Taiwan Dedicated Server, fast to China, dedicated 100MBPS bandwidth=$199 Hinet Data Center

Hi All

ServerZoo was established in 2003 (fully company licensed since), we own cages and all equipment in Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom Hinet Datacenter

We are one of the largest hosting companies in Taiwan with “real self owned” office in both Tokyo Japan and Taiwan.

***no one-man operation here***

Here is what we could offer for year 2021 for your Taiwan server

4 Cores CPU

4G ram

240G SSDx1

100mbps dedicated bandwidth

100% Hinet enterprise datacenter NO third grade datacenter here

1 x IPv4

NO HK security law and NO ICP needed in Taiwan.

Great connectivity to All Asian countries including China

price = $199USD/month

to order or discuss, please email sales@serverzoo.com

company website :