’d like to avoid or having user distrust, it looks like I’ll have to choose the first thing.

Anyway maybe there’s something I could do so users get to trust the app more. Do you have any idea of what could I say?

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hard drive – Help writing a bash for intelligently moving files from ssd to hdd

I’m new to Ubuntu and looking to write a script that does the following:

I have an ssd (ssd0) and six HDDs (hdd1-6). Files are coming into the SSD and need to be moved to the hdds as fast as possible so the ssd doesn’t fill up. Ideally, the script would

  1. Check for new files on the ssd with a certain file suffix (e.g .mp4) every 20 seconds.
  2. Check each HDD to make sure it has enough space for the file (this can be a fixed amount of space like 20Gb if that’s easier to program)
  3. Check each HDD to see if any of them are currently receiving files.
  4. Move the new file from the ssd to an hdd with enough space and that’s not receiving files. The hdds can be prioritized by their hdd#.

Optional: it would also be great to have a script that emails me when an hdd is full so I know to unplug it and plug in a new one.

Can anyone help with part or all of this? Thanks 🙂

SSD Writing and Memory Swapping Issues

kernel_task is not an actual process like the others you see in Activity Monitor, it is a kind of “virtual process” that actually represents the kernel itself.

This means that it is not kernel_task itself that performs some job and in the process writes to disk, rather the kernel is continually (many, many times per second often) asked by your running programs to do stuff on their behalf.

You won’t find any “template” or “fixed model” for how kernel_task behaves, as that depends on whatever the rest of the programs on your computer is doing.

You also write about swapping. This is done when the amount of free RAM is not sufficient to cover the requests from running programs. These requests are dependent on whatever you’re doing with your computer. For example if you’re running a web browser, some sites might require almost no RAM to display – and others might require lots and lots of RAM.

As for why it tends to be more after running your computer for a long time – that is actually quite logical. Over time you have probably run more and more different programs, have more things loaded in (open documents, web site tabs, etc), and even more that contribute to your total RAM Usage than when you just booted the computer.

Some programs might also leak memory due to bugs This means that long running programs request some memory, and then forget about it, never giving it back to the operating system, even though they’re no longer using it. The longer you keep programs running, the more leaks you’ll eventually have. You can reclaim the leaked memory by closing the program – or by rebooting the computer.

proof writing – Proving Zorn’s lemma implies axiom of choice (trouble showing every chain has an upper bound)

I am attempting to prove the fact that Zorn’s lemma implies the axiom of choice, however my proof falls short when I try to prove every chain has an upper bound. I understand there are other proofs on stackexchange, however my question is quite specific and I have not seen them answered elsewhere.
Here is my attempt so far.

Let $X$ be a non-empty set. I will use Zorn’s lemma to prove a choice function on $X$ exists (a choice function on $X$ is $c: (P(X)-{emptyset}) to X$ such that for every non-empty set $A subset X$, $c(A) in A$). Then define the set $mathcal{A}$ to be the collection of all $(f, Y)$ where $f$ is a choice function on $Y$, where $Y subset X$ , and equip $mathcal{A}$ with the partial order $(f, Y) preceq (f’, Y’)$ if $Y subset Y’$ and $f’|_{Y} = f$.

Now let $mathcal{B} subset mathcal{A}$ be a linearly ordered subset (or commonly known as “chain”) of $mathcal{A}$. Then defining $Z = bigcup_{(f,Y) in mathcal{B}}Y$ and $g = bigcup_{(f,Y) in mathcal{B}} f$, I claim $(g, Z) in mathcal{A}$ (where I refer to $f$, I’m refering to $f$ as a set, namely $(x, y) in f iff y = f(x)$).

This is the part where I’m having trouble. I know $g$ is a function, since if $(x, y), (x,z) in g$, then $(x,y) in f$ and $(x,z) in f’$, where $(f, Y), (f’, Y’) in mathcal{B}$. Since $mathcal{B}$ is linearly ordered, we have without loss of generality $(f, Y) preceq (f’, Y’)$ and so $(x,y), (x,z) in f’$ and since $f’$ is a function, we have $y=z$. Hence $g$ is a function.

However, I’m having a hard time showing that the domain of $g$ is $P(Z)-{emptyset}$. Since if $Wsubset Z$ and $W neq emptyset$, then by defintion of $Z$, $W subset bigcup_{(f,Y) in mathcal{B}}Y$. To show $g$ is defined on $W$ then requires us to show there exists a $Y$ such that $Wsubset Y$ and $(f,Y) in mathcal{B}$ but how do I show such a $Y$ esists?

It seems to me using the fact that $mathcal{B}$ is linearly ordered is essential, but I fail to see how it works. I am comfortable with the continuing the rest of the proof to completion.

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