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About HourlyGold


At HOURLY GOLD, we focus on daily Bitcoin trading and make significant profits.

Before trading in bitcoins, we were involved in forex and derivatives. But Bitcoin caught the attention of all traders because of its uniqueness and decentralization. Therefore we could not stop and started to use our forex trading experience for this cryptocurrency. At first, we made only a very small profit, but after building strategies, the profit rate increased for us.

Many people have found it difficult to trade with Bitcoin, as the price is volatile, but for us, "volatility is our opportunity," and we've begun to put profits back on the market for more return. Money makes more money with perfect strategy.

After years of experience, we can offer our investors a steady profit and so HOURLY GOLD was founded. We are confident because we share the risk of someone saying "never put all the eggs in one basket". That is why our team also deals with forex and derivatives.

Investment plans:
– 25% every hour for 5 hours
– 15% hourly for 12 hours
– 12% hourly for 24 hours
– 3% hourly for life

Investment amount:
– Minimal $ 5
– Maximum $ 5000

Payment accepted:
– Perfect money
– Payeer
– Bitcoin

Recommendation Commission: 7%

Program features:
– SSL certified
– Secure DDOS protection hosting
– Immediate withdrawal

Program Reference Link: >> Hourly Gold