zshrc file invisible in finder but present in terminal

According to Wikipedia:

In computing, a hidden folder (sometimes hidden directory) or hidden file is a folder or file which filesystem utilities do not display by default when showing a directory listing.

The ls command, of course, is a directory listing. The -a option “do not ignore entries starting with .” (ls man page)

So, yes the file is invisible, or hidden. But in the terminal, you are requesting to see all, including invisible or hidden, files.

zshrc is not setting my path in flutter (?)

if you see t-h-i-s
its so i can post it without errors


My shell is z-s-h-r-c i try to run

vim .bash_profile setting the path
then i run vim .z-p-r-o-f-i-l-e set this path on both
export PATH=/Users/mac/flutter/bin:$PATH

on each case when i run echo $PATH Im getting that

& a bunch of dependencies errors as a bonus..