Rush Limbaugh: "Pelosi runs around and says:" Trump is indicted forever. "He will also be acquitted forever." Right or wrong?

Both statements are true. Once it is in the history books, it cannot be deleted, but the fact that this process was exceptionally corrupt will also be part of the same record.

The Democrats in the house will be embarrassed forever, but they will never admit that they were FALSE and violated the constitution while abusing their powers.

Magento2.3: Wrong number of products on the category page

I am facing a strange problem that I cannot point out where I am wrong. The problem is, when I navigate to a category page, the overall result of the product is shown as 1 even though the category contains many products.

But when I search the product using the search bar, I get the correct result of the product count.

Could someone please help me to solve this problem?


getLastPageNum() > 1): ?> ' . $block->getFirstNum() . '', '' . $block->getLastNum() . '', '' . $block->getTotalNum() . '') ?> getTotalNum() == 1): ?> ' . $block->getTotalNum() . '') ?> ' . $block->getTotalNum() . '') ?>

Collision detection – what's wrong with my cut code for the line segment level?

I follow the algorithm on this website for my code for the intersection test for line segments. But when I look at my line segment and my plane, the correct intersection does not appear.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about.
Intersection test failed

Here is my code for the test

public static bool SegmentPlane(Vector3 p1, Vector3 p2, float distance, Vector3 normal, out float time, out Vector3 point)
    time = 1f;
    point =;

    time = (Vector3.Dot(normal, normal * distance) - Vector3.Dot(normal, p1)) / Vector3.Dot(normal, (p2 - p1).normalized);
    if(time >= 0f && time <= 1f)
        point = p1 + time * (p2 - p1).normalized;
        return true;
    return false;

If Trump has never done anything wrong, how did he deal with growing through three women and how many whores does God know?

Suppose you need sensitive heart surgery. Your doctor said you should find the best cardiac surgeon you can find, as the mortality rate for this surgery is 50%.

Would you rather have a surgeon who is the best, who has performed this operation over and over for years, who has the best success rate BUT he is known to occasionally cheat on his wife? After mediocre work at the medical school, he has never done this surgery before, but would like to try and he is a wonderful virtuous Christian?

I don't care about the man's private life. I'm just interested in how well he can do the job I give him. Clinton was known to have a few girls by his side, but he was a competent president. Trump is known to have a few girls at his side and he is a TERRIBLE president – incompetent, dishonest, corrupt. And he's a total idiot! That is my problem with Trump. His infidelity is between him and Melania.

Mysql – what's wrong with this query? Syntax errors occur when you run this query

Imagine a table employee who saves the details of the employee.

ssn: employee's social security number
Address: Save the employee's address

If you look at the address field in the employee table, you will see that all employees are located in "Fondren, Houston, TX". Consider the integer in the address field as a house number. Consider the distance between the two houses as the difference in house numbers so that the distance between house numbers 2 and 38 is 36 units. Write a query to find the average distance between the employee's house number & # 39; 123456789 & # 39; and determine the houses of the other employees. Print the answer to two decimal places. Make sure the answer is formatted with a comma like x, xxx.xx.

Error: ERROR 1064 (42000) in line 5: Your SQL syntax is incorrect. In the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version, you will find the correct syntax for "near" in line 1

alter table employee add houseno int after address;

update employee set houseno = cast(substring(address, 1, instr(address, ' ') - 1);

create function average_distance (n char(9))
returns int deterministic
 declare avg_dist INT
    select avg(abs(houseno - (select houseno from employee where ssn = n))) into avg_dist
    from employee where ssn <> n
 return (Avg)

select dist_btw_houses('123456789')

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Hashing – An application uses a hash table with an incorrect hash function (it generates hashes that are not statistically evenly distributed). What could go wrong?

An application uses a hash table with an incorrect hash function (it generates hashes that are not statistically evenly distributed). What can result from the following?

1) Nothing. The hash table is rearranged.
2) Due to collisions, values ​​can be deleted from the table
3) Memory overload can occur
4) The search for hash table values ​​slows down …

Please answer. Thank you very much.

What was Barack Obama doing besides Obamacare during his presidency, what was so wrong and angered so many Americans?

Ayanna Pressley … when she defeated a longtime DNC soldier on the way to Congress … said: "This party called certain people & # 39; the backbone of the party & # 39; to get their votes, but nothing done for her after she was elected too long … "

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who campaigned against a long-serving DNC soldier in the primaries, said: "Too many politicians represent first, the DC party elites second and the dead last …"

… considering that these statements were made against democratic opponents in the primaries … and considering that both women reached the age of majority in the "Yes, we can" days, but then, only a few years later to express such disappointment … right? Do you think they refer to someone?