macos highsierra – mac OS and XAMPP use different PHP versions

I am using Mac OS High Sierra and have XAMPP installed. I'm trying to use PHP 7 on xampp.

Below is the httpd.conf file code

LoadModule php7_module modules /

and after rebooting, when I try to check phpmyinfo (), I see that xampp is still using PHP 5.6.3, and when I check from the terminal, I see this.

php -v
PHP 7.1.16 (cli) (created: March 31, 2018 02:59:59) (NTS)

I want to use PHP 7 on my xampp.

Disable the MySQL button in xampp

I've been working a lot with xampp and have encountered a variety of spells. I searched and did it

But you can not solve that anymore

I'm very stuck

In xampp, the mysql button is disabled and I've gone through many methods, but not

Now he will execute the zip directory

When I send a directory from the directory, I do not find the file c: xampp mysql bin mysqld.exe

If someone does not know how to do it right, at least tell them how to get the output of the project I was working on without starting mysql.


ssl – XAMPP incorrectly tries to load WordPress assets over HTTPS on ALL localhost sites

Today, I tried to load one of my local WP sites to prepare for developing a new topic, and found that none of the assets were loaded. I've checked the paths and found that they appear in the page source as expected:

http: //localhost/

However, when I clicked on the link, the protocol changed to https:

https: //localhost/

I do not have a local SSL certificate, so all elements fail: stylesheets, images, scripts, etc. The WordPress PHP templates load without problems, but everything else fails.

I have about a dozen local WP sites and this happens with three of them in the frontend and in the backend. The only connection between them is that they were the first three sites I reviewed today, but I cleared my cache and the problem persists.

What can cause a redirect only for assets to https? All my local sites have always used only http, and the broken sites worked fine today!

(One more detail: In Chrome, I can choose the option to load insecure content per domain, and this fixes the issues immediately – in Firefox, my primary browser, clicking this option will not work and I will not get past the warning screen.)

(ETA another detail: when I check the details of the certificate error, a certificate is actually loaded, but the browser does not trust that for probably obvious reasons.) I would like to fix the redirect, but would be content to get the local certificate working, if everything else fails.)

(ETA one more thing I've just discovered: One of the broken sites, in addition to redirecting to https, removes "asseturl / wp-content /" from the asset links and redirects to something like "https: // localhost / themes "continue /themename/style.css", which causes a "not found" error after setting a domain security exception, the other two do not show this behavior, which could mean that this site has a slightly different problem? )

JavaScript Note: Undefined variable: from_time1 in C: xampp htdocs cronometro02 response.php on line 6 00:00:00 Aviso: Variável indefinida: from_time1

query ("SELECT * FROM timer");
while ($ row = mysqli_fetch_array ($ res)) {
$ duration = $ row["duration"];
$ _SESSION["duration"] = $ duration;
$ _SESSION["start_time"] = Date ("Y-m-d H: i: s");

$ end_time = $ end_time = date (& # 39; Y-m-d & # 39 ;, strtotime (& # 39; + & # 39;. $ _ SESSION["duration"], & # 39; minutes & # 39; strtotime ($ _ SESSION["start_time"])));
$ _SESSION["end_time"] = $ end_time;

$ from_time1 = date (Y Y-m-d H: i: s #);
$ to_time1 = $ _SESSION["end_time"];

$ timefirst = strtotime ($ from_time1);
$ timesecond = strtotime ($ to_time1);

$ differenceinseconds = $ timesecond = $ timefirst;

echo gmdate ("H: i: s", $ differenceinseconds);

obg: a conexão com banco de dados está funcionando !!

apache 2.4 – MultiPHP in XAMPP configuration causes 404 errors

I've followed this answer / guide to configure multiple PHP versions on a Windows server using XAMPP (unfortunately they can not be migrated to Linux yet).

Most of the steps were fine, but after completing the steps, a 403 error is now displayed.

This is my (flown) httpd-xampp file:

# I know it's php53, what's a shit - but just roll it
ScriptAlias ​​/ php53 "C: / xampp / php53"
Action Application / x-httpd-php53-cgi /php53/php-cgi.exe

    AllowOverride None
Options None
All denied require
        Need all granted

        SetHandler application / x-httpd-php53-cgi

and then my vhost

    Server name php5.local
DocumentRoot "C: / www / php5"
ErrorLog "logs / php5.local-error.log"
CustomLog "logs / php5.local-access.log" in common
        AllowOverride All
Need all granted
Options -Indexes + FollowSymLinks + Multiviews

I then restarted my Apache server after making the above changes, but when I go to php5.local, it only shows a 404 error – what's wrong with my script?

Removing the directory material to set the PHP version renders the index.php page I have (just an echo hello world) – so it has something to do with this CGI.

Web Development – How do I create a website with a friend using Xampp and Git (-hub)?

background information

My friend and I wanted to create a small website and we needed a service that we could work with. We came across Git (-hub) and learned the basics of its use. So far we have never evolved into a team and have always used XAMPP to work on our local web project (using databases, PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, etc.).

The problem

The problem now is that we do not really know how to use Git (-hub) and XAMPP in combination to work in a team.

How can we ensure that databases created via phpmyadmin (stored in xampp / mysql / data) are automatically stored in the Github repository? How can we get these databases to be automatically imported into the others (xampp / mysql / data)? Or is that even possible?

And if not … are there other ways to collaborate on a website with databases?

Javascript – I get this: Note: Attempting to use the property # num_rows & # 39; to retrieve a non-object in C: xampp htdocs inglesproyec php tablequests.php on line 10

The truth is that I am starting with this PHP and have no idea why this error occurs. I try to display the values ​​of my database in a table and get them.

I know he's giving me the values ​​back as wrong and that's why he accuses me of the mistake, but I have no idea how he could fix it, I've already tried to change the code, but still nothing

I'm making a system to ask questions, but when it comes to doing it through the admin window, I get this message, this is my code:


        // Here the administrator adds the questions