taxonomy – Hook for taxonomies needed

I am a newbie and spent now hours to no avail on this, so I really hope you can help me out here. One thing ahead: I do NOT want a plugin for this. I need to just change the word ‘Cusine’ (cp_recipes_cuisine) to ‘Language’ and the words ‘Cooking Method’ (cp_recipes_cooking_method) to ‘Country’:


I need this for the plugin ‘Cooked PRO’, I made the stupid mistake to buy from Boxy Studio directly and not with a cheaper glp because I hoped to get support from them or suport on but they seem to be dead, the support section on was also last active two years ago… So I need help otherwise.

I tried this hook in the functions.php, but didn’t work:

function space_change_custom_taxonomy_slug_args( $taxonomy, $object_type, $args ){ if( 'cp_recipes_cuisine' == $taxonomy ){ // Instead of the "old-slug", add current slug, which you want to change. remove_action( current_action(), __FUNCTION__ ); $args('rewrite') = array( 'slug' => 'cp_recipes_language' ); // Instead of the "new-slug", add a new slug name. register_taxonomy( $taxonomy, $object_type, $args ); } } add_action( 'registered_taxonomy', 'space_change_custom_taxonomy_slug_args', 10, 3 );

Then I saw that in the plugin itself there is also a taxonomy.php, here I tried to replace ‘cuisine/Cuisine’ with ‘language/Language’ and same for the ‘cooking method’, but no success. I am out of any ideas what I can do in order to change this…. Any help appreciated 🙂