testing – How to classify White-box/black-box, systematic selection and random selection of test case strategies

While writing my thesis, I am facing the problem of how to classify the testing strategies.
Following section 1.5 of this thesis:
If black-box and white-box are test case selection methodologies to solve the reliable test case set problem, then where to put random/systematic test case selection strategies ?

Initially, I thought random/systematic test case selection strategies will come under the black-box testing because random testing and partition testing are the sub-categories of black-box testing.

Then, the problem is, even in white-box testing, we often do the partitioning of input domain to make homogeneous partitions. For example, in unit testing, we select representative test case that represents a partition of input domain.

Now, I have done this classification:
Software testing methodology will have two components
component 1. Test case design strategies (black-box & white-box)
component 2. test case selection strategies (random & systematic selection of test cases)

Any help in this?