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Comments must be at least 2-3 sentences long.
Only comment on topics on which you can make an appropriate contribution.
There is no limit to the number of comments you can make (apart from only one per article, of course) Feel free without commenting on my written consent.

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Follow the tutorial for Drupal 8 Commerce Custom Deals, but you'll get the error "name already in use"

I follow the tutorial on creating a custom quote in the official Drupal 8 Commerce documentation. However, I see an error that I inserted below when I click on one of the conditions, and none of the offers integrated in Commerce show a form. I followed the tutorial closely, except that the OrderPromotionOfferBase class was extended instead of the OrderFixedAmountOff class. I have inserted the content of the OrderItemFixedAmountTarget class that I have defined for the offer under the error.

Quotation fields are not displayed


Ajax Error:
An AJAX HTTP error has occurred.
HTTP result code: 200
Debugging information will follow.
Path: / promotion / 1 / edit? Destination = / admin / commerce / promotions & ajax_form = 1
StatusText: OK
Response Text:
(!) Fatal Error: Class Drupal  my_module  Plugin  Commerce  PromotionOffer  OrderItemFixedAmountTarget can not be declared because the name already uses / home / usertest / workspace / drupalsite / web / modules / my_module / src / plugin / commerce / becomes. PromotionOffer / OrderItemFixedAmountTarget.php on line 18
Call Stack
10.0000438056 {main} () ... / index.php: 0
20.0006554920Drupal  Core  DrupalKernel-> handle () ... / index.php: 19
30.00441717448Stack  StackedHttpKernel-> handle () ... / DrupalKernel.php: 693
40.00441717448Drupal  Core  StackMiddleware  NegotiationMiddleware-> handle () ... / StackedHttpKernel.php: 23
50.00441718144Drupal  Core  StackMiddleware  ReverseProxyMiddleware-> handle () ... / NegotiationMiddleware.php: 52
60.00441718144Drupal  page_cache  StackMiddleware  PageCache-> handle () ... / ReverseProxyMiddleware.php: 47
70.00441718144Drupal  page_cache  StackMiddleware  PageCache-> pass () ... / PageCache.php: 85
80.00441718144Drupal  Core  StackMiddleware  KernelPreHandle-> handle () ... / PageCache.php: 106
90.00562139576Drupal  Core  StackMiddleware  Session-> handle () ... / KernelPreHandle.php: 47
100.00642260136Symfony  Component  HttpKernel  HttpKernel-> handle () ... / Session.php: 57
110.00652260552Symfony  Component  HttpKernel  HttpKernel-> handleRaw () ... / HttpKernel.php: 68
120.02877724544Drupal  Core  EventSubscriber  EarlyRenderingControllerWrapperSubscriber-> Drupal  Core  EventSubscriber  {closure} () ... / HttpKernel.php: 151
130.02877724544Drupal  Core  EventSubscriber  EarlyRenderingControllerWrapperSubscriber-> wrapControllerExecutionInRenderContext () ... / EarlyRenderingControllerWrapperSubscriber.php: 97
140.02877727080Drupal  Core  Render  Renderer-> executeInRenderContext () ... / EarlyRenderingControllerWrapperSubscriber.php: 124
150.02877727432Drupal  Core  EventSubscriber  EarlyRenderingControllerWrapperSubscriber-> Drupal  Core  EventSubscriber  {closure} () ... / Renderer.php: 582
160.02877727432call_user_func_array: {/ home / usertest / workspace / drupalsite / web / core / lib / Drupal / Core / EventSubscriber / EarlyRenderingControllerWrapperSubscriber.php: 123}
() ... / EarlyRenderingControllerWrapperSubscriber.php: 123
170.02877727840Drupal  Core  Entity  HtmlEntityFormController-> getContentResult () ... / EarlyRenderingControllerWrapperSubscriber.php: 123
180.02917849224Drupal  Core  Form  FormBuilder-> buildForm () ... / FormController.php: 93
190.043110154816Drupal  Core  Form  FormBuilder-> processForm () ... / FormBuilder.php: 319
200.087912157904Drupal  Core  Form  FormBuilder-> rebuildForm () ... / FormBuilder.php: 626
210.087912157904Drupal  Core  Form  FormBuilder-> retrieveForm () ... / FormBuilder.php: 369
220.087912160160call_user_func_array: {/ home / usertest / workspace / drupalsite / web / core / lib / Drupal / core / Form / FormBuilder.php: 519}
() ... / FormBuilder.php: 519
230.087912160568Drupal  commerce_promotion  Form  PromotionForm-> buildForm () ... / FormBuilder.php: 519
240.088212170728Drupal  commerce_promotion  Form  PromotionForm-> buildForm () ... / PromotionForm.php: 31
250.088312171952Drupal  commerce_promotion  Form  PromotionForm-> form () ... / EntityForm.php: 117
260.088312171952Drupal  commerce_promotion  Form  PromotionForm-> form () ... / PromotionForm.php: 38
270.088312172728Drupal  Core  Entity  Entity  EntityFormDisplay-> buildForm () ... / ContentEntityForm.php: 125
280.089312198408Drupal  commerce  Plugin  Field  FieldWidget  PluginSelectWidget-> form () ... / EntityFormDisplay.php: 177
290.089312198408Drupal  commerce  Plugin  Field  FieldWidget  PluginSelectWidget-> formMultipleElements () ... / WidgetBase.php: 104
300.089312198784Drupal  commerce  Plugin  Field  FieldWidget  PluginSelectWidget-> formSingleElement () ... / WidgetBase.php: 202
310.089312199160Drupal  commerce  Plugin  Field  FieldWidget  PluginSelectWidget-> formElement () ... / WidgetBase.php: 335
320.089312201184Drupal  commerce  Plugin  Field  FieldWidget  PluginSelectWidget-> supportedConfiguration () ... / PluginSelectWidget.php: 116
() ... / PluginSelectWidget.php: 149
() ... / PluginSelectWidget.php: 149
350.089312201840Composer  Autoload  ClassLoader-> loadClass () ... / PluginSelectWidget.php: 149
360.089412202032Composer  Autoload  includeFile () ... / ClassLoader.php: 322
370.089412202272include (& # 39; /home/usertest/workspace/drupalsite/web/modules/my_module/src/Plugin/Commerce/PromotionOffer/OrderItemFixedAmountTarget.php') ... / ClassLoader.php: 444


Namespace Drupal  my_module  Plugin  Commerce  PromotionOffer;

use Drupal  commerce_promotion  Plugin  Commerce  PromotionOffer  OrderPromotionOfferBase;
use Drupal  commerce_promotion  Plugin  Commerce  PromotionOffer  FixedAmountOffTrait;
use Drupal  commerce_order  Adjustment;
Use Drupal  commerce_promotion  Entity  PromotionInterface.
use Drupal  Core  Entity  EntityInterface;

/ **
* @CommercePromotionOffer (
* id = "my_module_fixed_amount_target",
* label = @Translation ("Discount for each matching product to a fixed amount"),
* entity_type = "commerce_order_item",
* /
Class OrderItemFixedAmountTarget extends OrderPromotionOfferBase {

use FixedAmountOffTrait;

/ **
* {@inheritdoc}
* /
public function apply (EntityInterface $ entity, PromotionInterface $ promotion) {
$ this-> assertEntity ($ entity);
/ ** @var  Drupal  commerce_order  Entity  OrderInterface $ order * /
$ order = $ entity;
$ subtotal_price = $ order-> getSubTotalPrice ();
$ amount = $ this-> getAmount ();
if ($ subtotal_price-> getCurrencyCode ()! = $ amount-> getCurrencyCode ()) {
// The advertising amount can not be greater than the subtotal to avoid this
// possibly with a negative total.
if ($ amount-> largerThan ($ subtotal_price)) {
$ amount = $ subtotal_price;
// Split amount between order items.
$ amount = $ this-> splitter-> split ($ order, $ amount);

foreach ($ order-> getItems () as $ order_item) {
if (isset ($ amounts[$order_item->id()])) {
$ order_item-> addAdjustment (new Adjustment ([
& # 39; type & # 39; => & # 39; promotion & # 39 ;,
// @todo Changes the label from the UI when added to # 2770731.
& # 39; label & # 39; => t (& # 39; discount & # 39;),
& # 39; amount & # 39; => $ amounts[$order_item->id()]-> multiply (& # 39; - 1 & # 39;),
& # 39; # 39 & source_id; => $ promotion-> id (),

Name: "Custom Promotion Terms"
Type: Module
Description: "Offers custom quotes and conditions"
Core: 8.x.
Package: "Custom"
- Trade: Trade
- commerce: commerce_order
- Drupal: options


<? php

/ **
* @File
* Contains my_module_custom_promotion.module.
* /

use Drupal  Core  Routing  RouteMatchInterface;

/ **
* Implemented hook_help ().
* /
function my_module_custom_promotion_help ($ route_name, RouteMatchInterface $ route_match) {
switch ($ route_name) {
// Main module help for the my_module_custom_promotion module.
case & # 39; & # 39 ;:
$ output = & # 39; & # 39 ;;
$ output. = & # 39;

& # 39 ;. t (& # 39; over & # 39;). & # 39;

& # 39 ;; $ output. = & # 39;

& # 39 ;. t (& # 39; my fantastic module & # 39;). & # 39;

& # 39 ;; return $ output; Default: } } / ** * Implements hook_theme (). * / Function my_module_custom_promotion_theme () { return [ 'my_module_custom_promotion' => [ 'render element' => 'children', ]. ]; }

I've tried my best, but I can not figure out what I'm doing wrong and cause this "used name" error. I searched my entire project just in case, but the text "OrderItemFixedAmountTarget" is only used in this one file.

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I think, groups emails in conversations when the subject of the email is the same. In this case, the e-mail subject is always the same, it is the static title of the DIVI contact form. Gmail filters can help me keep messages out of the spam folder. How can I filter all emails we send from our email address into new conversations / threads in Gmail?

I do not want to use a contact plugin like Contact Form 7 or WPForms because they are not integrated. We will use another plugin that I use with the DIVI contact forms called DIVI overlays.

Fingers crossed.

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