php – comparison products yith , woocommerce

I work on an online store on WooCommerce and yith plug in for comparison .
I want :

  1. new product comparison page where the user can choose the category and then only the products of this category are shown to make the comparison,
  2. Display the list of products inside the comparison list on the page ,,,,,

If it is difficult to implement this solution, another solution is when the user clicks on “compare” the product, the “compare” button does not appear under any other product except that it is in the same category.
please give me a steps for do it

Plugins – YITH Product Add On is not displayed with WooCommerce Multi Currency Premium

I need help … I am selling tickets for the event with different types of add-ons in euros, but on the checkout page the prices have to be converted into MDL currency due to legislation, so the product add-ons on the all the way to the checkout page will be displayed correctly euro, but at the checkout the amount remains the same and is not converted to MDL, only the currency symbol is changed
So the problem is that the amount on the left at the checkout doesn't change when I add product add-ons to the cart along with the main product. However, the total price is calculated correctly so that it does not appear clear to customers and customers. My partners at the end and in the invoice (see screenshots)
I suppose i can do it by adding code in function.php but i don't know which code ???
Thank you very much and I hope to fix it soon

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