terminal – How to run a shell command inside a zsh-theme with Oh My Zsh

So, I have Oh My Zsh up and running, and I’m creating my own new zsh-theme. In it, I wish to grab the external IP address from https://api.myip.com – and I’m using curl & grep to grab it. Works fine when I enter it at the command prompt, but when embedded in my zsh-theme file it gives me an error:

zsh: no matches found: ((1?(0-9)(0-9)?|2(0-4)(0-9)|25(0-5)).){3}(1?(0-9)(0-9)?|2(0-4)(0-9)|25(0-5))
(23) Failed writing body

Jacobs-MacBook-Pro-2.local jacobjackson ttys002 0 (                               ) 10/29/20 18:32:46 PM

Here is my zsh-theme:

PROMPT='%F{white}%M %n %y %j $(curl -s https://api.myip.com | grep -oE '((1?(0-9)(0-9)?|2(0-4)(0-9)|25(0-5)).){3}(1?(0-9)(0-9)?|2(0-4)(0-9)|25(0-5))') %F{green}%2c%F{blue} (%f '
RPROMPT='$(git_prompt_info) %F{blue}) %F{green}%W %* %F{yellow}%D{%p}%f'


And here is the command sequence that grabs the IP address:

curl -s https://api.myip.com | grep -oE '((1?(0-9)(0-9)?|2(0-4)(0-9)|25(0-5)).){3}(1?(0-9)(0-9)?|2(0-4)(0-9)|25(0-5))'