Tell me exactly when I watched a YouTube video

I want to understand exactly when I saw certain YouTube videos. Given the background of why I want this information, I record my classes (I'm a professor) and then go back later to keep track of when I said something to revise my class presentation times for the next time timed coordination. I often play YouTube videos in the classroom that are recorded in my video. Knowing exactly when I saw the YouTube video in real time will allow me to calibrate my class record to better know when I presented something in class. I watch in the YouTube video. I often

To determine the time that I watched the YouTube videos, I know I can view my YouTube watch history. However, only the order and the dates to which I have looked at past videos, and not the exact times. I also know that YouTube has a feature that allows me to see the total duration of my videos (mainly to monitor if I'm too much on YouTube), but it does not break down what was seen and when. Only the total viewing times are displayed.

So, How can I tell exactly when (and when) I watched a specific YouTube video?? I'm sure that Google logs this information (without it, my total time would not be calculated), but how can I access this information for my own ad as a normal user?