testdisk – Restore Session Buddy files from deleted `.config/google-chrome`

I use the Sessions Buddy Chrome extension to compartmentalize interesting links to different domains of interest.

Today, I’ve got a notification from Chrome saying that I should reinstall it (the automatic update failed). I did reinstall Chrome in the past, after backing up my Session Buddy data, and was happy to see that reinstalling Chrome actually saved my sessions data. So, I thought, I need not worry now.
I’ve re-installed Chrome and everything went fine. Sessions were there. Except that it still told me that my Chrome version is old.

I’ve purged Chrome from my computer, removed ~/.configs/google-chrome. Then reinstalled again. Synced with my google account. Now my Chrome is updated, but, of course, all my Session Buddy data is gone. On top of that, another google-chrome folder has been created.

In a desperate hope to restore this data, I have installed PhotoRecand it has revealed hundreds of thousands of files.

  • How can I identify which data belongs to Session Buddy?
  • Has anyone managed to restore the data this way?
  • Is there any other way to restore my sessions?