testing – Behat content creation : Drupal 9.0.7 with Address module 1.9.0

I’m writting a Behat test, where I’m triying to create a content that uses a field address, generated by Address Module. I’m using Drupal 9.0.7, Address Module 1.9.0 and behat 3.8.1. My goal is to create this type of content in my scenario; I’m using a behat table for this, and a Given statement like:

   Given place content:

     | title   | field_address:country_code |field_address:address_line1 | status |
     |<<title>>| es                         | Behat test street          | 1      |

Being field_address:country_code and field address:address_line1 subfields of address field.
This way of naming address field subfields in my table doesn’t seeem to work…Does anybody knows how I have to name my table headers, in order to make Behat create this content with a field address properly filled?

By the way I’m very new using Drupal and Behat tests, so if you need further
clarifications, please tell me.