Republican Justin Amash calls for the impeachment of Trump. Do you think Justin Amash will succeed?

Republican Justin Amash calls for the impeachment of Trump. Do you think Justin Amash will succeed?


Why does not Trump get a proper syrup of figs like Elton John, instead of throwing that ridiculous comb over it?

No matter Barnet, just look at his regatta!

He looks like he fell on the apples and pears, and the trouble and argument has put him in the Queensbury Rules!

Trump looks a bit creamy lately, maybe it's all the pork pies he keeps telling, or maybe he has too many J. Arthurs if Melania is out of town!


Trump has just been voted the most admired man in the world?

Chosen how? An Internet survey on Breitbart?

In fact, Trump is hated by most people in the world. He is even hated by most Americans. Trump is unique in the history of modern presidential elections, as he never had a 50% approval rating. Internationally, the situation is even worse. With only two exceptions (Israel and Russia), the United States' opinion in every country has been decreasing since Trump took power.


How long do you have time to claim your residence without being rented in Tx?

He can not just kick you out. He must first take legal action.

I knew a girl who wanted to get rid of her ex-boyfriend, but he did not want to leave. Cops said because he was there so long that she could not do it without going through the court.

She did not do that, but after about a month he left alone.

But I can imagine that every state has its own laws.


What is America's biggest problem? | Yahoo Answers

As you can see from the answers already given: America's biggest problem is that so many people believe lies. There are hundreds of lies. I will mention a few here. I'm sure you can think of more.

Is like:
Greed is bad
Capitalism is bad
Jews are bad
Black and brown people are bad
America can not compete with other countries.
"You did not do that"
Prosperity comes from exploitation, rather than delivering what others want.
Donald Trump has worked with Russia
Republicans are regrettable.
It's just a piece of handkerchief.
Endemic white racism
The "southern strategy"
Men can become women through an act of will.

Every time Americans embark on policies based on such lies, big problems arise. ,


Why are Republicans against higher education and learning?

We are not

However, if you anticipate that EVERYONE will get a 4-year degree, it means that the 4-year degree in terms of empowerment is ultimately as ineffective as a high school diploma. But you will be left with a mountain of student debt.

The more people go to college, the more expensive the tuition and the more rare is a college degree.

The vast majority of people with university degrees do not work in their field of study, which means that their degree and associated debt were a waste of time … and as a result they suffer economically.

Historically, the school used to be broken off in 8th grade. It was acceptable. You could work as an adult with an 8th grade. If you went to high school, you noticed and got a better paid job. If you went to university, you were excellent.

Then everyone went to high school, and if you stop and go to high school, you can work … but you will not get a great job. The university did a better job for you. and a master was outstanding!

If we graduate every 4 years, it will be the standard. Then more and more people get a master's degree to get better jobs, and more people get a doctorate so they really stand out.

Then the master becomes standard and people need a doctorate to stand out.

Then what? Everyone is doing a PhD or are you making burgers?


You want to get to know justin bieber?

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