[ Law & Ethics ] Open question: How do you survive a workplace cult?

Before your Smartalics respond with "Leave," this is not an option. I am an independent thinker and strong-willed. I have to build my CV and can not leave this position, which unfortunately belongs to a cult. People are really fake and do not want to hear the truth. I can not hide the reactions in my head that are expressed in my face. I can not act How do you survive a workplace cult? ,

What is the most painful defeat for Democrats?

Both are the same for our liberal friends! lol

You see, for the "liberal" follower of YAP-YAP, today's date is November 9, 2016. IOW, they have never … MOVED! Roflmao

And so the Müller report snaps her to this day. A nice trick, right?

The only thing that has happened between the American liberals is that they have their preference for RAGE, ANGER and HATRED the … max. Sorry, I know, but what can you do with them?


I love my race. I am white. Do you love your race?

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