Testing of Tunning and Diagnosis of Bind

Hello my bind server I think it's a bit weird basically problem is addressed to program named sdb directly on port 53, but there is also port 953 at the same time, after killing program pids but Apache seems fine, though my domain simply does not vote for Apache, maybe the Unixmen technology I use with my zone files, but I'll come back tomorrow to use other technology, such as: For example, use the .zone file. Other than that, I'll tell you a few things I've done:

ip stops on port 80 and here too

ServerAdmin webmaster@myserver.com
DocumentRoot / home / admin / swingbell
ServerName www.myserver.com:80
Error logs / www.test2.com-error_log
TransferLog logs / www.test2.com-access_log

No weird ips on sshd

In etc / named.conf was checked, which port is concerned. Port 53 was found

tries ……………
named-checkconf -t / var / named / chroot /etc/named.conf
There are no errors
This line has been removed from named.conf
Include "/etc/named.rfc1912.zones";

For / var / named / I checked if my zones were ok
named-checkzone forward.unixmen /var/named/forward.unixmen
Zone forward. Unixmen / IN: loaded serial number 2010051001

The named.ca zone has been removed from my configuration sheet

Service called configtest
Zone unixmen.local / IN: loaded serial number 2011071001
Zone loaded serial number 2011071001

Named.ca zone removed from var / named and from the configuration file

Here are contents of named.loopback
$ TTL 1D
@ IN SOA @ rname.invalid. (
0; serial
1D; Update
1H; to repeat
1W; expire
3H); minimum
NS @
AAAA :: 1
PTR localhost.v

as my zone info with unixmen technology file I got that

TTL 86400
@ IN SOA ns01.unixmen.local. admins.unixmen.local. (root.unixmen.local. (
2011071001; serial
3600: Refresh
1800; Try again
604800; expire
86400; minimum TTL
IN NS ns1.mydomain.com. ; in the domain
IN NS ns2.mydomain.com. ; in the domain
IN MX 10 mail.mydomain.com. ; external e-mail provider
@ IN A
@ IN A
@ IN A
masterdns IN A
Secondary dns IN A
Client IN A

Then I tested the server with unixmen tech for files, it did not work that my domain was not set to ip
Please come back soon, please get some help, we look forward to seeing you soon. In the centos6x