Is the "Wuhan" virus racist? | Yahoo answers

Logically, the term "Wuhan virus" is racist; You would first have to assume that there is something "bad" about Wuhan China. After all, if Wuhan China were a nice place. If the people of Wuhan China were good, decent and friendly people. The term "Wuhan virus" would have no negative connotations at all. Which was my assumption when I heard the name for the first time.

This only forces one conclusion: those who believe that "Wuhan virus" is a racist epithet are those who are racists. ~ Go Figure ~

Democrat: The party of the false witness.

Yahoo !, AOL, OneSearch results favor Verizon Media's own websites

I ran some tests to verify that Verizon Media’s search engines, including Yahoo! Search, AOL Search, and OneSearch consistently ranked other Verizon Media websites Рlike Engadget, TechCrunch, and HuffPost Рhigher in their search results. All three work with Bing to provide search results. The results are otherwise comparable to other Bing-based search engines, with the exception that Verizon Media websites are brought to the coveted top position.

I thought people could …

Yahoo !, AOL, OneSearch results favor Verizon Media's own websites

Yahoo Fantasy Sport – WMCC 2020 Live Online

WMCC 2020 will be broadcast after a few days. All fans who love WMCC 2020 should be ready to enjoy it. We provide all the information you need, WMCC 2020 Live Online. You just have to follow our instructions. Here you can collect information and enjoy WMCC 2020 Live Stream at will. The 2020 Men's World Curling Championship will take place from March 28th to April 5th at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, Scotland. This is the first event to collect points for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Yahoo email recovery


don't you do it

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Pearl Lederman? | Yahoo answers

Pearl is a murderer and has 3 children by 3 different men. She was released

from a Colorado prison in 2005 and lives in government housing and on welfare.

She refuses to work or do anything except see how many points she can get on YA.

She is mentally challenged and loves sex with animals, especially her dog.