terminology – Is there a common industry term to describe moving a task down in priority to an undefined “later” time?

A note for the moderators: this question is looking for INDUSTRY terminology (like SCRUM, Spike, Big O, Visitor Patter, etc) terminology, not opinions about how I should speak.

Let’s say that in our ticketing system a task will involve doing A, B, C, and D.

While doing the task, I find that doing C will require too large an investment for now and is not very high priority.

I have been saying something like “Let’s do A, B, and D, but I think we should punt on C for now”.

I looked up “punt on” and it seems to mean only to “not do”, not to put off until later. At least that’s what the results in Google told me.

Am I using “punt on” wrong? Is there a better term for this?