If nobody cares if I'm gay, why are 90 percent of my interactions on Yahoo Answers Politics INSULTS that I'm gay?

I am a 68 year old male conservative. I have just returned from a cruise with my niece to Honduras. She is a lesbian. I judge people by their character as an individual. She is great and she is also conservative. She feels love that is different from no one else. You will not find me if I beat someone for being part of a group. There are gay, black, brown, Muslim people whom I have met and who are worth more than me. Not only do I care that you are gay, as far as I know, you could be a really cool person.

Who is Pearl Lederman? | Yahoo Answers

A point player who puts no time and effort into her answers, gives no substantive answers, half the time thinks that "I do not know" is a satisfactory answer and can not understand the nuances, details or context. And with multiple accounts (at least two). And who is too lazy to use a program to use a program to insert a useless keyboard character into a & m? to change, or just to be a & m & # 39; to insert only (painfully) rn instead of m

Get off at 16? | Yahoo Answers

It's not a good idea to drop by the age of 16, because when you grow up, you realize how important education is. That's why some people wanted them to do better when they're in high school, but they can not because they missed that opportunity. When they were in high school, they decided to just mess things up and not think ahead. I know the school can be annoying But it will benefit you in the future! All you have to do is endure it and tell yourself that you can do it if it helps to join clubs and do sports, which helps you to get motivated to go to school!

I'm not sure if what annoys and stresses you is the high school itself, but if it's your environment and the people in your school and you can not deal with it, try to move the school and if not works, go to college, since people are meeting you there is different, they have a different mindset and much more mature compared to students. How to get to college without a diploma? do an open degree! Some degree programs accept open degree programs for which you take open study courses / subjects that are a pathway to your college program (eg business). All you have to do is adhere to a specific GPA. And if it still does not work for you, then I do not know if I can recommend you a high-end job, but I think I only work hard on an average job (which is not bad) and strive to get promoted and hoping that your hourly wages will increase wages and hopefully will be enough for you.

Good luck! 🙂

Why does Trump not back off? | Yahoo Answers

I do not think Trump is going to resign. He's just not that person. Even the actual impeachment takes place only if the Senate condemns him. The current consensus is yes, the House will accuse him, but the Senate will not judge and he will remain in office.

If the Senate condemns him by accident, I still do not see him withdrawing very quickly.