How do I install Chrome browser on Linux machine with Bitbucket pipeline YML file?

I'm running a Selenium script (Selenium, Java & Maven) with the Bitbucket pipeline. Linux Machine does not have a Chrome browser, so I would like to install the Chrome browser on the Linux computer using the YML command before running the Selenium script. How do I install a Chrome browser on a Linux computer using the Bitbucket pipeline YML file?

Bitbucket Pipelie YML file

    image: maven:3.3.9

         - step:
            name: Code is pushed - Ready for Execution
            script: # Modify the commands below to build your repository.
            - echo "Please click on 'Run' button to start execution"
         - step:
            name: Start Execution
             - maven
            trigger: manual
            script: # Modify the commands below to build your repository.
              - mvn -B verify # -B batch mode makes Maven less verbose
            artifacts: # defining the artifacts to be passed to each future step.
              - Results/**

Migration – Error using Drush to generate a YML file

I am trying to use the module "Migrate file units to media entities" (

I use Drupal 8.7.10 and drush 9.7.2. in Acquia DevDesktop ver. 2.

When I run the following drush command to generate the YML files, I get an error. I googled in vain. Any advice would be appreciated.

    dwinterfeld$ drush generate yml-migrate_file_to_media_migration_media
 (error)  ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function TwigExtensionStagingExtension::addFilter(), 1 passed in /Applications/DevDesktop/tools/vendor/twig/twig/src/ExtensionSet.php on line 222 and exactly 2 expected in TwigExtensionStagingExtension->addFilter() (line 49 of /Users/dwinterfeld/Sites/devdesktop/d8migration-ode5/vendor/twig/twig/src/Extension/StagingExtension.php) #0 /Applications/DevDesktop/tools/vendor/twig/twig/src/ExtensionSet.php(222): TwigExtensionStagingExtension->addFilter(Object(TwigTwigFilter))

How to set a configuration value for the yml sequence using drush cset

If the drupal configuration value (as defined in .schema.yml) is a sequence, for which is the correct syntax drush config-set so the value is a sequence, not a simple string? For example with the development module
drush config-get devel.settings error_handlers returns

1: 1

So what is the syntax to which the value should be set? 4: 4. I have tried many combinations, such as 4: 4 (4: 4). error_handlers.4 4 but not yet correctly hit. I couldn't find any examples or documentation, so ask here. Thank you very much.

Migration – How can I combine "concat" after "explode" in Migrate API YML?

I have a YML file for creating commerce variations and creating multiple images. However, I can't get concat after explode so I can add the full file path to the exploded filenames. This is what I have, but it fails because the Concat doesn't seem to use every exploded value correctly:

      plugin: explode
      source: Product Image
      delimiter: '|'
      plugin: concat
      delimiter: /
        - constants/file_source_uri
        - Product Image
      plugin: entity_generate
      entity_type: file

Java – How do I add routes within an .yml?

I would like to know how I could add routes to a yml file

Suppose I have this yml file




With this example I want to insert Java code that I want to create something like path1.1 in path2 and give it a string as false

To access these routes, I have the following code, I cannot create routes, just change the arguments to them


File archivo = new File(this.getDataFolder(),"archivo.yml");
String x = x.getString("principalpath1.path1.path1-1");

java – to set values ​​from the yml configuration

I have class:

@WebServiceClient(name = "${}", targetNamespace = "${service.namespace}", wsdlLocation = "${service.wsdlLocation}")
public class ExampleService extends Service {
    private static String wsdlLocation;

It's part of the MVN project that I compile and use from my local Maven repo as a dependency on my other Spring Boot app, which has the yml configuration:

  name: name
  namespace: namespace
  wsdlLocation: wsdlLocation

Is there a way that this ExampleService class uses the configuration of the parent project?

Hooks – Create fields for an existing content type in Drupal8 using the .yml installer

I need to add 2 fields to an existing content type in the drupal8 website, one is text, the other is the file type. I have a multi-site setup, so I have to add a new one for each locale page. Now I've created a module and created an installation file, right Now I can create the fields, but I can not add the file extension to the file type field. can someone help me please?

I have followed this documentation below to create the clipboard.

import import – yml configuration can not be imported

I tried to import the yml configuration from the user interface (configuration synchronization) and Drush. However, the following errors are displayed:

I use the bootstrap theme 8.x-3.17.

Get errors in the surface:

The configuration can not be imported because the validation failed for the following reasons:
The configuration block.block.admintheme_theme_breadcrumbs depends on the admintheme_theme theme, which will not be installed after the import.
The configuration block.block.admintheme_theme_messages depends on the admintheme_theme design, which is not installed after the import.

Get errors in the Drush:

Drupal  Core  Config  ConfigImporterException: Errors encountered while checking configuration synchronization.                   [error]
construction block.block.admintheme_theme_breadcrumbs depends on the admintheme_theme Subject not installed after import.
construction block.block.admintheme_theme_messages depends on the admintheme_theme Subject not installed after import. in the
Drupal  Core  Config  ConfigImporter-> validate () (line 737 of
The import failed for the following reasons:                                                                       [error]
construction block.block.admintheme_theme_breadcrumbs depends on the admintheme_theme Subject not installed after import.
construction block.block.admintheme_theme_messages depends on the admintheme_theme Subject not installed after import.

Any help would be appreciated.

Comment yml not updated after editing – Migration related

I've reviewed all the other posts on this topic here and tried all the suggested solutions to update my comment yml file when it appears in the GUI.

I have successfully edited and updated all other Yml files. The only one that is stubborn is the comment import yml.

If I put the & # 39; label & # 39; in yml, this will be displayed in the GUI, but nothing will be done under & # 39; process & # 39; updated, no matter what I do. I'm using config_devel, trying to uninstall and reinstall modules, suppress importing configurations, and on and on. If I see the sub-tab "Process" in the GUI, the change will not be considered.

I also tried to adjust the id and create a new group just for this yml file. Basically everything I could see that could cause it to get stuck with the old process information.

I looked around the database, but I can not tell now that this is being cached.

Anyone else meets this nonsense?

Add a default value for naming fields in the drupal 8 migration yml file

    to process:
uid: ONE
field_contractor_name: CONTACT
plugin: default_value
default_value: & # 39; full name & # 39;

I am using the migration source CSV module. I have a few records where NOT the & # 39; CONTACT & # 39; is set or is zero. My Drupal migration fails for this reason. I tried to use the default_value plugin that came with the kernel. However, I get the following error:

    A colon can not be used in an unlisted mapping value on line 42 (near "default_value: full")

How do I get a default value that is added to the name field if there is no value in the record?