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The Zonders Trading Company is well known in the UK and plays an important role in the market for various commodities, including rare earths. Supply and demand in the commodities market are dictated by industry demand for raw materials of one kind or another. Therefore, we always take into account the current trends in the global economy in trading processes.

Despite continued high demand for metals, oil, petroleum-refining products, coal and other minerals, there is still some risk for investment in this area and for other activities. As we build an investment portfolio, we recall the spread of risk that appropriately redistributes investor funds to various sectors of the economy. Currently, Zonders is the representative of the largest mining companies and concludes contracts for the supply of raw materials for the needs of electricity, mechanical engineering, metallurgy and other industries.

106% for 4 days
QUANTITY LIMIT: 15 $ – 500 $

122% for 12 days
QUANTITY LIMIT: $ 35- $ 2500

156% for 24 days
QUANTITY LIMIT: $ 350- $ 25,000

170% for 30 days
QUANTITY LIMIT: 550 $ – 75000 $

350% for 45 days
QUANTITY LIMIT: $ 150- $ 150000

The minimum deduction from the account is $ 0.1. For crypto payment systems the equivalent is 0.002 TB.