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firefox extensions – How to save settings of “YouTube Enhancer” add-on?

I’ve added the YouTube Enhancer extension to my Firefox and am trying to change some of the settings, such as the preferred video quality, or volume-level.

I can make the changes to my heart’s content, but there is no obvious way to save them… The only “Save” button visible is for the “Custom script” section — and all other settings return to the default settings if I simply close the configuration-tab and open it again.

Am I missing something obvious, or is this a bug — or an unexpected incompatibility with the newer Firefox (I use version 76 today)?

Youtube Embed vs Youtube player API

I am learning about embedding videos and wanted to know which method is better?

Previously, I've just used the share>embed method and pasted a bunch on one page. But I've come across the method shown here. It uses html and JavaScript to put the iframe up. Apparently there used to be another way to change the parameters, but it was deprecated?

Is using the api method faster or have other benefits I should know about? I am rather new at JavaScript, but I can more or less follow what's going on.

Share YouTube Videos

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Share YouTube Videos

youtube – Data transfer from web to machine when performing specific action

I’m sure that most of us know, that when you’re browsing YouTube you can hover over a video to see some scenes from that video. In Youtubes specific case we see a short part of the video when hovering over it.

My questions is: When exactly does the data for these short clips/pictures get transferred to your browser. Does it happen when I hover over the video clip? Or do I already get the data for the entire first page when I open the website? Or is there no general rule and each website/browser handles this differently.

PS: The original question was broader in nature, i.e. not focusing specifically on Youtube. If there is a general answer to the question, i.e. applies to the majority of modern websites, I’m interested in that as well.

I’ve been pointed to this SE (see this question). If this is not the appropriate place to ask this question, please let me know.