dnd 5e – Teleport everything into a big zone; or teleport all living things and make a lot of equipment disappear

Imagine a tour group of about 30 people, animals, cars, and a range of devices (such as Think Traveling Theater). I'm trying to find a way a devilish unit can teleport all this away (on the same plane). Or teleport all and their animals and then let all their things disappear. The kidnapping takes place at night while everyone is sleeping. A few limitations for my scenario idea to work:

  • It has to be done relatively discreetly, people who are a few hundred meters away should not notice that something is going on (that will not work) too much noisesetting everything on fire is not an option);
  • It should leave no obvious traces; People who look at the scene afterwards might be subtle, but not too obvious.
  • It should be compatible with the powers of a Level CR magician between 9 and 11. Perhaps with a considerable amount of preparation time and a considerable consumption of resources (burning of scrolls, etc.) as well as the support of some minions.

Existing spells seem to be inappropriate. Teleporting unwilling humans is difficult and requires high-level spells. But maybe there is a creative way to do this, eg. with mind control or servant with the right skills?

crm – Time zone setting when integrating between Google AdWords and Salesforce Sales Cloud

We've integrated Google AdWords accounts into Salesforce Sales Cloud accounts to track lead creation and conversion data based on the GCLID values.

Currently, the date format in salesforce is GMT + 0: 00, while my local time zone is (date + 05: 30). When data is synced between AdWords and Google, that data is stored (in GMT + 0: 00) in the current time zone; H., At 17:00 GMT + 0: 00 will only be saved at 17:00. Because of this, in some cases I get the error message "Conversion action can not precede the click".

How can I control the time zone while syncing data between AdWords and Google through the default connector?

PROFESSIONAL ZONE LTD – profitzone.pro – HYIPs

PROFITZONE LTD is a private asset management and investment company. We welcome groups as well as individuals from around the world to engage internationally. The official registration of Profizone LTD is in Singapore. This allows us to work with the kind of mobility, flexibility and agility needed to act quickly and competitively, but in compliance with a global and ever-changing investment landscape.

Magento 2 – The Admin Grid export result does not use the correct save time zone

I'm using Magento 2. So I created an Admin HTML data grid in a custom module. I have successfully displayed the correct data in the data grid.

The problem is that an incorrect date (created_at) was specified in the export result. The set time zone is not used Stores> Configuration> General> General> Locale Options,

Tell me if you need more information about this problem. Every hint is appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Cloudflare CDN – Cname or Full Zone?

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The best option is the Business Cloudflare Plan. It comes with advanced features. However, if you do not have the budget, you can choose Free Plan. With the free plan, you get DDoS Protection plus Cloudflare with an integrated caching mechanism that improves site performance. You can compare the different Cloudflare plans at the following link:


I have the Railgun feature in my hosting account, so I assume it's a business plan.

But my question is, how is it better to implement it with CName (name server stays mine) or change nameserver to Cloudflare NS (Full Zone)?


Time zones – What time zone should we travel for our flight from Vietnam to Bogota, Colombia with Turkish Airlines?

Enter image description here

I am a Filipino passport holder. When I book a flight via Turkish Airlines. Which time zone should we follow? My country, Philippines? Turkey? Or Vietnam? Because we will leave Vietnam. I'm very confused because these countries have different time zones. So I do not know which time zone I should follow during our flight.

So, if our departure time is in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, 21:10 or 21:10, are we leaving at 21:10 in Ho Chi Minh? And then the arrival on 16 September at 4:15 clock in Istanbul. But in Istanbul they are 4 hours late at the time of Ho Chi Minh. So, 4:15 am in Ho Chi Minh, in Istanbul it's 00:15. So we only use Vietnam time for our next flight from Istanbul to Sao Paulo? Please check the time and date in the photo.
I am really confused !!

Extreme Trade Zone Ltd – Extremetradezone.biz

I am not an administrator / owner of the project! !!!

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Online Date: 2019-8-18

Investment plans: 5% per hour for 24 hours, 150% after 1 day, 3% per hour for 72 hours, 500% after 3 days

Minimum expenditures: $ 10

Recommendation Commission: 10%

Withdrawal Method Immediate

Licensed script

DDoS protection by DDOS-Guard

Accpet payment: BitCoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Ethereum, Digital Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin

About the project:


eraINNO is an investment company managed by professional Crypto currency traders. Successful successes in the main activity enabled the company to increase the assets of a partnership in order to gain access to new markets. Our program is aimed at people who are prepared to gain financial freedom, but can not because they are not financial experts or have no time or both.
eraINNO is an investment program supported by crypto currency markets. Profits from these investments serve to enhance our program and increase its long-term stability.
eraINNO was born as a private mining and investment company based in the UK. All of our miners are located in Europe's largest data centers, where we have direct access to quality equipment and 24×7 support. In recent years, our business has grown significantly and we have realized that this is the right time to immerse in the crypto currency trading market. Thanks to our carefully selected fund management methods and trading strategies, all investments are absolutely risk-free despite the volatility of the crypto currency market. To ensure that our investors do not have to take the potential risks, we use 10% of the company's revenue for our reserve fund.
eraINNO will be the most popular and trusted company providing reliable and highly profitable investments to its customers worldwide.


Refback: http://invest-analysis.org/?a=details&lid=1970

Domain Name System – Why can not my DNS zone be retrieved in Google Cloud?

I've set up a DNS in Google Cloud like this:

Enter image description here

Still not available:

me@machine:~ $ nslookup -mydomain.pl- ns-cloud-c1.googledomains.com
Server:         ns-cloud-c1.googledomains.com

** server can't find -mydomain-.pl: REFUSED

By default, when I created the zone, it had ns-cloud-d * NSs. I edited it in c. Maybe there is a problem there?

I am happy about any help.

Before you answer:

  • The domain registration refers to the correct NS
  • Domain name is correct, I have replaced it in the code
  • There is no A record I know that this is not the problem

Does changing the regional time zone settings change the Modified and Created fields in each list to match the new time zone?

Short answer
If you just ask for the "Created" and "Modified" fields, do not worry about it. You do not have to type anything again.

More information
SharePoint does not save the date and time in PST or EST. Regardless of where you are in the world or what time zone you used, all data is stored as UTC. UTC is always the same no matter where you are on the planet.

When you retrieve date and time values, SharePoint automatically converts UTC time into your local time during operation.

If you use Custom fields – It could have a different logic.