terminal – How to get rid of phantom directories /Volumes on a Mac?

I have a couple of different but related problems. 1st, I have an AppleScript that can mount only 10 of my 13 volumes. The 3 I cannot mount are named Data 1, Data 2, and Data 3. I renamed those 3 volumes and now my Applescript can mount all of them. Using AppleScript I executed set mountList to do shell script "ls /Volumes. When I displayed mountList, it correctly listed my 13 volumes (with the 3 new names). In AppleScript, I set thisDisk to “Data 1”. When I executed if thisDisk is in mountList then display dialog thisDisk, a Mac window displayed Data 1 even though there is no longer a volume named Data 1. Somehow, Data 1 both is, and is not, in the list of volumes. I think this conflict is why I had to change its name. How do I get rid of the phantom volumes Data 1, Data 2, and Data 3? I have volumes named Photo Data 1 (and 2 and 3) and I have no problem with them, so this problem is not related to the spaces in the names. Also, the Applescript used to work perfectly but I just erased some hard disks and created partitions using some of the erased names.

Second Problem. In Terminal when I execute ls /Volumes, it correctly lists the 13 volumes (with the 3 new names) but it includes a volume I no longer have named TTSS. How do I get rid of the phantom TTSS? I executed ls -l / grep Volumes and it tells me drwxrwxrwx+ 3 root wheel 96 Nov 17 2018 TTSS

I should mention that I barely understand terminal commands and AppleScript, so I will probably need step-by-step help.