audio – Will a zoom meeting be automatically muted during a voice call?

The meeting was being attended from the same android phone on which i recieved the voice call. This is android 11. I was using a Bluetooth earpiece for the meeting, which I also used for the voice call.

My question is whether the meeting participant would have heard the voice call communication. Or, if the audio was automatically muted?

email – When I scroll or zoom, I accidentally click on links. How can I prevent this?

I’m using an older phone with Android 8, and I’m finally frustrated enough to look around, but I’m not seeing my problem when I search the interwebs.

There are two instances in which I often accidentally click on a link. I think it’s potentially dangerous.

  1. Scrolling in the Chrome browser because the links are so close to the edges of the screen.
  2. Zooming with two fingers, whether in the browser or email client. It’s especially annoying in the email client.

Is there something I can do differently with the touch screen or a setting that will prevent the links from opening with just a touch (say, requiring a longer press)? Or a different browser or email client with that kind of setting?


Iphone 12 zoom in while taking photo without cropping

I just took a picture with my Iphone 12 and I zoomed in while taking the photo to see if the focus was sharp. When I looked at the photo I expected to see the whole photo but instead it only saved the part that was visible during shooting.

Is it possible to have the whole picture saved and not just the part that is visible on the screen? I often zoom in with my DSLR to check the focus better, but it always saves the whole picture.

zoom – Black Magic Pocket 6k Pro using either Sigma 18-35 or Sigma 24-70

hoping someone can help me: I’ve seen a lot of people choose the Sigma 18-35 over the 24-70 for the bmpcc 6k pro but can never find out why other than because of the crap factor. The majority of my content is interview style and some b-roll of the subject walking around (and occasionally some detail shots). Why is the 18-35 more often picked over the 24-70? I get it’s a crop but 24 seems to be wide enough for most applications. In your opinion – would the 24-70 be better suited for the aforementioned situations or would the 18-35 be better? the in-camera stabilization seems attractive for some hand-help applications but not sure what to go with.

Essentially this: Most of my shots will be interview style with a mix of detail shots, extreme close-ups for emotion, and some wide to show the landscape (but extreme wides I always use my drone). The 24-70 has me 95% convinced but everyone else seems to go for 18-35 and I can’t seem to find a reason to also go for it given my applications. Just want to make sure I’m getting the right gear before jumping in deeper.

Thanks in advance.

canon – Question from a beginner re zoom magnification

I have a Canon EF 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 IS USM lens. Will all 300mm zoom/telephoto lenses give the same magnification of the subject as mine does or, to get more magnification do I need to get a zoom or prime lens with a focal length longer than 300mm.? I ask because in most of the places I photograph wading birds they are often 100+yards away in lagoons or marshes and my 70-300mm lens doesnt really magnify them enough for a decent photo.Please understand I am a total beginner and still learning jargon and technical terms so would appreciate if you can bear this in mind when answering

Secondary question, could someone tell me what the various elements of the lens description mean ( 1:4-5.6 IS USM)