teamwork – How To Report On Code Reviews To Non Technical Management

I am the lead developer of a small team. I have done many informal code reviews and some formal code reviews. I do the informal code reviews frequently, usually when a feature has been completed. I do formal code reviews less frequently and not on a predetermined schedule. Management would like to see formal code reviews conducted on a scheduled basis. For our new hire, they are suggesting weekly formal code reviews that I will report on to them.

I know how to do formal code reviews. There are all kinds of resources on this on the web. My question concerns how to report on code reviews to management in a way that will be understandable to them? Management, for example, would not know what a unit test is. Similarly they really don’t know what a class or function is. I have searched for answers on Google, but pretty much everything assumes that reporting is to technical management. Can you suggest resources on reporting to non-technical management?

Ultimately, what I believe they are looking for is how is our new hire doing, but they want it to be formal and it has to concern technical concerns, but in a manner they can understand. I looked at one of my previous written reviews and I did see one comment that used the type of language they would understand. It was “Needs to make better use of existing resources. If you don’t know where to find something, ask if we have a particular feature, before reinventing the wheel”. Are there any resources or checklists for reporting on code reviews to this type of audience?