What do you like about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez the least?

She is obviously just self-confident.

So I disagree with almost everything Bernie Sanders says. I'm pretty sure he and I could not agree on the color of the sky. However, I do not doubt that Bernie really believes the nonsense that comes out of his mouth. He is a true believer.

AOC is either so tragically uninformed and unrealistic that it's an order of magnitude more unrealistic than Sanders, or … more likely … she's just a shameless self-actress. I think the latter is more likely.

For example, check out her conversation with Pelosi recently. She was only a short step away from Pelosi as a racist. Pelosi did nothing wrong, and in fact she tries to keep her caucus from splintering and falling apart. AOC she follows clearly violates the agenda of AOC, as Pelosi is a spokesman and can shut down AOC on a whim.

So why Pelosi? The answer is obvious – because it makes NEWS. It keeps AOC in the spotlight of news and spreads the AOC brand.

Another example is the Green New Deal. The GND was the most ridiculous single I've ever heard of in American politics. It is an absurd laundry list with projects for pork and personal vanities that would destroy the economy. The global economic crisis would look like fun times. But because she knows that her followers are not interested in the reality or the results, but only in sprightly headlines, she suggested such a ridiculous article to promote herself.


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